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March 25th – March 31st 2019

Azrael comes through as our guiding Angel this week.
I absolutely love working with this Archangel and he has, for many years, been my Healing Angel. The one who comes through during Angelic Reiki healing sessions.
He is the Angel of death and transitions. Supporting us when we need to let go of what no longer is serving us in expanding and becoming. Holding our hand as we move from one phase of our lives to another.
Thank you, Archangel Azrael for being with us at this time.
Monday – Tuesday
Whether you realise it or not your desires are coming together. Much magic has been sown behind the scenes and on the big stage you have done as well as you could to move through the resistance with ease and grace. Now is not a time to give up but a time to celebrate what is coming to you and what you already have achieved.
Wednesday – Thursday
Are you allowing yourself to relax and know that you are protected from harm. Any negative thoughts you have will slow the manifestation process if you hold onto them and focus on them. Why? Because what we focus upon expands. Let go of the negative expectations through the process of surrender.
Friday – Sunday
Opportunities and people may come to you, especially related to love or career. Use your discernment and intuition, alongside your values to know what and who is for you. Not everything or everyone who glitters is gold. Whilst manifesting your desires into reality things, people and opportunities that match this may appear before you. Are they truly what you deserve and desire?

With love

Chanel xo

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