I offer a mix of healing, spiritual guidance and mentoring sessions.

Each session is intuitively and Spirit led which means that the healing, guidance and mentoring receive will be bespoke to you.

Terms and conditions do apply and you do have to be over 18 to access Spiritual Guidance sessions/emails.


These sessions are specifically for those who are ready to really dive in with self-healing, connecting to their guides and angels, and/or strengthening self-love. A perfect blend of spiritual guidance, mentorship and healing to meet you where you are at and gently guide you towards spiritual independence. In these sessions, I may also use the cards, numerology, moonology, crystals, mindset work, meditation or LOA. Self-love mentorship is also available for teens, with parental consent.


A 60 minute session which opens with a short consultation where I work with you to ascertain your needs and get you comfortable for your session. After your healing session you will have the opportunity to share your experience and benefit from any additional guidance I received for you during the healing. Angelic Reiki sessions are available for both teens and adults.


A Spirit-led session that focuses upon supporting you to move forward on your personal/spiritual path. Using a blend of Spirit guidance, and the cards to guide you to the answers that lie within. Providing guidance, clarity and insight that you can use to help yourself.