Elevate your mind, body and spirit in style with the Soul Story London collection.

Every crystal and every charm captures a piece of the soul story that you are manifesting into reality.

Intuitively select from:

  • Handmade to order intentional crystal bracelets
  • Beautiful amulet pieces to protect your precious energy
  • Crystal talismans for healing and self-empowerment

Each piece ready for you to infuse with the energy of your soul-felt intentions.

The Soul Story London collection is a perfect blend of spiritual wisdom, healing energy, tradition and style. Brought to you with love by Chanel Marie.

“Everything that I create, curate and share is done so with love and from the wisdom of experience. The amulets, talismans and practices have all supported me (and continue to support me) in my own unfolding soul story. So, in sharing I hope that you receive the same benefits and much more.” – Chanel Marie