Crystals 101

“Crystals are amplifying minerals. You have a crystal in a radio – it amplifies the sound waves. You have a crystal in a television set – it amplifies the light waves. When you hold crystals, they amplify thought waves.”

Shirley MacLaine


I have been using crystals in my everyday life and spiritual practices for many years. Using them to amplify the energy of my intentions, heal and manifest my desires into reality. So, in this space, I will share some suggestions that you can use in order to incorporate crystals into your own life and spiritual practices.

Crystals don’t work unless you do

Crystals are hugely popular these days, with everyone from celebrities to college students believing in their energy. However, it is important to point out that crystals do not work unless you do. Although they have a beautiful and strong energy of their own, this energy requires an element of direction and that comes from you if you are choosing to work with that crystal. Part of the way that you do this is to connect with your crystal and programme it. However, before you do that there is one vital step to take that will help you to get the very best out of your crystal.

Step 1: Clearing

Crystals pick up the energy of the room that they are in and those that come into contact with them. Therefore, when you get your crystal it is likely to have been touched by numerous people if purchased in a shop. Whereas, if you are receiving your crystal through the post it is possible that it has picked up the energy on its journey to you. So, when you receive your crystal take the time to clear its energy.

One way of doing this is using prayer and water. Run the crystal under the cold tap of water and say a prayer to God, the Angels or whoever you believe in eg:

“Thank you for removing any dark, dense or negative energy be removed from the crystal and for restoring this crystal to it’s fullest power and potential. And so it is.”

Please note that some crystals, such as Selenite, cluster crystals or Peacock Ore cannot be cleansed with water, as they may dissolve. Therefore, you may want to pass it through the smoke of a Sage stick, use intention or Angelic Reiki in order to clear the energy of the crystal. Allow yourself to be guided to the method that is most appropriate for your crystal.

Step 2: Charge

Some people choose to charge their crystals under the energy of the new moon especially if intending to use the crystal in order to manifest their soul dreams into reality. This is because the new moon is a time of setting new intentions and cultivating new beginnings. If this is the case then you simply need to place the crystals outside or on a window ledge where they can absorb the energy of the new moon. Some people also like to set an intention for this. Equally, if you are using the crystal to support you in healing or releasing energy of any kind then charging under the light of a full moon is optimal for this. This is because the full moon is a time for forgiveness and letting go of anything that is no longer serving in the Highest. Failing this you can charge crystals in the sunlight too. Just be sure not to leave them in the sun for too long, especially crystals such as Rose Quartz, as the colour may fade.

Step 3: Intention

Your crystals wants you to direct it’s energy and the way that you do this is by setting an intention for how you want the crystal to help you. There are many different ways to do this yet the most effective way that I have found is this one:

  • Hold your crystal or crystals in your hand
  • Clear your mind and tune into what it is that you want the crystals help with
  • State aloud or in your mind your intention
  • Hold a vision of that intention manifesting into reality
  • Thank you crystal for working with you and supporting you in making your intention your reality.

Once programmed with your intention you can choose to repeat this when you feel drawn to or not. The crystal will hold this intention until you clear the energy of that crystal. When you clear the energy then you will be required to reprogramme the crystal with your intention.

Step 4: Carrying your crystals

These days many of us are carrying crystals in our bras or adorning our wrists or necks with beautiful crystal jewellery. However, if you wanted to you could keep your crystal in a pouch in your bag, tucked into your pocket or on your desk. You may even choose to keep your crystals at home or set up a little crystal grid. The choice is entirely yours and it’s important to do what suits you and your lifestyle. Whatever you choose the crystal will continue to work with you and for you.

Which crystal do I choose?

This is a question that I am asked a lot. When it comes to choosing crystals there is just so much choice so it is easy to become bogged down, confused and overwhelmed.

In saying that there is one thing that I always say when it comes to crystals and it is this:

“The right crystal for you will choose you.”

Crystals carry their own energy and that energy will be attracted to yours if the crystals healing benefits link with something within you that is ready to heal or simply be awakened. Therefore, it is important to trust your instinct and allow yourself to be guided. For example, if there is a crystal that catches your eye when crystal shopping then it is highly probable that this crystal is ready and waiting for you to choose it. On the other hand, you may find that you are drawn to a particular colour and therefore choosing a crystal in that colour may be exactly what you need. 

If you are in a physical crystal shop then you may want to hold the crystal in your hand. When you do this notice how it feels in your hand. Does it heat up? Do you feel energy moving through your body? Do you feel sick or uncomfortable? All of these are signs that your body and energy are interacting with the crystal, so trust the vibes that you get.

Crystal must-haves

Personally, I don’t believe in crystal must-haves because you and I will interact with crystals in a different way. For example, for many years I could not sleep with an Amethyst crystal under my pillow because its energy would stimulate my clairvoyance and keep me awake all night. However, Amethyst is known as being the sleep crystal and the one that you place under your pillow to help you sleep at night. So, sleeping with Amethyst under my pillow was an absolute no-no. Therefore, it’s really important to experiment with the crystals, have fun with them and see what works for you.

That being said if you really must know what crystals you can buy to kick-start your crystal collection, here are a few suggestions:

Clear Quartz – This is known as the Master Healer crystal. It amplifies the energy of your intention and is one that energy healers often use to assist them in their healing work.

Howlite – This crystal has such a gentle and calming energy. It is really lovely to hold in your hand after a busy and stressful day.

Red Jasper – If you are feeling frazzled, unsettled and ungrounded in your energy then this crystal is great for grounding your energy, reconnecting you with Mother Earth.

Selenite – Great for super sensitives, like me, who are prone to picking up people’s energy. At the end of the day simply holding it in your hand, setting the intention to clear your energy, whilst you complete your energy clearing ritual is a great way to get that energy moving around your body again.

Black Tourmaline/Obsidian – Both of these are great crystals to work with if you want to protect your own energy, especially if you are working around toxic people. However, the energy can be quite strong so you may want to tone it down with a piece of Rose Quartz which will balance the energy, bringing in more loving, calm energy.

Final words

Personally, I love working with crystals and have been able to use them to support me in manifesting, healing and energy work with great results. However, as magical as these little gemstones are they only work if you are taking action. I sincerely, hope that this 101 has given you some ideas and inspiration for how you can get started with crystals in your everyday life. I also hope that you can have as much, if not more, enjoyment, comfort and success working with them, than I have.