Intuitive Guidance

“All answers lie within.”

During a reading, I will connect to your energy, the energy of the situation and bring through the guidance that the Angels + guides want to share. I will also use the cards as a tool to offer further insight and clarity. These sessions are intended to be empowering and supportive in moving you forward. Shining a light on:

  • Any blocks, challenges and obstacles that require your attention
  • The factors currently working in your favour
  • Those answers that lie within
  • Your gifts and strengths that support you in healing and/or aligning with your desires
  • The answers that lie within you

Here are a few examples of questions that my clients ask:

  • I’m ready for love. What can I do to help myself to attract the right relationship for me?
  • I’m at a crossroads in my life and want to get off. How can I help myself to do this?
  • I don’t understand why I keep attracting the same kind of men. What factors are keeping me stuck in this cycle?

Other life themes might include love, relationships, career, business or spiritual development. Unfortunately, I do not focus on questions that relate to legal, medical or pregnancy.


Readings can be conducted when you and I are both in different parts of the world. I have read for women all over the world from my home here in London, UK. Click here.

From time to time I will be guided to offer time-sensitive offers and packages. So, watch this space!