Back To School Tools For Spiritual Protection & Empowerment

As a teen I always felt anxious at this point in the year. The looming back to school start date being a reminder of the bullying that I would be returning to. Years down the line, when I became a teacher, that familiar feeling of anxiety would return.

However, as a teacher my saving grace was that I knew how to protect myself energetically and spiritually. Which supported me in feeling safer, protected and guided. Whilst being able to complete the work/assignment that God had placed me there to do.

If only I had had this knowledge and feeling of ‘connection’ as a young girl. I wonder how different things would have been.

Alas, whilst I can’t change my past I can share what I’ve learned, in the hope that it may help another young girl (or boy) out there. So, today I share a few spiritual tools that a young person or new teacher can use to empower themselves, feel calmer within and protect their energy as they return back to school.

Disclaimer: These tools and suggestions are not a substitute for reaching out to professionals or people they trust for support.

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Black Tournaline
Black Tourmaline is known as a crystal bodyguard that protects your energy by shielding it from ‘negative’ energy. Supporting you in creating and upholding that energetic boundary between you and unwanted energies. It also can be used as a tool to transmute your own negativity within into positive energy.

Tiger’s Eye
Tiger’s Eye has grounding energy which works to support you in being able to confidently show up as yourself in any given situation. Providing a sense of empowerment and confidence from within.

Historically known as a stone of protection, it was worn as an amulet to ward off negative forces. Today, you can draw from this ancient wisdom by carrying it as your own  amulet for protection and activating your personal power.

Rose Quartz
Known as the stone of love because it vibrates at the frequency of unconditional love. So, you can work with this crystal as a tool to help you in releasing energy that you have absorbed and any negative emotions.

You can also wear it with the intention of increasing self love and blocking daily disorders and disagreements.

Archangel Michael
Archangel Michael is actually one of the first Archangels I ever worked with. Although, at the time, I knew and referred to him as St Michael. Calling on him for a healing miracle and boy did he came through!

As I learned more about the Angels I learned that he is also a an Angel of protection too. One that you can call upon to protect your energy, as well a provide you with strength and courage when yours is waning.

There are many ways that you can call on AA Michael, including prayer, intention or petition. Whichever method you choose always come from your heart.

When calling on him for protection you can do the following:

Visualise and affirm: “Thank you AA Michael for surrounding me with your blue light of protection throughout my day. Keeping me safe and protected from lower vibrational people and energies. Thank you for giving me the strength and courage in this situation (insert what the situation is, eg: being bullied and not believing in yourself). And so it is. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

When you feel ready, open your eyes and get on with your day. You can use this affirmative prayer whenever you like.

Known as the protector angel. Call on him ans visualise him surrounding your children with a blue light of protection. Even better if you can share this with your child or do it together.

Love Thy Self
When people try to bring you down or when the environment that you are in feels draining its important to top up your own reserves. Fill your own cup.

One way to do is to Love Thy Self.

See, honour and celebrate all of things that make you uniquely you. All of things that set you apart from others, even if those are the things that people try to bring you down about. Where possible put a positive spin on the seemingly negatives, eg: acne prone skin can teach you how to care for your skin and improve your diet to help control your skin condition.

Find a way to flip the switch on the negative and empower yourself.

Look beyond your physical beauty to see your inner beauty too, eg: I am kind and caring. I am intuitive and quick thinking. I am a gifted writer.

Find all of those good things. Write them down. Read and remind yourself of them often.

This may seem pointless and frivolous. HOWEVER, by doing this often you are strengthening your energy field (aura) and empowering yourself. Radiating an energy that is empowered, grounded and strong. Making you a force to be reckoned with.

Light Yourself Up
Finally, give your mind a break by focusing it on something that you love doing. It could be a new hobby, running, painting your nails or writing. Whatever feels good and lights you up.

As mentioned this will give your mind a break and it will awaken the creative side of your brain which is also where intuitive insights can be found. Leading to aha moments or ideas that support you in helping yourself at this moment in time.

It will also give your body some much needed relaxation and respite too. Lowering your heart rate, releasing tension and promoting a sense of calm from the inside out.

So, there you have it: Tools and rituals to support you this September.

Remember that these tools and rituals can be used alongside other practices, such as counselling, meditation, talk therapy or whatever is helping you at this time. Use them to remind you of your own power, brilliance and inside out beauty.

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