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If you would like to have a psychic reading with me then it is possible to have a reading with me via email (extremely popular), telephone and in-person.

I am able to connect with guides, angels, Source energy and loved ones who have passed over. Using tools such as cards in order to offer more insight, guidance and healing.

Why might you want a reading?
Maybe you have just come out of a challenging situation and find yourself at the crossroads of life seeking direction and clarity. Perhaps, you are ready to make changes in your life yet are not sure how to get started. I can empower you to take those steps and offer tools, tips and practices that can support you along the way. On the other hand, maybe things are going really well and you are just seeking some guidance on how you can help yourself to stay on track. Or could it be a case of “All answers lie within” and you just require me to hold the space for you to connect the dots and be guided towards those answers? Whatever you need, I’m ready to connect with spirit to support you.

Email readings are immensely popular! The perfect option for you if you are not based close to London or are a busy mum or career woman who is pushed for time. These readings are sent directly to your inbox and come in the form of a PDF document. Email readings are paid for in advance.

Telephone readings are by appointment only and are available in time slots of 30 minutes. Telephone readings are paid for in advance.

In-person readings are available alongside healing and beauty treatments. In these sessions we will focus on a specific area of your life that you may want to make progress in, eg; personal development, love, career or business. These sessions are available by appointment only. They may be subject to a consultation and a non-refundable booking fee will apply.

For further inquiries and bookings please contact me here.

This 1:1 session are specifically for those who are new to working with their gift. Offering practical and spiritual guidance and support in developing, as well as awakening your natural gifts. Contact me here for a FREE consultation to discuss your needs.