Psychic intuitive readings are for the women who feel guided or called to work with me. They seek heart-centered psychic, intuitive guidance + tools, rituals and practices that they can use to activate their own intuition.

Is that you?

Maybe you are on the edge of change or stuck at the crossroads of life. Perhaps you are going through a challenge in your life, career, business or relationship. Maybe you are in the midst of a soul awakening or just in need of a little intuitive guidance + support…..The list of reasons you may have been drawn here is endless.

Yet, whatever your reason or wherever you are at in life, I will meet you there!

Each reading is intuitively guided + I will use the cards (tarot, angel, Oracle or a combination of a few), alongside my psychic abilities (clairvoyance, clairaudience + clairsentience) to bring more insight, clarity + perspective. I will also connect with your spiritual team, guides and the Angels if they choose to come through, as well as my own spiritual support team to offer channeled guidance.

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Option 1

A PDF document of your reading that you can refer to again and again. This is sent straight to your inbox.


Option 2

A PDF document of your reading, that you can refer to again + again, sent straight to your inbox.

Additional support in the form of 2 clarity or follow-up questions via text/messenger. Only available for 2 weeks following your reading.

Please note that my books open for readings and healings in April 2018. Limited dates and times available. Get in contact to secure your slot today.