The Art Of Letting Go: 5 Tools To Help You

A breakup can be the most agonising experience.

The shattered dreams of living happily ever after.

The sense of betrayal that comes from feeling like you never really knew the person you fell in love with.

The tough decision of whether or not to let go and walk away.

The question of HOW to let go.

Feelings and decisions I know all too well. And, even with all the wisdom, mystical connections and healing at my disposal, I’ve struggled with it all too.


Amongst the struggle there has been answers, healing and breakthroughs. Tools and wisdom that has supported me in moving on with a little more ease and grace each time. Today, I introduce you to my favourites.

energetically let go

1. Let go energetically
Everything is energy.  And your relationship and connection to your ex is no different. There is an energy cord that attaches you both to each other, especially if the relationship was intimate. When you breakup the cord remains attached which is why it can feel hard to just block, delete and move on. Unless that energy is removed you it continues to fill with energy. The bitterness, anger, yearning… it all sits there and builds up. Felt by the other person, even if they are clueless about energy and all things mystical. With that cord in place you remain connected to that person, as well as similar energies. Energy healing or cord removal sessions support you in letting go energetically. Working independently or with a trusted practitioner.

2. Bin it
Items have an energetic attachment too. That dress that you wore on the night that you met him that makes you feel all nostalgic and mushy when you look at it. The red lipstick that makes you feel like a bombshell whenever you wear it. Those black cardigan that make you feel frumpy and unseen whenever you wear it. Things have an energy too and can leave us feeling some kind of way. So, let go of anything that you are holding onto that reminds you of him, eg: his t-shirt, that coffee cup… You don’t have to bin it. You can give it back to him. Holding on to it reignites the feelings and memories. Keeps you locked in the energy, that time and relationship.

crystals for heart healing

3. Crystals
Crystals have their own little vibe and benefits. Each one resonating with each person in its own unique way. By working with crystals intentionally and intuitively you can help yourself and your body to release any heavy energy that you are holding onto. Bringing calm, clarity and connection to your own inner guidance. The obvious choice for any kind of relationship and breakup healing would be Rose Quartz because it vibrates at the frequency of unconditional love. Which means it will bring to your awareness anything within and without that is not in vibrational alignment with love, as well as your intention. However, do not discredit your intuition because you maybe guided to completely different crystals during your breakup. Ones you have never seen or heard of. For instance, I was also guided to Green Aventurine and Rhodochrosite when soulmate breakup healing. Neither of which were familiar to me. Your heart, body and soul know what you need to heal and open your heart to love. Give yourself permission to be guided.

4. Mind your words
Talking negatively about men and your ex is a big no, no. Sure you may have a phase or a moment when you don’t have anything nice to say. However, as the old saying goes: If you don’t have anything nice to say. Say nothing at all.” Talking negatively about your ex or men sets your mind on a tangent of negative thinking and creating images of negativity about love, men and relationships in your mind. Your negative words also ignite those BIG emotions such as: anger, rage, bitterness… Whilst there is nothing wrong with feeling what you feel. When they become your dominant feelings they also become your dominant energy and dominant thoughts. Do yourself a favour and snap yourself out of it.

breakup beauty and selfcare

5. Beauty & selfcare
It’s easy to let yourself go when going through a breakup. All you want to do is slob around in your joggers and eat cookies. Nothing wrong with that. You do you. HOWEVER, you can’t do that forever because there comes a point when it no longer feels good. Which is why it’s key to get in a healthy dose of beauty and selfcare. That doesn’t mean full blown makeup and nails everyday. Unless you want to. Although, applying makeup and painting your nails can actually be quite a beautiful, mindful experience. Beauty and selfcare looks different for everyone. The key is to do what feels good for you. And, you’ll know yourself that you feel heaps better when you are taking care of yourself and have made an effort. You feel better and, dare I say, more attractive and confident. As a result you carry yourself different and show up differently. And it feels good. Do it for you.

Where can you start when it comes to letting go and moving on with a little more grace? Literally turn this question over to yourself and allow yourself to be guided to what you need in this moment. If you need a little support then I am happy to help you with a 1:1 session or via one of the books in the Mystical Beauty collection.

Either way, you’ve got this!

Sending you love xx