“All Answers Lie Within.”


A Spiritual Guidance session has been created to bring you guidance, clarity, direction, hope and connect you the answers that lie within. So, that you can make your decisions and take steps forward in your life from a more empowered place.

These sessions will be a mix of the cards (Angel, Tarot and/or Oracle) and my own natural psychic gifts (clairvoyance, clairaudience & clairsentience) and connection to Spirit and the Angelic Realm. I may also be guided to blend other tools into the reading, such as crystals, numerology and moonology.

What can you focus on?

Your session can focus on most life and spiritual themes, including: love & relationships, friendship & family, career/studies, or general life guidance.

A Spiritual Guidance session is really helpful when you are feeling lost, stuck or at a crossroads in your life. They are also a great way to receive a little guidance or an alternative perspective in a particular situation. Please note that I do not offer predictions because the future or fortune telling. The sessions are based on the energy of the situation and around you at the time of the reading.



30-minute telephone guidance available via Whatsapp or phone. Be sure to have a pen and paper at the ready to take notes.



My most popular style of reading! You can ask 3 specific questions. Your reading is beautifully presented in an A4 pdf document that is sent straight to your inbox.



Spiritual Check-In

Check-in with weekly spiritual guidance sessions. Providing support and accountability for the month ahead.

Find out more

To book a telephone or email reading please complete this form, including your date of birth. You must be 18 or over to receive this service. Within 24 hours of contact you will receive an email scheduling your sessions and instructions on how to purchase. All readings are non-refundable. Please contact me for further information about my cancellation policy.

“I have always wanted to have a Tarot reading but I’m too busy to go for one. This reading was on the phone so I could fit it into my lunch break. Chanel gave me clarity, guidance and buckets of positivity. It was a wonderful experience and I cannot recommend her, and this treatment enough.”

Kate, London

“Every time her input is right on the spot and very accurate! I love the way she interprets the cards and the fact that she is using her intuition, so her readings come with depth and in fact, the cards are portals for her to see the true situation or problem. Her readings always reveal the essence and make me see clearer. Many Blessings for you Chanel! And I’m grateful to know you.”

Billyana, Bulgaria

“Your readings continue to amaze me. Given I gave you no questions as I was feeling vague, you answered questions I never knew I had! Thank you so much lovely :-).   I will read again & again just to absorb it all and rake on board everything you have said.”

Emily, London
Chanel Marie Mystical Beauty