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Chanel Marie
BA Hons. QTS. Psychic. Tarot/ Angel/Oracle card reader. Angelic Reiki Master Teacher. Crystal Therapist. Crystal Reader. VTCT Level 2 Beautician. Opi and Gel polish nail tech. Soul Awakening Guide. Self – Love Guide.

I have been aware of my psychic gifts from a young age and always had this ability to just ‘read’ energy. In fact, I didn’t realise it was a gift as such and I thought everyone was like me. Hmmm, apparently not.

For years my inner knowing causes confusion and drama for me. Mostly because I didn’t know how to trust it and I didn’t know how to keep my mouth shut. So, I was there sharing what I was picking up, especially when dealing with cheating guys and fake friends.

Yet, when I was told that I was wrong I felt confused and it felt as if my feelings, which I now know to be my intuitive hunches, were invalid. So, I tried really hard to switch off from it all. However, if you are psychic yourself and have been hiding in the spiritual closet, you’ll know just how challenging that is.

It wasn’t I was invited on a psychic development weekend by an international psychic medium that I began to understand energy and my psychic gifts. Knowing this was life-changing and I went from being drained of energy, a sponge for others shit energy and suffering from bad headaches to feeling grounded and empowered in my energy. Something that came in REALLY useful when I began my career in teaching shortly after.

However, this would be just a sneak preview into the changes and awakening that was to come for me. As I spent the following months adjusting to and honing my new spiritual gifts, whilst navigating the stressful and competitive world of my early teaching career, I also began working with crystals and Angels for energy protection.


As I said, my awakening was really just getting started……

My awakening began to heat up some 12 or so months later when I disconnected from a soulmate. I had found myself in this situation where I was going round and round in circles with them. Having the same experiences yet going nowhere fast.

In the process, I was constantly blaming them and never taking responsibility for the role I played. Instead, everything was happening to me and I was always the victim.

Things then came to a head when they moved on with, yet another new love. However, this time felt different and although upset, I felt different.

My awakening had begun……

Out of nowhere, it dawned on me that I wasn’t a princess and that these dead-end relationships had become a ‘thing’ in my life. I realised that rather than giving love I would withhold it. However, I didn’t understand where this all came from or what the fuck I could do about it.

And, as I’d that wasn’t enough shit to deal with, the new job that I was meant to start in the following weeks was canceled out of the blue.

However, as my nan always used to say: “The Lord moves in mysterious ways.” And what happened next would prove this to be a #fact


Introducing Angelic Reiki.

A few months before I’d enquired about doing an Angelic Reiki practitioner course. I’d never heard of the modality and knew nothing about the teacher. I just knew it was for me.

Sadly, the course was canceled and I couldn’t attend the rescheduled date as it fell on the same day I was to start my new job.

So, when my job was canceled I got straight on my phone to contact the teacher to book myself onto the course. Only for them to reply: “….the Angels said that you would be there.”

There and then I knew that this course was for me. Yet, little did I know the effect that it would have on me and my life.


chanel marie

Self-love and stepping into the light

From the moment I said the pre-course invocation I felt the shift and the shifts continued to happen throughout the training. I left the 3-day training feeling like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. However, for me, this was just the tip of the iceberg and my journey of self-love and stepping into my light had only just begun.

For the next few years, I invested time and energy into MYSELF, through a mix of spirit, energy, beauty and mindset work. All of which supported me in learning how to love myself, dissolve old wounds and stories that were negatively impacting on my current reality, restyle my mind, look after and harness my energy, accept and nurture my gifts, honor my beauty, reclaim my power and finally have the courage to step into my light.

Now, let me keep this real with you by saying:

My journey has NOT been easy-peasy or plain sailing.

I have fallen many times.

I slipped right back into the drama.

I have repeated lessons more times than I fucking needed to.

I have bloody struggled and been my own worst enemy.

I have been a bitch and cussed out.

Dealt with personal challenges and ancestral healing.

Yet, check this: I’ve stepped out of the darkness and into my light.

And, if I can, I don’t see why you can’t either.

The beauty of me taking the long road back to self-love means that I learned a lot along the way. So, my struggle and the long way can now save you a fair bit of time of having to try every single modality, book, mindset hack and manifesting tool. I want to share my wisdom, story, knowledge and Divine connection with those who God wants me to share with. Something that I’ve already been doing with clients in the UK and overseas in our private sessions over the years.

If you are ready to do the inner work and be an active participant in both your healing and awakening, then you have come to the right place.

I totally believe that you have been guided here for a reason. It is your time to return to self-love, awaken to your gifts and heal from the past. So, that you can step out of the darkness and into YOUR light.

Are you ready? 

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Chanel Marie (QTS) is a Psychic, Divine Channel, Angelic Reiki Master, Crystal Healer and Qualified Beautician with clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient abilities. She uses her gifts to guide you through your soul-awakening and return to self-love journey. She works with clients 121 both in-person and remotely. To book a private, 121 guidance or healing session with her, please enquire within here. Join the online community when the doors open by clicking here.

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