Spiritual Guidance Sessions are a mix of:

  • Spirit & Angel guided messages
  • Tarot, Angel or Oracles cards
  • Divine wisdom and guidance

The intention is to shed a light in the darkness, guide you to the answers within and bring you some clarity. 

How do these sessions work?
Spiritual Guidance sessions can be received by telephone or email form. In-person sessions are available for events or by invitation only. The impact and guidance relayed in your session is the same whether done in person or remotely. Energy, including God, Angels and Spirit, are not bound by time, space or dimension.

What sessions do you offer?
You can choose from any of the following options below:

30-mins Telephone


Detailed Email (8 – 12 pages, A4 pdf)


Spiritual Makeover (Healing & Guidance)*


How do I book a session?
Decide on the session that suits you and fits your requirements. Then contact me here for availability and further details. All payments are via PayPal. In-person sessions, including events, are available by request only.

I have always wanted to have a Tarot reading but I’m too busy to go for one. This reading was on the phone so I could fit it into my lunch break. Chanel gave me clarity, guidance and buckets of positivity. It was a wonderful experience and I cannot recommend her, and this treatment enough.
Katie, from London

*In-person sessions will incur additional costs on top of this price, for travel and expenses.