Energy Manifesting



As much as it would be great to be high-vibe all day everyday. It is simply not possible.

Soul lessons must be learned.

Soulmates and karmic partners often have to enter for soul contracts to be completed.

People may simply piss you off.

Life happens, right?

When life does happen the tendency is to do anything you can to quickly shift the energy. After all LOA experts and Spiritual Experts teach us that we have to be high-vibe to manifest. That we have to quickly shift the energy to get back into alignment.

What if I were to call “BULLSHIT” on all of that?

You see my experience as a student, teacher and guide for spirituality and energy work has shown the following to be true:

Those low vibes can also be a gift.


Law of Polarity teaches that there is always an opposite. There are always 2 ends to a pole, eg good and bad, positive and negative or love and fear.

Therefore, by experiencing the seemingly “low vibe” emotion. You know that what you want to experience is on the other side of that right?

But, wait!

That doesn’t mean you pivot to get to the other side just yet.



Sit with it as an observer. Let it come in without judgement. Such is the way of practising mindfulness. In doing this you are not resisting or suppressing what you feel. After all, what you resist persists. Also, the emotions are energy and energy will always ebb and flow. Which brings us to the next step…..



Accept that you are experiencing this emotion. Reminding yourself that you are safe irrespective of how you are feeling. In doing this you are holding space for the emotion and owning what you are feeling. This in contrast to it owning and overpowering you. Something which can often send us into overwhelm and over analysing.



See the feeling as gift because what you are feeling is coming up for a reason. You are working towards feeling, embodying and aligning with whatever is on the other side of this. Therefore, this contrasting feeling is like the Universe’s way of saying: “Hey, I’m helping you to get to where you wanna be but first we need to overcome/heal/move through/integrate this.

Remember energy ebbs and flows.

It can be transmuted.

So, although current vibe may be telling you that you are misaligned, you can change that. However, it’s better to receive the gift and the understanding that wants to emanate from that seemingly “negative” or “low vibe”.

From here you can use this to shift into gratitude, journaling or wherever you need to be. Then pivot into that higher state of feeling and being.

Now, it’s over to you. As we approach a Full Moon its inevitable that some people may be feeling that uncomfortable “downward” shift in energy. If that’s you, try this approach and let me know in the comments how you get on.

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