When Goddess Kali Ma enters the building you know that endings are in the works and that it is time to emancipate yourself from the grip of the ego self.



Kali Ma is known as a Goddess of destruction and endings. Frequently depicted as a Goddess to be avoid and feared. 

However, having worked with Goddess Kali Ma myself I recognise that this is a myth or an over focus on her flaws without substance. The latter being something that happens a lot to women who find themselves being misunderstood by others. As a result, vilified or depicted in a way that is untrue.

In images Kali Ma is often shown to be causing destruction, namely destroying demons. With the demons being a metaphor for the ego, shadow and illusory view of reality. A visual representation of that the fact that Kali Ma seeks to:

  • Destroy your own inner demons and fears
  • Unleash you from the confines and restrictions of the ego mind.
  • Rid you of the shackles and shadow identity that you have aligned with. 

Which supports you in awakening to your true essence, your beauty and wisdom within.

Revered by those in the Hindu culture as a Divine Mother, you come to understand that her actions are motivated and fuelled by love. Her love for you as your Divine Mother. Even if it is a dose of tough love, her intentions are well meaning. 



Often she comes through when you have been in a state of resistance, including:

  • Resistance to change
  • Repeating the same habits and mistakes
  • Resistance to step forward
  • Dwelling to long in the darkness or feeling sorry for ourselves
  • Moving on from a toxic relationship

In each case, giving away your power or simply not being able to see the power, strength and beauty that lies within. 

When Kali Ma appears she is saving you from yourself. Your own self sabotaging ways, thinking and behaviours. Which may also include:

  • Opening your eyes to the darkness, shadow side, egoic behaviour and false identity of others, as well as yourself.

For those who are highly sensitive or are prone to energy vampires/psychic attack, you may also find that she reveals to you your own energy leaks. Lifting the veil of illusion. 

However, the secret to working with Kali Ma with ease and grace is:

  • Acceptance
  • Self love
  • Trust
  • Truth
  • Courage



  • Appearing in Oracle card readings, meditations or dreams
  • Seeing her image or hearing her name often 
  • Going through a life or image overhaul or a spiritual/soul awakening that you are/have been resisting
  • Seeing one or more of her symbols, including: a sword, flowers, the colours red and black, sometimes dark blue, peacock feathers and honey
  • Connecting to strong women or feeling less than/jealous in their company (What you see in them is also within you)
  • Seeing her in visions, dreams or meditations 

You may choose to invoke her through prayer, ritual, meditation or channelling/journaling.

Just remember that Kali Ma doesn’t play. She isn’t an energy to be played with or taken lightly. Therefore, if you choose to work with her be prepared for inside out transformation. To be fully awakened and ready to embody the light.

Have you worked with Kali Ma? Do you feel drawn to connect with her? Share your truth in the comments section below.

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