Just a few of the kind words left by my clients………

“Thank you so much for my reading. You are so very detailed and I love the time you take to really describe every card that you pull along with any spiritual guidance that comes through. I have been to a lot of psychics and you are the first to ever be this genuine. Thank you for the clarity, thank you for the insights and thank you for making it so easy to work with you.” – Amy Weddington

“I just wanted to thank you for that amazing reading! It’s one of the best I’ve had. You were spot on with everything, including things I needed to hear. It was also confirmation of what a be already been feeling. You are very talented. This reading came on my birthday yesterday and I feel so grateful for the gift of your messages! Thank you again!!!” – Ilona Kocur @LightLoveAndAngels

“Your divine guidance was spot on as I am definitely going through all of these changes in my life right now. I have been told in the past that I am my worst enemy and need to believe in myself to achieve my dreams and live an abundant life of purpose. I feel so blessed and grateful to hear that my Angels are looking out for me…supporting and healing me. I call on them every day for guidance and strength and to let go of my fears that I have carried for so long. Love and light.” – Brigitte

“Thank you so much for sending me the reading. It was eerily accurate in the parts of my personal journey and how I view myself and how I am changing on my journey. I am intrigued by the mystery man as I am unsure who it could be at present. But the universe has a funny way of revealing things at the appropriate times the only journey so I am sure he will eventually make an appearance. I will keep you posted on that front. I am grateful that you took the time and feel positive to know that I am heading in the right direction.” – Melanie

“Your reading was so true to where I am in my life right now. I was so pleased and inspired after reading it. I am in the midst of a difficult breakup. I wrote to you asking if I would find true love again. Your reading answered my question (the answer is Yes I will!) and much more. You read that my ex is a soul mate and that is why part of why this is so hard for me. That is so true! We both thought we would be together forever. When he changed his mind I was so hurt and surprised. I am using Rose Quartz crystal to calm and help me heal as you suggested. Retreat is the next card: that is very much how I heal and I am working to take good care of myself. I am hopeful and looking for my genuine love in my future and I will take this time to heal and get ready for him. I have reread your reading several times already and I know I will keep reading it as I heal. Thank you so much!” – Tricia Earp

“Thank you so much for the reading – it is very apt. Though I knew it would be … In the Universe has got your back, it talks about choosing an image to guide you – mine is a rainbow and try as I might, I haven’t been seeing them anywhere! In fact, the only place in the last 2 weeks I have seen one, was just under where we had to type in our question on your link page! For you to get the image of an owl is also pretty spooky – from childhood, I have had recurring nightmares about owls and given that I have been rooted in fear over my business and life recently, it speaks volumes. Facing my fears is definitely on the cards.” – Ann-Marie

“I can truthfully say that Chanel is just that… Intuitive… I have received guidance and honesty but most of all enlightening insight into my life situations. Stay blessed because you really are gifted.” – MDK

“If I have to sum up what I thought about Chanel readings, I would say two words: “on point”. I have worked with other psychics before where I have not felt the confidence in their reading. This is mainly due to not connecting with the message, or what they see does not come to pass. Chanel has a way too of making you aware of matters that you need to pay attention to, especially when you are wanting to keep on track with your core purpose. She’s definitely one person you don’t want to lose contact with” – Sophia Husbands, be awesome, be happy mentor and lifestyle writer. Huffington Post blogger.

“I just want to give some feedback to Chanel..I have for many years known Chanel and originally stumbled across her when I was looking for some advice on doing a spell to get a job I really wanted.

Over the years I have contacted Chanel to gain insight to specific events that have happened and get guidance on where my life has been going. I have to say that even though the readings are for guidance purposes only and we have that opportunity to change the future, most of what I told has become a reality.

Chanel tells it how it is, she is honest and truthful and believe me, being a serial sitter (I love getting my card read) I have to say that Chanel is the one I turn to when I feel need guidance, and this is what I love. I don’t want to get my reading from someone who just tells me the things I want to hear, I want to hear the things I don’t want to hear, so if this is what you’re looking for then Chanel is the reader for you.

Honestly, from the bottom of my heart if you wish a reading from someone who is genuine, honest and straight from the heart then go to Chanel xxxxxxx” – Rachelle

“Every time her input is right on the spot and very accurate! I love the way she interprets the cards and the fact that she is using her intuition, so her readings come with depth and in fact, the cards are portals for her to see the true situation or problem. Her readings always reveal the essence and make me see clearer. Many Blessings for you Chanel! And I’m grateful to know you.” – Billyanna

“My reading was totally amazing. It focused on my ex-partner I went through domestic violence with and took a lot to get away from that relationship….went straight into another relationship which was going the same way…so now I’m coming back into my own space and time and getting it right….I was amazed on how insightful the reading was. Thank you.” – Jacki

“Thank you for the reading. I started crying as I read it because it rang true. It helped me by giving me hope and settling the fears a bit. Thank you. Thank you, Thank you!” – Jo T

“Thank you very much for your excellent reading, you were profoundly accurate, very gifted in what you do, blessings to you always.” – Catherine

“I have been getting my readings for the last few years from Chanel and she is amazing and super intuitive. I always ask about business and personal life and it’s always spot on. Chanel’s readings are very in depth and cover all questions I ask and more. I love the extra support that I get from Chanel’s readings whether I need it or not. She’s part of my spiritual team.” – Debbie

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