My journey into Spirituality and Beauty began just as entered into my career as a primary school teacher.

I pursued this career path because I wanted to make a difference and found myself working in some challenging schools across inner London.

However, it wasnt long before I found myself exposed to the perils of workplace stress, toxic environments, bullying and everything in-between. All of which began to take its toll on me at mind, body and spirit level.

Thankfully, during this time I also began to delve deeper into the world of wellness and self care. Primarily through energy work: crystals, reiki and meditation.

By working with each of these tools I was able to create my own self care and wellness practices that enabled me to navigate the stresses of my work life with a little more ease and grace. Along the way working with different spiritual teachers and learning new techniques that enabled me to regain balance and calm within.

Today, as I work with clients who are experiencing similar pain points, I am able to share these practices and tools to support them in:

Reducing stress
Increasing their sense of self worth
Staying on their A-game


To understand this better we need to get real by looking at the stats and facts:

57% of all working days lost due to ill health.
Stress, depression or anxiety is more prevalent in public service industries, such as education; health and social care; and public administration and defence.
44% of sick days are due to stress, depression or anxiety
41% of employees cite work life balance as a motivator when joining a new company (joint first place with money)

Ultimately, your staff feel good morale is higher, sick days are lower and productivity is boosted. Finally, the stats show that when you become an employer that prioritises work life balance and wellbeing for staff, you are more likely to:

Have a lower turnover
Become a more attractive prospect to potential employees
Have a leading edge on your competitors

All of which saves you, as the employer, time and money.

Many organisations, including Netflix and Google are taking staff wellbeing more seriously, offering packages that their staff actually want. Sadly, schools and smaller businesses, continue to play catch up. However, you can change that.

I work with companies to provide wellbeing and self care packages. Ranging from spiritual and energy based sessions through to relaxing beauty treatments.

So, what do you staff want?

We can work collaboratively to create a personalised wellbeing package for your team. Providing them with the time, sod and support they need to feel good from the inside out.