The Soul Salon: Ebooks + Meditations

Easy to read, downloadable guides to support you in restyling your mind, reclaiming your energy and upgrading your life. Meditations that you can download to your mobile and listen to whenever you please.

‘Guide Chakra Cleanse for Busy People’ – $17.95 AUD

Thousands of people attest to the power of Belinda’s Chakra Cleanse. Quickly + powerfully changes your energy + changes your life. Balancing + cleansing your chakras, whilst teaching you to channel White Light for yourself.

‘Reclaiming Your Energy Ebook + Workbook’ – £4.44

Learn quick + effective tools and techniques to clear, ground and protect your energy. A simple, easy to read guide that supports you in becoming your own energy guru.

New Moon Ritual – £1.11

Learn how to work with the energy of the New Moon in order to manifest your dreams and goals into reality. In this short guide, you will discover a New Moon ritual to do exactly that.