When it comes to choosing the best healing crystal for you be guided by your intuition. Notice where your eyes are drawn and how your body responds. Think of your intention and ask your Spirit Team to guide you to exactly what you need at this moment in time. Consult the crystal directory for an overview and the crystal store for your must-have crystal palette or get in touch to curate your own, perfect crystal blend.

A is for……..

Amazonite is known as a ‘Goddess Warrior stone’, after the women of the Amazon. It is a crystal that inspires hope and guiding you to connect to your own deepest hopes, as well as your dreams. Connected to the Heart Chakra, you can work with Amazonite to guide you to gently release toxic emotions that you have been holding onto. Also reminding you of the warrior and strength that lies within you, especially after trying times.

Amethyst has many benefits, making it a must-have for any Spiritualista. On the spiritual side it connects to the Third Eye and can be used to strengthen this chakra, enhancing your clairvoyance and intuition. As a stone of relaxation it connects to the Crown Chakra, emitting a calming vibration which can be really helpful during times of stress because it detoxifies the mind.

Apophyllite known as being the ‘Spiritual Advisor’ crystal because it is high-vibe and raises your conscious awareness to connect with the Spiritual realm So, that you can receive and connect to the guidance that lies within. It is also the perfect meditation partner for this times when you want to calm down and relax during times of stress. As a healing crystal it will helps you to release old wounds and bring light into negative spaces.

A beautiful stone of relaxation, calm and serenity. Aquamarine is the crystal that you want on your side or in your hand during those times of stress or overwhelm. Gently relieving you of the fear, stress and anxiety. It also protects you from these negative vibrations. Awakening that sense of peace and and upliftment that emanates from within.


B is for……..

A stone of protection with a little twist. The twist being that it protects you from your own shadow side by showing it to you. After all, in the words of Jay-Z, “You can’t heal what you never reveal.” and Black Obsidian will give you that inner shadow cleanse, if you are open to it. As it presides over the Root Chakra it also brings with it the energy of grounding and balancing.

A must-have for your crystal bodyguard collection. Protecting you from negative energy in your environment, including energy vampires who are energetically intent on bursting your good vibes bubble. Creating a boundary between you and others so you do not become a sponge for the negative vibes.

Peace, serenity and communication are the key areas that Blue Lace Agate focuses upon. Residing over the Throat Chakra it can be used as crystal aid to cleanse, balance and strengthen this chakra. Particularly useful when you want to speak your truth without fear. As a stone of relaxation it dissipates the negative energy to pave the way of the peaceful energy, as well as clarity that lies beneath it.


C is for……..

Carnelian resides over the lower chakras. Stimulating the Root Chakra to stir up grounding and bold energy within. Rising up to the Sacral Chakra to awaken your sexual, creative and passionate energy. Connecting with the Solar Plexus to inspire courage and confidence to move beyond your fears. An ideal crystal for boss babes or anyone needing an uplift in energy, especially when you need to get shit done.

Celestite emits a high vibration and is known to strengthen your connection to the Angelic Realm. Yet, with it’s connection to both the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, working with Celestite will guide you in tapping into your psychic and intuitive senses. With it’s calming vibration, it also has stress relieving vibes that will soothe a restless or chaotic mind.

The ultimate abundance crystal was nick-named ‘The Merchant’s Stone’ back in the day because shopkeeper’s would keep a piece in their cash-box to call in sales and more money. Today, it is still celebrated as a stone of abundance, whilst also being used to cultivate the vibe of positivity and happiness. Opening you up to the new opportunities around you.

‘Master Healer’ and crystal all-rounder, Clear Quartz has many healing and spiritual benefits. On the one hand it is an energy amplifier. Amplifying the energy of your intention and the crystals around it. Yet it is also a cleansing stone that can be used in healing to cleanse your chakra and energy field, especially when your intention is to cleanse the mind to receive clarity.


D is for……..

This little known crystal that contains flecks of Black Tourmaline aids you in breaking down the barriers of protection that you’ve put up around yourself. Yet, it also has the capacity to support you in overcoming your own negative thoughts, enhancing self-belief and clarity of purpose.


G is for……..

Known as a lucky stone, Green Aventurine is the perfect for those times when you need Lady Luck on your side to attract abundance or positive energy into your life. It also resonates with the heart chakra, bringing healing and balance. Whilst also inspiring confidence, hope and positivity, particularly after challenging times or heartbreak.


H is for……..

One of the ultimate crystals for grounding and bringing you back down to Earth. This is especially the case during those times when your mind and life feels like it is spinning out of control. Resonating with the Root Chakra, it also has the unique ability to soothe and cleanse the mind too, bring mind, body and spirit back to centre.


L is for……..

A powerful stone of mysticism and protection, reconnecting you with Spirit to awaken your own magic that lies within. As a stone of protection it will create an energetic barrier between you and others, whilst gifting you with the insight to see beyond any illusions. It can also be used as an energetic tool to expand your awareness and connection to Spirit, as well as the wisdom that lies within.

Highly revered by the Ancient Egyptians who called it the ‘Stone of Truth’. Therefore, working with Lapis Lazuli will bring that reminder that the truth and guidance you seek lies within you. Being a stone of high vibrational this crystals helps to awaken your spiritual wisdom, whilst learning how to trust your own intuition.

Allow Lemurian Quartz to be your spiritual guide and connect you to the higher realms. Perfect as a crystal to support you in being able to clearly channel guidance and wisdom from the Spirit world. It also can be used during meditation to focus your mind and regain that sense of balance.


M is for……..

A stone of hope, Mangano Calcite resonates with the heart chakra and amplifies the energy of unconditional and self-love from within. Gently guiding you to purge the wounds and pains from the past. In doing so, inspiring hope and lifting your spirit as you open up again and look forward to the new.

Carrying a feminine energy, Moonstone is connected to the moon and the Goddesses of the Moon. Guiding you to awaken your own intuition and ability to go with the flow, as well as receive. Like the moon it has that cleansing energy which you can work with in order to cleanse heavy emotions and energy that you hold within, notably within the heart chakra.


O is for……..

One of the most powerful stones of protection that also inspires and restores your own personal power. Inspiring that power by ridding you of your own negative thoughts, patterns and habits which have kept you trapped. Associated with the Root Chakra it also has a grounding and stabilizing quality.


P is for……..

Most commonly known as ‘Fool’s Gold’, Pyrite is known as stone for wealth and abundance manifesting. Yet, being ‘Fool’s Gold’ it will guide you towards your inner money blocks by throwing light on them to support you in letting go. Connected to the Solar Plexus it also will also increase your personal power and motivation.


R is for……..

An amazing stone for those who need to feel more grounded. Simply holding this crystal in your hand will bring you back into your body and back down to Earth. It also brings stability to your Root Chakra. Aiding you in manifesting inner strength and courage.

Do not be fooled by the gentleness of this crystal, which helps you in releasing emotional trauma and toxic emotions from the past. A heart healing crystal it resonates with the heart chakra, dissolving the pain and energetic attachments to the past. In the process facilitating in opening you up to forgiveness, compassion self/unconditional love.

We all know Rose Quartz as the stone of love. Mostly used as a talisman to attract new love into your life. Yet, it is a stone of unconditional love which is just about self-love and resonates with the heart chakra. Dissolving those barriers to love that you have put up around your heart. Guiding you back to giving yourself permission to give and receive love.


S is for……..

A must-have for all crystal lovers because of it’s range of spiritual and healing properties. As a high vibration stone it connects you to the Higher Realms for guidance, healing and wisdom. Resonating with all of the chakras it can be used to cleanse your chakras and energy field.

A grounding and protective stone that gently encourages you to let go what is draining you or simply no longer serves you. Working with this stone also supports you in overcoming stagnated energy and release negative emotions.


T is for……..

A stone of courage that renews your confidence. Guiding you to move beyond the fear of the unknown and step into the new. It also brings balance to and strengthens the Solar Plexus Chakra, as well as the Root Chakra which brings that grounded energy that supports in creating solid foundations when walking in a new direction.