What if I told you that you have psychic abilities?

Would you believe me?

We all have the ability to receive psychic information. It’s just that not everybody opens up to this. The reasons for this will vary from one person to the next, including:

  • Fear of connecting to dark Spirits
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Not knowing how
  • Past life wounding
  • Religious/childhood conditioning

However, its possible to move beyond this resistance and tap into your psychic senses. Using them to guide you in everyday or, if it’s your purpose, use this gift to help others.

The truth as I know it is that if you feel that you are psychic, come from a family of psychic or had psychic experiences as a child then you probably are psychic.

This was also my experience and over the last 20+ years I’ve developed, as well honed my gifts. Something which has led me to open up to other psychic senses. Beginning with clairvoyance and now also including psychic mediumship, as well as Spiritual healing.

I share this with you to show that if you have that awareness of your psychic senses and feel the niggle to develop it you can.

So, let’s begin today by guiding you to identify your current strongest psychic sense(s).

Today, we will begin our Spiritual Teaching session with looking at the 4 main psychic senses.



Before we even begin let’s clear this one up because it is the one thing that confuses so many people. Yet, there is a big difference between the two and it is one that you should really know about.

Now, a psychic is not necessarily a medium. Whereas a medium is also a psychic.

A psychic tunes into the energy of situations and people from the past, the present and the possible future. They use all of the senses, although it is likely that they have one or two that are stronger and therefore more prevalent in a session. Some psychics will use cards and others will not. It is all down to personal preference and one is not better than the other.

A medium is able to use their psychic abilities to tune into the past, present and possible future, as well as read the energy of people. However, what makes them different is that they receive their guidance from Spirit and are able to bring forward messages from those in the Spirit world.

However, as a psychic medium myself it is important for me to point out that a psychic medium can bring through messages from Angels, guides, Ascended Masters and Saints, not just loved ones who have passed over.

And, not all psychics and mediums work the same. For instance, I like to use the cards in my sessions and will read the cards through my gift of psychic mediumship. Working with spirit who will deliver the guidance and messages clairvoyantly, clairsentiently, and clairaudiently. What do all of these ‘Clairs’ mean? Let’s explore in more detail.



Now, there 4 main types of psychic ability that all begin with the word ‘Clair’, which means ‘clear’. There are also other, lesser known ‘Clairs’ which will shall get into later on. For now though, we are going to start here with:

  • Clairvoyance – Clear Seeing
  • Clairaudience – Clear Hearing
  • Clairsentience – Clear Feeling
  • Claircognizant – Clear Knowing

It’s possible that you have two or more of the abilities, with one being stronger than the other. As you develop one gift you may then unlock other gifts too. The trick is to let it all unfold naturally.



Probably the most commonly known of all the Clairs, Clairvoyance means Clear-Seeing. Therefore, those with this gift are able to see in a psychic way. This might be in the form of:

  • Seeing pictures, signs or symbols
  • Visions and premonitions
  • Seeing Spirit
  • Flashbacks

These images tend to form in the mind’s eye. Coming in as a still image, a flash of an image or like a movie, revealing the past, the present and/or the possible future.

As a clairvoyant myself, I also find that when I am reading the cards there are signs, symbols and colours which appear 3D. Which simply means that they stand out. In being drawn to these signs, symbols and colours I am given additional messages of guidance to share with the client.

So, be open to the fact that your clairvoyant gift will manifest itself in different ways.



If you have the gift of clairaudience then you are able to receive psychic information through your ears. This might be in the form of:

  • Songs
  • Quotes
  • Voices
  • Sounds/Noises, eg: ringing in your ears

Just like Clairvoyance, what you hear will have specific significance for the client.

For example, I often receive song lyrics, especially for clients who have a loved one in Heaven wanting to make contact. These lyrics mean nothing to me yet, for the client, it could be “their song”. It could be a song that was played in the home when they were young or could be a song they’ve been listening to a lot lately.  In fact, I remember waking up with the lyrics of a song in my head and it wouldn’t go away. A sign in itself. The lyrics related to not being able to say goodbye to someone. Later that day I found out that my nan had passed away unexpectedly. Just goes to show the Spirit will find ingenious ways to prepare you and share a message.

Clairaudience shows up in different ways for different people. I mean, I have clients who experience their ears getting hot for no reason. Whereas another client told me of a time when they heard a loud “NO” when thinking about going to visit a relative. There was nobody else around them and the voice came out of nowhere. However, they later discovered that they were being guided away from that relative at that time for a reason.

Now, being able to hear voices in this way moves into the realm of psychic mediumship. However, in sharing these distinct examples you can be able to see the differing ways that your psychic gift of clairaudience can reveal itself, including what it can look like for a psychic medium.



When you have this gift you are able to receive information through your feelings and this will come through your body.

At a simple level it can be that ‘gut feeling’. Yet, it can also be things like:

  • Goosebumps
  • Random pain in your body
  • Sick feeling
  • Sensations/tingling in the body

The essence here is that the psychic information comes through your body and comes out of the blue.

It doesn’t last for long either. Just long enough for you to be able to pick up on it and share it with the client or acknowledge it within yourself if it is a message for you.

I have personally experienced this in readings with clients where I suddenly get the dull pain of a headache when giving guidance to a client. Only for them to tell me that someone they are working with gives them a lot of headache, in the form of being a pain in the arse. So, sometimes that pain that I feel is often a metaphor to describe how the client is currently feeling. As opposed to it being an actual pain (headache) that they have been experiencing.

Equally, the pain can be a sign too. For example, I often get a sick people in my tummy when I come into contact with a toxic person/energy vampire or narcissist. Often this feeling comes through in a reading when I am describing a person to a client, which can be a sign that this person is not to be trusted.



Have you ever been in a situation where you just KNOW something? You don’t know how or why you know. You just know. And then that knowing turns out to be spot on! That is Claircognizance.

This kind of knowing comes with no explanation and it often makes no sense, possibly going completely against the grain. However, it is always bang on the money. That is Claircognizance.

Often what happens with Claircognizance is that when that sense of knowing presents itself it doesn’t really go away. It lingers until the truth and evidence presents itself.



As you can see there are lots of ways to be able to gain access to those answers that lie within you. All that is required is for you to work with your natural psychic gifts in order to receive and align with them.

The key is to let your psychic gifts open up naturally and not force it.

Embrace the gifts that you have been given in a way that feels right for you. And that doesn’t mean that you have to be a psychic who is giving readings to others because they may not be your purpose. However, if it is your purpose you WILL KNOW without a shadow of a doubt.

If it is your purpose to use your gifts in readings, healing or coaching sessions then choose wisely when selecting books, courses and workshops. Work with someone who you vibe with and feel drawn to, as opposed to simply following the crowd.

Equally, you may not want to use your gifts professionally or know that it is not your purpose to do so. However, you can still develop your gift. Using it to guide and upgrade your own life.

So, what psychic gift do you have and what next?

If you feel called to develop your psychic gifts and feel drawn to work with me as your Psychic Mentor then get in touch. My Divine team and I are ready to support you in moving beyond your resistance and use your natural, psychic gifts.



Chanel Marie (QTS) is a Psychic, Divine Channel, Angelic Reiki Master, Crystal Healer and Qualified Beautician with clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient abilities. She uses her gifts to guide you through your soul-awakening and return to self-love journey. She works with clients 121 both in-person and remotely. To book a private, 121 guidance or healing session with her, please enquire within here.

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