Chakra 101: Root Chakra

Collectively we are living in Root Chakra energy. A space that governs survival, having your basic needs met, safety and stability, among other things.

When in balance aspect this chakra brings a sense and feeling of:

  • Being Grounded
  • Safety and security
  • Belonging

Whilst an unbalanced Root Chakra brings that sense and feeling of:

  • Not feeling safe in the body or life
  • Anxiety
  • Being in survival mode

The Root Chakra is also that space that holds a lot of our early programming and experience, primarily from your first caregivers (eg: parents and immediate family). So, this is things like values and beliefs, particularly about money, belonging and being supported. All of which has an impact on how you show up in the world.

Here are a few suggestions that you can implement yourself for healing and balancing your Root Chakra.


You can place crystals on (or around) yoit body to promote healing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

The crystal’s energy works with your own energy to bring balance, alignment and healing. With each crystal having specific areas of the body and life issues that it benefits, including Root Chakra healing. So, here are my top 3 crystals for Root Chakra work:

  • Red Jasper
  • Smoky Quartz
  • Hematite


You can also work with the colour red, which is the colour associated with the Root Chakra.

Each colour has it’s own frequency and this will resonate with different parts of the body and your energy, namely your chakras. Therefore, when the Root Chakra is out of balance bringing in more Red into your life can redress that balance.

Here are some simple ways to colour your life in red:

  • Red nails, makeup or clothing
  • Visualising red energy
  • Eating red foods
  • Red lighting


There are times when you need a little more support when working on the Root Chakra and you’ll know within yourself when (and if) the time has come to seek out that support.

If you’re currently at that stage then I am offering £10 off your first Crystal Therapy or Angelic Reiki session with me. Both of these modalities are effective of bringing the chakras into balance. Energetically supporting your body’s energy to do what it knows how to do: Heal, restore and balance.

For more information on these sessions then visit the Work With Me section of this website or contact me directly.

Sending you much love, xo

Orange Is The New Black

The colour orange is definitely making waves in the world of nails at the moment. With so many embracing the summer vibes and painting their nails with their favourite shade of orange.

But, is this just a fashion or summer trend?

‘Colour Clash’ – Bespoke presson nail set

As a healer and psychic who works with colour in my sessions. I’m suggesting there could be something more in this.

When I work with clients in healing sessions I see colours and they tell me:

  • The chakra(s) being focused on in that session
  • What colour will bring more balance to the clients energy

Whereas during a reading I may be drawn to specific colours in the cards which give me an insight into a theme in the client’s life, something that needs healing or additional guidance.

How is that possible?

Each colour has a vibe and energy of it’s own. In healing the colours relate to the chakras in the body. Colours are also symbolic and can impact on our mood in different ways. With each person responding differently to colours depending on what they need, where they’re at in life and their own personal perspective/relationship with that colour. As a psychic healer I turn-in intuitively to identify why that colour is coming up for the client.

When it comes to the current orange trend think about it in terms of the mood and vibe of orange, eg: joy, positivity, upliftment and creativity. That general sense of feeling happy and having fun.

However, on a healing level it’s also a colour that resonates with emotional healing and wellness. With many people finding that they are drawn to orange when they feel sadness or are going through something in their life that hits the heart, eg: heartbreak.

Now, when you consider the sadness, heartbreak and upheaval that we have gone through over the last 18 months, it’s easy to see why so many would be gravitating towards orange right now. The emotional body guiding us to the healing and upliftment so many of us need.

And, by simply adding orange to your nail, makeup or style routine your body and energy field will absorb that colour. Bringing the balance and healing that you may not have even realised you needed.

How does the colour orange make you feel? Are you embracing the orange trend?

With love
Chanel x

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