The Spiritual Makeover is the perfect blend of Angelic Reiki Healing and Spiritual Guidance.

This session has been created with the intention of supporting you to awaken, heal and transform from the inside out.

Some of the benefits from a Spiritual Makeover may include:

  • Awakening of your spiritual gifts
  • Cleansing and balancing your chakras
  • Releasing patterns and blocks from this or past lifetimes
  • Clearing old energy
    Strengthening self-love
  • Connecting you to your Spiritual team
  • Relaxation
  • Clarity of mind

As the practitioner, my role is open and hold a safe space for you to receive healing that you need at that time.

The Spiritual Guidance sessions are a combination of channelled guidance and insight from the cards (tarot, Oracle or Angel). Bringing you clarity, insight and guidance that you can use to empower you on your healing and spiritual path.

How do these sessions work?
Spiritual Makeover sessions can be received remotely because energy and spirit are not bound by time, space or dimension.

What sessions do you offer?

You can choose from the following options below:

30-min telephone Spiritual Guidance telephone call & Distant Angelic Reiki


Spiritual Guidance (equivalent of 30mins) via email & Distant Angelic Reiki


How do I book a session?
Decide on the session that suits you and fits your requirements. Then contact me here for availability and further details. All payments are via PayPal. Package offers and in-person sessions, including events, are available by request only.*

*In-person sessions are currently unavailable due to current government restrictions.  However, ordinarily they will incur additional costs on top of this price, for travel and expenses.