Hello, hello!

Hope all is good where you are.

I am just dropping by to share with you my new crystal related offering: Crystals & Rituals for Everyday Life downloadable ebook.

Have you noticed that a lot of the crystal rituals out there require you to use lots of additional tools and have hours of extra time?

Hmmm, I noticed this too, when I was seeking rituals for heart healing, letting go, boosting self-confidence……

However, I was adamant that there had to be an easier way.

As such I was guided to mentors, workshops and books that gave me exactly what I was seeking: A simpler approach.

#AskBelieveSurrenderandReceive in full effect.

I applied what resonated. 

Made tweaks as guided.

Enjoyed the results.

Then shared with clients.

And they shared with me how they have reaped the benefits.

Now, I am sharing with you.

In the hope that you to will receive what you need and more.

So, what can you expect from purchasing the guide?

In this beautifully presented, 35+ pages crystal healing E-book you will discover:

  • How to get to know your crystals
  • How to blend them into your daily life
  • Crystals, rituals and suggestions for everyday issues, including
    • stress relief
    • energy protection
    • confidence….and more
  • How to working with Archangel Michael and crystals for letting go
  • My favourite forgiveness prayer

All this for just £10!

Ready to receive it?

The ebook will be available to purchase on Monday 10th August 2020. However, click here for an early purchase!

Sending you lots of love and blessings,

Chanel Marie -xoxo-


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