I discovered crystals at a young age. Probably around the age of 7 or 8 whilst on a school trip to Chislehurst Caves. However, it was at university that I became aware of the power they hold when blended with your soul-felt intentions.

At 18 I became a crystal dabbler. After using Rose Quartz to heal menstrual pain in order to go out raving on a Friday night, I also discovered the powerful attraction properties of this little rose pink crystal. Although, I hadn’t spoken aloud my intentions for attracting the attention of a particular person, my Rose Quartz crystal had connected with that soul-felt intention and manifested it into my reality. Shocked and intrigued, I still didn’t click how powerful crystals can be as a tool for aligning, manifesting and healing.

Then in 2009 I changed careers and found myself working in a negative environment. Caught between the idea of deferring my career for a year or just ‘sticking it out’, I found myself drawn back to working with crystals again. This time working with them as talismans for personal empowerment and amulets for protection.

I began wearing crystal jewellery and talisman necklaces. My wrists stacked with crystal bracelets, each one specifically chosen for their metaphysical properties. To the untrained eye these were just jewellery. Yet, to me they captured a piece of my soul story and intentions.

Once I started wearing these pieces things slowly began to shift into place on the inside. Taking me from feeling full of self-doubt, worried and disempowered to self-assured, focused and determined. Nothing changed in my work environment. However, something shifted within me that led me to success in my work against all of the odds.

This for me is the beauty of working with energy tools and practices. Leading me to understand what is meant when they say:

“All meaningful and lasting change

starts on the inside and works it’s way out.”

– Anon

At that time, I simply wanted to survive the year and be protected against the energy around me. Yet, the crystals connected with something deeper inside me and brought it to the surface. Doing so, in a way that gave me a new lease of life and leading me to opportunities that were beyond what I could have imagined.

I continued to work with crystals and walk along my soul/spiritual path. Encountering the usual life challenges, including karmic soulmates, break-ups and stress. All the while developing my own gifts, discovering Angelic Reiki and learning more about Ancient/traditional signs and symbols.

Then in 2015 I experienced double tragedy in a space of 10 days. In order to move through the grief and unhealed wounds I turned to crystals, healing and jewellery making. Creating my own crystal bracelets, this time adorned with charms which carried personal meaning and significance. It was then that Soul Story London was first conceived. (Original pieces below)

Back then it was a jewellery and spiritual healing brand. I began making and selling intentional crystal bracelets, infused with Angelic Reiki energy. Creating and selling to clients, new customers and coaches looking to introduce their clients to crystal energy.

As with all soul stories, there were twists and turns. Winding down my jewellery business to focus on my professional career, a whole lotta self healing and spiritual learning and development.

Now, in 2020 I’ve been guided back to creating, curating and sharing spiritual, intentional jewellery. This time around blending spiritual wisdom, tradition, healing energy and style. Of which has been gathered through my own soul story of healing, awakening and aligning.

I hope that each piece brings you what your soul desires for your personal growth and more. Guiding you to step out of the darkness and into your own light, with style.

With love,

Chanel Marie xoxo

Amulets, talismans and charms

I’m not going to lie, I knew nothing about amulets, charms and talismans when I first started working with them. I simply felt drawn to working with them and allowed myself to be guided by Spirit as to what was right for me at any given time. Yet, over time I have developed this knowledge through personal research and experience. 

So, in this space I am going to give you a brief description of what each one means.

Amulet – Believed to bring protection to the wearer, most commonly against the ‘evil eye’. Usually small in size ad infused with energy that will specifically worn to protect their wearer against bad vibes that are sent their way.

Talisman – Infused with energy in order to empower the wearer in some way. This can include attracting enhancing and amplifying energy, for example. Talismans tend to be carried rather than worn. 

Charm – Carrying meaning and significance that is personal and specific to the wearer, eg: 4 leaf clover for luck, heart to symbolise self-love or a coin given by your grandad for safe travels.