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Clear Your Energy to Connect To Your Intuition

One thing that I commonly see when working with clients, especially healers and psychics, is that they find it difficult to receive Divine guidance or trust their intuition. More often than not this is because they are holding onto energy that no longer serves them. Energetically bound to people, places, situations, thoughts or behaviors that are holding them back in some way. 

However, when working with your intuition, either on a professional or private basis, you want to be a clear channel. 

The clearer you are the more likely you are to be able to receive those intuitive hits and discern what feels good from what doesn’t. That’s not to say you can’t do this when you are stressed or feeling heavy energetically. However, it can be a lot harder and the message may be confusing, making it a challenge to fully trust.

Which is where clearing your energy can be really helpful. Not just for reading the cards and connecting to your intuition, but also with releasing resistance when manifesting.

Over the years I’ve learned many techniques and used various tools. Each one taking pride of place in my Spiritual Beauty toolbox. One of those tools that I return to again and again is dissolving cords of attachment with Archangel Michael. So, let’s hope it serves you as well as it continues to serve me.


  • Create a safe and sacred space.
  • Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to calm your mind, body, and spirit.
  • Invite Archangel Michael into your space through prayer or a few simple words. No special words are required, so it could be as simple as:

“I invite AA Michael into this space now to dissolve all energy cords of attachment that no longer serve me. Thank you.”

  • Choose words that suit you and always show gratitude.
  • Become aware of your body and notice where you feel tense, drained or uncomfortable in some way. Notice any feelings that come up as you connect to those sensations in your body.

Don’t be surprised if you also see a familiar face, thoughts or receive a flashback to a situation from the past. It’s possible that this relates to the origins of that cord and it’s an opportunity to do further healing, eg: forgiveness or mindset work.

  • Ask AA Michael to dissolve all cords, hooks, and attachments that are no longer serving you. Some people choose to visualise this and some do not. Don’t put yourself under pressure to do anything other than being open to receiving.
  • When you feel as if the energy has been dissolved and released to the light, replace it with beliefs, energy and/or feelings that feel good.
  • As you slowly bring yourself back into your body give thanks to AA Michael. If you feel called to then I would advise that you ask him to protect your energy too, especially as he is known as the AA of protection.

You will know if the session has been effective for you because you will feel a shift in your energy, eg: feeling notably lighter, balanced or things just feel clearer.


The whole point of dissolving cords of attachment is to set yourself free from anything that is weighing you down or holding you back in any way. This could be ex-partners, friends, enemies, your own thoughts, situations…… that does not make you feel good or simply no longer serving you. 

And, let be honest, sometimes this is easy to do and other times it’s not.

I’ve learned that when it’s more of a struggle this is the time when I need to enlist the support of a spiritual teacher, mentor, healer… support and hold space for me.

If that’s where you are at then there is no shame in that. Sometimes we need a little help.

I’d love to hear how you get on with dissolving energy cords and working with AA Michael. So, feel free to contact me here or join me on Instagram. You may also contact me if you would like to receive a personalised meditation to support you with dissolving energy cords and clearing your energy. With love xx




Disclaimer: As with anything, use your discernment when dissolving energy cords. Energy work is not a substitute for professional advice from those in the medical profession.

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