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Sunday Soul Note: You are the best spiritual tool you have


You’re wondering if you’re using the right crystal to heal your broken heart. You’re wondering if you should be doing the burning ritual tonight or last night. You’re wondering why you keep seeing 1010 wherever you go. You’re wondering if you’re doing it.  Yet, if you are following the guidance that comes from within…….

You are doing it right! 

There are no wrong ways or right ways if you are following the guidance that comes within. No comparison required when rewriting or reconnecting with your soul story.

This is because the magic, power and beauty do not lie solely in the crystals, manifestation techniques or healing sessions.

The magic, power and beauty lies in You too.

Probably more than you could ever imagine.

Tools and practices, such as crystals, for example, are great for helping us heal, align, manifest or protect your energy. However, the real test will come in the absence of these tools. In the heat of the moment when there’s no time for yoga, meditation or a quick pull of your Oracle cards. In those moments you are left with just one resource. Just one beautiful gift:


Therefore, the connection you have with your whole self is key.

Knowing the voice of your intuition versus the voice of fear. Being able to decipher the subtle clues that your body gives you in the moment. Knowing what your energy feels like so that you can recognise when what you’re feeling is not your own.

On my own path and through the readings I’ve given to women, I’ve learnt that all of what we experience, is helping us reconnect with our true selves, from the inside out.

Whereas the spiritual tools, sessions and practices are amazing if they are not supporting you in remembering all that comes from within you. Then what are they doing for you?


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Day 5: The crystal everyone needs to know about

Personally, I feel like I’ve saved the best crystal for last!

Today’s crystal is one that I think that everybody should have in their crystal collection because of its versatility and the amazing impact it can have on your vibration. Let me introduce you to Selenite.


OMG! There are so many reasons why you need this crystal in your life and this is everything to do with its amazing healing benefits.

You can use it to cleanse your energy field of any dense and heavy energy that you’re carrying within. Whipping your chakra system back into shape by clearing and balancing each chakra. This also brings you back into alignment: Feeling positive, good about life and even better about yourself. Who doesn’t wanna experience that?

It amplifies the energy of crystals, objects and intentions because it is such a high vibrational stone. Therefore it’s a good idea to use this Selenite alongside other crystals to amplify the energy of your intention.

Selenite doesn’t need to be recharged and can actually be used to charge and cleanse other crystals. That being said I will, when guided to, cleanse mine with Sage or Angelic Reiki. It’s also commonplace for me to use one of my big chunks of Selenite as a cleansing and charging bed. This means I lay my crystal bracelets and watch on top of the Selenite so that it can be cleared of unwanted energy. Then it’s recharged and ready to be used the next day. Magic.

Liquid Light, another name for Selenite, attracts the energy of light. Which is why it’s so good for cleansing, purifying, protecting and raising your vibration.


There are so many different ways to use and reap the energetic benefits of this beautiful crystal. Here is my absolute fave:

Aura Cleansing. Move your Selenite wand slowly and intentionally down your body. I like to start at my crown chakra (top of my head), down the front of the body and all the way down to and under my feet. You also want to make sure that you run the wand over your arms, as well as down the back of your body too. Saying a prayer of intention or visualising the dense energy being absorbed by the Selenite where it’s transmuted into light. I like to pay attention to areas where I’m experiencing pain, as this tends to be where there is a block in the energy.

Failing that you can also sleep with it under your pillow at night to promote relaxation and a good night sleep. You can also place it on your body during meditation, including laying it on a pain point or chakra point to promote healing and balance.


5 days of crystals have now come to an end. I hope that you’ve enjoyed getting to know your crystals as much as I’ve enjoyed sharing with you.

If you would like to delve deeper I’ll be offering Angelic Reiki healing with crystals from July 2018. This can be received remotely and in-person at my new treatment room in London.  For further details or to book please contact me at

Can’t wait to work with you.

With love,

Chanel Marie


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Amplify Your Intentions By Letting Go

Full Moons are generally a time of letting go, yet this Full Moon the energy feels super ripe for releasing anything that is no longer serving you. This may also mean letting go of control so that you can give the Universe the space to respond to you.

So, in honour of this Full Moon, I am sharing the letting go that I have been sharing amongst my followers for some time now. It is one that you can use at the time of a Full Moon or anytime when you feel the need to release.

“And suddenly, you just know that it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of new beginnings.”

~ Meister Eckhart


Clear your vibes
The moon is at it’s most powerful when full so you don’t want to be clogged up with negative or stagnant energy, be it within or in your home. Using Sage or Palo Santo to cleanse your space and self. A prayer that you may want to use in order to do this is:

“Dear God/Angels, Thank you for clearing the space and me of lower energy and vibrations. So, that the power and energy of intentions are amplified and energised under the light of this full moon.”

Letting go ritual
On a loose sheet of paper write out what you are letting go. Once you’re complete you may want to burn or shred the piece of paper, which is symbolic of letting it all go. You may also want to use this time in order to write down who you need to forgive, including yourself and also burn or shred this list too.

Finally, complete this ritual by meditating on what it is you know what to bring into your life now. The whole idea is that once you let go you create the space for something new and better to take its place.

Please note: Letting go and forgiveness are a process. Therefore, you cannot expect to always be able to simply let go or forgive during one letting go ritual. So, it’s important to be patient, kind and gentle with yourself, giving yourself time and maybe even taking on additional support in order to heal you through the process.

Energise yourself
Letting go is never easy and can take a lot out of you energetically, so it’s good to energise yourself in a way that feels good for you. One way of doing this is to run yourself a Himalayan or Sea Salt bath, which is ideal because salt is cleansing and rids the body of toxins. Another is to simply unwind with your crystals for a mini crystal healing session or meditation. Whatever feels good for you is what you should do to gently lift your energy. Bearing in mind that the activity you choose may vary from one full moon to the next.

Enjoy the process and do let me know how you get on or if there is anything that I can help you with.

With love,