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chanel marie crystal healing

I discovered my first crystals whilst still at junior school. A bright, sparkly purple Amethyst cluster stone and a raw, spikey I was mesmerised. So, I bought 2 pieces of Amethyst. 1 for my mum and 1 for my nan.

Even as a little girl I understood that these beautiful gifts from Mother Earth made magical gifts for others too.

Yet, it wasn’t until my late teens that my love of crystals really began.

Working with the soothing energies of Rose Quartz to ease period pain so that I could go raving. Carrying it with me all night, only to discover that it has this mystical power of attracting male attention to you like bees around a honey-pot.

I didn’t know what kinda juju this was but I wanted in.

So, I next spent the next few years collecting crystals (I still collect them). Looking out for the beauties that would catch my eye whilst browsing. Triggering my inner knowing and tempting me to whip out my card to make my purchase.

Incorporating crystals into my life in many different ways, including becoming a crystal healer and reader, as well as making Angelic Reiki infused healing bracelets. Doing the latter to initially protect my precious vibes whilst working in a toxic environment and later creating for others.

My approach to working with them as always been Spirit-led and in this blog post I’m sharing key tips for getting started working with crystals.


chanel marie crystal healing


That doesn’t mean that you bin them all. It just means trusting the vibes you get first.

Crystals are energy.

You are energy.

This energy will attract you to what you need when you set the intention to be guided.

So, when you see a crystal that likes you take notice. Take it home (pay for it first). Spend time with it. Get to know it. Which brings us nicely to tip number 2.



Resist the temptation to hide your crystals away in a dark corner by putting them on show and bringing them into your life.

  • Hold them in meditation.
  • Wear them in your bra, close to your heart chakra.
  • Adorn your body with them, especially your wrists. 
  • Place them around your home to raise the vibe and Divinely remind you of your intentions.
  • Infuse their energy into your water and beauty products
  • The possibilities are endless.

By bringing them into your life in this personal way allows you to develop your own relationship with them. For them to vibe with your energy and where you are at. So, you know, how the crystal works for and with YOU.



How your crystal vibes with you will be different from how it vibes with your BFF. So, start noticing and writing it down.

Note any insights that you have about your crystal.

Don’t rush.

Actually spend time getting to know your crystals and writing out anything that occurs during your time together.

Ultimately, bringing crystals into your life is really about getting to know your crystal and building your own personal relationship with them. Just like any other relationship. 

And, just remember, it is not just the crystals that hold the power, beauty, wisdom and magick. YOU hold it (and more) too!

Enjoy your getting to know your crystals and let me know how you get on.


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Chanel Marie (QTS) is a Psychic, Divine Channel, Angelic Reiki Master, Crystal Healer and Qualified Beautician with clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient abilities. She uses her gifts to guide you through your soul-awakening and return to self-love journey. She works with clients 121 both in-person and remotely. To book a private, 121 guidance or healing session with her, please enquire within here. Join the online community when the doors open by clicking here.



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