I have always wanted to have a Tarot reading but I’m too busy to go for one. This reading was on the phone so I could fit it into my lunch break. Chanel gave me clarity, guidance and buckets of positivity. It was a wonderful experience and I cannot recommend her, and this treatment enough.

Katie, UK

“Thank you so much for my reading. You are so very detailed and I love the time you take to really describe every card that you pull along with any spiritual guidance that comes through. I have been to a lot of psychics and you are the first to ever be this genuine. Thank you for the clarity, thank you for the insights and thank you for making it so easy to work with you.” 

Amy Weddington

I just wanted to thank you for that amazing reading! It’s one of the best I’ve had. You were spot on with everything, including things I needed to hear. It was also confirmation of what a be already been feeling. You are very talented. This reading came on my birthday yesterday and I feel so grateful for the gift of your messages! Thank you again!!!

Ilona Kocur, Germany

I can truthfully say that Chanel is just that… Intuitive… I have received guidance and honesty but most of all enlightening insight into my life situations. Stay blessed because you really are gifted.

If I have to sum up what I thought about Chanel readings, I would say two words: “on point”. I have worked with other psychics before where I have not felt the confidence in their reading. This is mainly due to not connecting with the message, or what they see does not come to pass. Chanel has a way too of making you aware of matters that you need to pay attention to, especially when you are wanting to keep on track with your core purpose. She’s definitely one person you don’t want to lose contact with.

Sophia, UK Blogger & Author

Every time her input is right on the spot and very accurate! I love the way she interprets the cards and the fact that she is using her intuition, so her readings come with depth and in fact, the cards are portals for her to see the true situation or problem. Her readings always reveal the essence and make me see clearer. Many Blessings for you Chanel! And I’m grateful to know you.

Billyanna, Bulgaria

My reading was totally amazing. It focused on my ex-partner I went through domestic violence with and took a lot to get away from that relationship….went straight into another relationship which was going the same way…so now I’m coming back into my own space and time and getting it right….I was amazed on how insightful the reading was. Thank you.
– Jacki, UK

I have been getting my readings for the last few years from Chanel and she is amazing and super intuitive. I always ask about business and personal life and it’s always spot on. Chanel’s readings are very in depth and cover all questions I ask and more. I love the extra support that I get from Chanel’s readings. She’s part of my spiritual team.

Debbie, UK

Thank you for the reading. I started crying as I read it because it rang true. It helped me by giving me hope and settling the fears a bit. Thank you. Thank you, Thank you!
Jo T, Canada

Thank you very much for your excellent reading, you were profoundly accurate, very gifted in what you do, blessings to you always.

I was nervous at first. I had never had this done before…Chanel was so good and welcoming.  It was a beautiful, calm experience and she gave me very powerful guidance that was so true to me. I will definitely book another appointment with Chanel again. She was amazing.

Angie, London

Having my first angelic reiki session with Chanel Marie has proven to be a beautiful and powerful experience.  Chanel has been very supportive throughout the whole process. From booking, during the lead up and even now; days after our session. As a part of the feedback Chanel provided for me, she created a guided meditation, which I’ve been using everyday as a part of my spiritual practice. Ever since our session, my connection with the archangels has developed and I have much more confidence in following my intuition. The guidance that Chanel has given me has also helped me to have a better relationship with myself through self love. I look forward to booking in again very soon! Thank you xx

Georgia, UK

Your readings continue to amaze me. Given I gave you no questions as I was feeling vague, you answered questions I never knew I had! Thank you so much lovely :-).   I will read again & again just to absorb it all and rake on board everything you have said. 

Emily, UK