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Transformation. Evolving. Dissolving resistance at the Full Moon.


The new season has brought with it the energy of change and transformation. Something that many of us at experience at our own level.

I’ve found that transformation, growth and evolving will bring with it that sudden rush of excitement, wonder, curiosity, and hopefulness. This is often followed by resistance. Fear. Guilt.

The happy hormones take a break and give your cells some time to catch up with the all the newness that you are conjuring up!

In my own world, I have tended to find this a week where resistance tends to be at it’s strongest under the gaze of the Full Moon.

The Full Moon heightens our emotions. Bringing to the surface all of the things and people that are in opposition to that which we want to experience, especially in relation to the intentions set at the time of the New Moon. So, this has become a time that I have used this time to “go with the flow” as much as I possibly can. Rather than resisting what is coming up, I’ve tried to flow with it and allow it to be released.

So, I know that sometimes is much easier said than done!

This is especially the case when the old ways, old faces and old places resurface. Reminding you of what needs to be released or shifted to support you in aligning with the new.

To support you through this I’ll share my own magical keys for working with the energy of the Full Moon to facilitate transformation and evolving:

Your body will tell you when it needs to rest. Your intuition will let you know when it’s time to pause or move forward. Your soul team will guide you towards what is for you right now. Tune in. Do so with meditation, prayer, writing or awareness.

A simple prayer focused towards the solution. One of my favourites is:

“Thank you for showing me where to go, what to do and what to say to whom.”

Another of my favourites is: “I surrender.” Two simple words that can lighten the load. An invitation to God and soul team to take the reins.

Connection to self or like-minded people. Somehow they both tend to lead back to one another. To fill you up and raise your vibration. To bring you back to centre when you fall.

In the Full Moon ebook, I have also included further tools and practices from my own spiritual vanity case.

I will leave you here, yet I truly hope that you will pivot towards releasing (or whatever else you feel you need right now) so that you can stick with your new intentions, desires, and transformation.

If you could do with a little something extra I will share some notes of inspiration here too. I am available for 1:1 support too, just drop me an email here.

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Why psychics are the new BFFs of driven women…..

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There was once a time when all talk of psychics, mystics and tarot readers were taboo. A mere mention of having a reading with a psychic would put you in the firing line for eye rolling or ridicule.

However, these days everyone from millennials and badass women starting their own empire right through to celebrities have a psychic, tarot reader, medium or healer on speed dial.

So, why are professional, ambitious and successful women choosing to work with psychics?

Today, life seems to be filled with uncertainty. Yet people are feeling the pressure to be more, do more and achieve more. With that people are feeling more stressed and worried about the future than ever before. So, when people go to psychics they are not just looking for predictions. They are seeking advice on HOW to fulfil their potential and become a better version of themselves.

With that in mind, here are just some of the ways that a psychic can support you in bettering your personal and professional life:

When you have a reading the psychic is tuning into your energy and the energy around your situation. This means that they are able to see the unseen, eg: hidden agendas, silent truths, opportunities and possibilities. These are all things that you probably won’t see because you are right in the middle of your story and situation, as well as feeling stressed by the whole thing. By making the unseen seen you get a sense of clarity and direction that supports you in making decisions that are aligned with your goals.

Gone are the days when psychics would simply reel off a list of predictions that would either be what you wanted to hear or not. The modern psychic will also offer you tools and practices that you can use to:

  • Dissolve any blocks that have been identified
  • Better align you with attracting what you want, eg: love or dream job
  • Give you a boost in the area where you feel in lack, eg: confidence, self-love
  • Support you in letting go of what doesn’t serve you

And that’s just for starters.

In essence, a psychic doesn’t just tell you what’s happening or coming up. They can offer you tools that you can use to help yourself to achieve your full potential. Think of it as mystical self-help and personal development.

A psychic can also highlight the blocks that are standing in the way of you being and creating what you want, eg: fear, insecurity, resentment, co-dependency and other toxic factors. By recognizing these blocks the psychic can support you in letting go and dissolving anything that is not serving you. For many women who find themselves resisting change or repeating patterns, this can be the game-changer. This is because it guides them in letting go of the past and embracing, as well as creating their future.

Women especially can be guilty of putting a lot of pressure on themselves to achieve and be all things to all people. Then, when things are not going to plan or they experience stagnation in an area of their life they beat themselves up. When this happens there becomes this intense focus on what’s not going right or your failures. During a reading, the psychic can highlight your successes, your gifts and talents, including your own psychic or spiritual gifts. Some of these successes, talents and gifts may be undiscovered, unnoticed or neglected. However, once revealed may leave you feeling inspired and motivated to act upon them. In some cases, opening you up to a world of new opportunities and positive changes.

Intuition and that gut-feeling is a gift that God bestowed upon us all. However, what tends to happen is that you’ll get the intuitive hunches and be too scared to act on them or simply not know how. A psychic can confirm those intuitive hunches which, in the first instance, help you feel you are not going crazy and in the second instance can begin that process of looking deeper into the situation. On the flip side, a psychic can also confirm that you’re taking steps in the right direction, even when it doesn’t feel like it. They can then offer you tools and guidance that supports you in strengthening your position.


Ultimately, people from all walks of life are working with psychics and tarot readers because they are aware that there is more wisdom out there to be accessed. Therefore, if you are feeling lost yet do not feel that you know how to access that wisdom, much of which already lies within you, a psychic can support you to do so. In the process, alleviating that sense of feeling lost and offering you a sense of direction, as well as clarity, that you were previously lacking.

Working with a psychic can really provide that unique opportunity to tap into your own magic.

All of this supports you in becoming your best self and creating a better life. And what’s not to love about that?

As seen featured on Badassery Magazine

I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences of working with a psychic. For those of you who haven’t worked with a psychic: What stops you? Comment below.

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Sunday Soul Note: You are the best spiritual tool you have


You’re wondering if you’re using the right crystal to heal your broken heart. You’re wondering if you should be doing the burning ritual tonight or last night. You’re wondering why you keep seeing 1010 wherever you go. You’re wondering if you’re doing it.  Yet, if you are following the guidance that comes from within…….

You are doing it right! 

There are no wrong ways or right ways if you are following the guidance that comes within. No comparison required when rewriting or reconnecting with your soul story.

This is because the magic, power and beauty do not lie solely in the crystals, manifestation techniques or healing sessions.

The magic, power and beauty lies in You too.

Probably more than you could ever imagine.

Tools and practices, such as crystals, for example, are great for helping us heal, align, manifest or protect your energy. However, the real test will come in the absence of these tools. In the heat of the moment when there’s no time for yoga, meditation or a quick pull of your Oracle cards. In those moments you are left with just one resource. Just one beautiful gift:


Therefore, the connection you have with your whole self is key.

Knowing the voice of your intuition versus the voice of fear. Being able to decipher the subtle clues that your body gives you in the moment. Knowing what your energy feels like so that you can recognise when what you’re feeling is not your own.

On my own path and through the readings I’ve given to women, I’ve learnt that all of what we experience, is helping us reconnect with our true selves, from the inside out.

Whereas the spiritual tools, sessions and practices are amazing if they are not supporting you in remembering all that comes from within you. Then what are they doing for you?


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Day 5: The crystal everyone needs to know about

Personally, I feel like I’ve saved the best crystal for last!

Today’s crystal is one that I think that everybody should have in their crystal collection because of its versatility and the amazing impact it can have on your vibration. Let me introduce you to Selenite.


OMG! There are so many reasons why you need this crystal in your life and this is everything to do with its amazing healing benefits.

You can use it to cleanse your energy field of any dense and heavy energy that you’re carrying within. Whipping your chakra system back into shape by clearing and balancing each chakra. This also brings you back into alignment: Feeling positive, good about life and even better about yourself. Who doesn’t wanna experience that?

It amplifies the energy of crystals, objects and intentions because it is such a high vibrational stone. Therefore it’s a good idea to use this Selenite alongside other crystals to amplify the energy of your intention.

Selenite doesn’t need to be recharged and can actually be used to charge and cleanse other crystals. That being said I will, when guided to, cleanse mine with Sage or Angelic Reiki. It’s also commonplace for me to use one of my big chunks of Selenite as a cleansing and charging bed. This means I lay my crystal bracelets and watch on top of the Selenite so that it can be cleared of unwanted energy. Then it’s recharged and ready to be used the next day. Magic.

Liquid Light, another name for Selenite, attracts the energy of light. Which is why it’s so good for cleansing, purifying, protecting and raising your vibration.


There are so many different ways to use and reap the energetic benefits of this beautiful crystal. Here is my absolute fave:

Aura Cleansing. Move your Selenite wand slowly and intentionally down your body. I like to start at my crown chakra (top of my head), down the front of the body and all the way down to and under my feet. You also want to make sure that you run the wand over your arms, as well as down the back of your body too. Saying a prayer of intention or visualising the dense energy being absorbed by the Selenite where it’s transmuted into light. I like to pay attention to areas where I’m experiencing pain, as this tends to be where there is a block in the energy.

Failing that you can also sleep with it under your pillow at night to promote relaxation and a good night sleep. You can also place it on your body during meditation, including laying it on a pain point or chakra point to promote healing and balance.


5 days of crystals have now come to an end. I hope that you’ve enjoyed getting to know your crystals as much as I’ve enjoyed sharing with you.

If you would like to delve deeper I’ll be offering Angelic Reiki healing with crystals from July 2018. This can be received remotely and in-person at my new treatment room in London.  For further details or to book please contact me at hello@chanelmarie.co.uk

Can’t wait to work with you.

With love,

Chanel Marie


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Energy 101: 3-step energy routine

Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot of women talking about feeling energetically in the funk. That is feeling:

  • Drained
  • Tired
  • Stressed
  • Anxious

Maybe it’s because we are approaching the holiday season or is that you are holding on to energy that isn’t yours?


Back in 2009, I was taught how to raise my vibration, ground, clear and protect my energy. Simple energy management tools that changed my life forever. Prior to this, I was one of the women who fell into ‘sensitive’ category and was absorbing the energy of everything, as well as everyone around me. Blissfully unaware that the majority of what I was experiencing wasn’t mine to claim or own as my own.

This is something that I’m increasingly seeing many women (and guys) continuing to experience today. So, in this space, I am going to share the energy management tips and techniques that I was taught back then, alongside those acquired since then. Sharing in the hope that I inspire and support you to reclaim your own energy, as well as your power.

Daily energy routine
As a beauty and skincare lover, I’ve come to compare managing my energy in my skincare routine.

There are 3 key steps to my skincare routine that I practice twice daily – once in the morning and once in the evening. Those key steps are:

  • Cleansing
  • Toning
  • Moisturising

and this is exactly what I do with my energy.

At this stage, you remove all of the dirt, impurities, and make-up that has built up during the day or night. When it comes to your energy it’s important to cleanse too. Removing the energy that has attached itself to you and is not optimal for your wellbeing.

When you cleanse your energy you let go of all of that funky, dense and heavy energy. It also means that you feel better and lighter. This also helps you to recognise what isn’t yours and notice when denser energy is coming your way.

In your skincare routine toner also has cleansing qualities, yet it’s primary function is to bring the skin’s ph level into balance. On an energetic basis, it’s about bringing your own energy into balance, once you’ve cleansed of what no longer serves you. This involves increasing that connection with yourself and your own innate goodness, which is a beautiful way of also recognising your worth.

When you tone your energy you are remembering your own greatness and standing in your own power. In doing so, you instantly raise your own vibration and feel better about yourself. Something which is so valuable to your success, the ability to manifest and feel good.

When you moisturise your skin you are sealing the goodness that you have put into your skin. When you moisturise on an energetic level you are doing the same thing, whilst protecting your energy too.

This step of protecting your energy is one that everyone tends to reach for first, before the other steps. Whilst protecting your energy is important what you find is that you’re holding onto the energy that isn’t optimal for your wellbeing, sealing it in place with your protection techniques. Over time, you end up building and storing up energy that’s not serving you.

Energy management techniques

  • Invite Archangel Michael into your meditation. Ask him to cut/dissolve all cords, hooks and attachments to people, places, experiences, memories and/or situations across all dimensions of time.
  • During meditation spend time expressing gratitude to yourself and the fact that you are simply showing up for yourself. Bring to your awareness of what makes you great and honour that. Two Archangels who can really support you here are Jophiel (honouring your beauty) and Raziel (remembering your gifts & Divine magic within).
  • Grounding your energy by visualising roots from your feet travelling down through the layers of the Earth and wrapping around a beautiful red crystal that energises you.
  • Visualise yourself in a pyramid of protection filled with white light, although some prefer purple light. Set the intention for the light to transmute any real or perceived negative energy, keeping you protected.
  • Through prayer and intention call on Archangel Michael to wrap you in his blue coat of protection. This is great for those moments when you feel the shift in the energy coming your way and you want to protect yourself energetically.

So there you have a few techniques that you can begin to use in order to manage your energy. Also, don’t forget to use the gift of asking your guides or the Angels if what you are experiencing is yours or not. If it’s not yours, then you can clear it and implement the above steps. If it is yours then you can take the action to get to the root of the problem and clear what’s not good for you.


Amplify Your Intentions By Letting Go

Full Moons are generally a time of letting go, yet this Full Moon the energy feels super ripe for releasing anything that is no longer serving you. This may also mean letting go of control so that you can give the Universe the space to respond to you.

So, in honour of this Full Moon, I am sharing the letting go that I have been sharing amongst my followers for some time now. It is one that you can use at the time of a Full Moon or anytime when you feel the need to release.

“And suddenly, you just know that it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of new beginnings.”

~ Meister Eckhart


Clear your vibes
The moon is at it’s most powerful when full so you don’t want to be clogged up with negative or stagnant energy, be it within or in your home. Using Sage or Palo Santo to cleanse your space and self. A prayer that you may want to use in order to do this is:

“Dear God/Angels, Thank you for clearing the space and me of lower energy and vibrations. So, that the power and energy of intentions are amplified and energised under the light of this full moon.”

Letting go ritual
On a loose sheet of paper write out what you are letting go. Once you’re complete you may want to burn or shred the piece of paper, which is symbolic of letting it all go. You may also want to use this time in order to write down who you need to forgive, including yourself and also burn or shred this list too.

Finally, complete this ritual by meditating on what it is you know what to bring into your life now. The whole idea is that once you let go you create the space for something new and better to take its place.

Please note: Letting go and forgiveness are a process. Therefore, you cannot expect to always be able to simply let go or forgive during one letting go ritual. So, it’s important to be patient, kind and gentle with yourself, giving yourself time and maybe even taking on additional support in order to heal you through the process.

Energise yourself
Letting go is never easy and can take a lot out of you energetically, so it’s good to energise yourself in a way that feels good for you. One way of doing this is to run yourself a Himalayan or Sea Salt bath, which is ideal because salt is cleansing and rids the body of toxins. Another is to simply unwind with your crystals for a mini crystal healing session or meditation. Whatever feels good for you is what you should do to gently lift your energy. Bearing in mind that the activity you choose may vary from one full moon to the next.

Enjoy the process and do let me know how you get on or if there is anything that I can help you with.

With love,



8 reasons why your intentions are not manifesting

The problem with asking for a sign.png

Picture the scene: You’ve got your vision board proudly displayed and set your intentions for what you want to manifest into reality. You’re wearing your crystals in your bra and adorning your wrists with healing crystal bracelets. Positive mantras are popping up on your phone as divine reminders throughout the day and you’re seeing 111 everywhere you go. To top it all you’re bloody excited about finally manifesting your dream into reality.

As time goes by the excitement and enthusiasm begin to dwindle. Why? Because that dream you want to be your reality doesn’t appear to be happening. That beautiful space that you’ve created for that dream is filled with absolutely nothing. Absolutely sweet FA.
When you find yourself in this position it can be really disappointing and frustrating. However, don’t despair because I have 8 reasons why your dreams are not manifesting into reality.

1. Clarity
Are you crystal clear when you set your intentions? Being crystal clear is not just about declaring what it is that you want. It’s about declaring from the heart with absolute confidence and certainty that what you are asking for is what you want to manifest into reality. Your reality. Now, I know that setting a clear intention is pretty obvious, yet it is amazing how many people (and I am guilty of this myself) will set vague intentions. Vague intentions that they kinda, almost, maybe want to manifest into reality and then wonder why it is that their intention hasn’t manifested yet. The thing to remember is this:

“The clearer your intention is the stronger the vibration behind your intention.”

This is so important because the Universe responds to your feeling, vibration, the energy.
One tip is to get yourself a gorgeous notepad and pen that you use for writing your intentions. Also, write some actions that you can take towards manifesting your intention, ideally on a daily basis. They say that the physical process of writing down your intentions is very powerful.

2. Worthiness
Wanting what you want is one thing. Believing and knowing that you deserve what you want can sometimes be another. What do I mean? Well, say you to want to manifest a new, kick-ass high-flying job that pays your highest salary to date. However, on the inside, you do not believe that you are worthy of attracting such a job into your life and this unworthiness contradicts the words of your intention, which can cause the energy to slow or become blocked.

Now, you’ll know if you have feelings of unworthiness with help from a coach, psychic or energy healer. You can also tune into yourself, notice the feelings that come up in your body when you think of manifesting the job of your dreams. Do you feel a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach? Do you feel uncomfortable or uncertain? How you feel will give you a strong indication of how worthy you feel of manifesting your dream into reality.

3. Inner work
This carries on from point number 2, yet could relate to other limiting beliefs or stories that you have related to what it is that you want to manifest. For example, you want to manifest a new job yet you were treated badly in your last few jobs in that industry. Therefore, you carry this belief that working in that industry brings bullying, stress and unhappiness. If you still subconsciously are hanging on to the old story and resentment that’s the energy that you’re manifesting from. That’s the vibration that the universe will be responding to. So, take the time to check in with yourself and do the inner work. Either working with the angels, an energy healer, counselor, coach or psychic to help you to do the inner work and rewrite those old stories. However, the point is: Not to shy away from dancing with your shadows because on the other side is where the magic will be found. The magic is the exact thing that you have been searching for.

4. Energy
In the same way, your vibe attracts your tribe, it attracts or repels everything else too. I mean, be honest, are you consciously managing and directing your energy or is your energy just a little (or a lot) all over the place? More to the point, is your energy aligned with your dreams and intentions?

Many people focus on the words and the thoughts. Feeling they’ve got to say positive words and have positive thoughts. Yep, that’s great! However, the universe responds to your energy and heart. And what can happen is that your thoughts and words say one thing, yet your heart and vibe says something different. Take the time to check in with yourself and get into the habit of managing your energy, rather than it manage you.

5. Head fuck
This comes about when you’re obsessing over the outcome, constantly asking for and stressing over the signs you’re getting or not getting. Just thinking about this creates a sense of stress and overwhelm. And guess what? Stress and overwhelm is the energy you add to your intentions. This also contributes to you feeling ungrounded and unsettled in your energy. In the process, you are literally holding onto your intentions and squeezing the life out of them, whilst simultaneously fixating on the outcome.

In order to get around this try letting go, surrendering or releasing the need to control and fixate on the outcome. By doing this you will be able to guide yourself away out of your head which allows you the space to reconnect with your heart and your soul. This opens up space for the energy to flow and Divine guidance, as well as your intuition to kick in. As you know, when you are in your head this is where you tend to over-analyse and other think things which is what creates that disconnect, as well as funky energy.

6. Action

“Dreams don’t work unless you do.” – John C Maxwell

Often people like the idea of change and manifesting their dreams, yet they’re not committed to taking the action to making it happen. Resulting in their dreams remaining as dreams. People who fall into this bracket tend to:

  • Not follow through on requests or commitments that they make
  • Play the role of victim, blaming something or someone else when things don’t go their way
  • Wait for things to happen or procrastinate

One thing that can help is an accountability partner who will motivate you to take action steps. Writing down your actions and taking action steps, no matter how small, each day will align you with your dreams. Over time, you’ll see these steps add up and you’ll get divine sparks of inspiration that eventually all lead to the manifestation of your dreams.

7. Soul
Sometimes what you’re asking for isn’t in alignment with your soul and God and the Universe have something planned for you that is so much better. Better than you could ever have imagined. This tends to happen a lot with manifesting romantic partners. Some people get fixated on manifesting their ex back or a specific type of guy. In the meantime, better guys or opportunities to maximise their capacity to fully love themselves, as well as step into their power present themselves only for you to reject it all.

So, be aware that your soul, God and the Angels know what you need best, tune in and allow yourself to be guided. If it’s not working out as you expected it to trust the process and be open to something or someone better for you.

Also, check in with yourself to ascertain whether or not you are manifesting from your heart and soul. You can often find that you are trying to manifest that super-glam job working for a coveted brand when in reality, working for that brand wouldn’t bring the sense of joy and fulfillment you seek on the inside.

8. Faith
Having faith and trusting is the final reason. The saying is that “I’ll believe when I see it” yet, in law of attraction circles, it’s a case of believing, trusting and having faith first. Something that can be tricky when things are not happening quick enough or you’ve got inner work to do before you get to the prize. Yet faith and trust really help to boost your confidence which helps to align you with your dreams and desires.

Doing the inner work helps to raise your faith and trust levels because you’re shedding the shadows which can influence the fear and doubt. You build trust through surrender and strengthening your relationship with yourself and the energies around you, whilst continuing to take divinely inspired action.

Closing words
God and the Universe already know what it is that you want. In fact, your soul dreams, the dreams that you make when you connect with your heart and soul, are there ready to manifest into reality. All you need to do is align with that energy because you have everything within you to make your soul dreams your reality, even if you have to dig past the crap to get to that magic it’s all there, lady! I believe in you, you’ve got this!

What action steps can you commit to and start taking today in order to manifest your intentions into reality? Let me know in the comments below.


Why you don’t need a sign

For this first post I wanted to talk about signs. At the moment, there seems to be trend where people are desperately seeking signs. Feeling frustrated and fearful when their sign isn’t showing up or anxious because they haven’t yet worked out what their sign is. But here’s the thing wanting and needing a sign isn’t necessary. It could also be slowing down your manifestation.

Now, don’t get me wrong I love to ask for and receive signs from above, finding that it supports me in making decisions, whilst bringing comfort at random moments. However, the absence of a sign doesn’t take away from my relationship with God, the Angels and my guides. Let me explain a little more.

Receiving a sign from God is not just about receiving that sign or answer to your prayer, it’s part of creating and sustaining the connection to God. At the core of this is that inner knowing that God, your Angels and guided are around you and have your back. It’s about knowing that you can call on whoever you believe in whenever you need to. So, if you know that this to be true in your heart and soul, does agonising of a sign really helping that connection?

When you’re pushing for a sign or stressing over what that signs means you’re adding fear, doubt and anxiety into the mix. And you don’t need me to tell you that these feelings do little to aid your manifestation. Instead what can happen is that you create a situation where you become more reliant on the sign than your own inner wisdom and divine connection to source. The danger here is that the more disconnected you become the more likely it is that you will attach meaning to signs that do not have real meaning. Making decisions that are based upon something other than your heart and soul.

What I’ve come to learn about signs is that you have to trust your own inner guidance system to discern what they mean. Sometimes the signs mean nothing other that your team from above checking in with you to say: “Hi, we see you and we still have you back”. Many times those signs are just about bringing you back into alignment with the present moment.

For example, you may be stressing, future tripping and over-thinking when you suddenly see the number sequence 1414. It may not mean that the guy you met last night is The One. It could just be the energies around you saying: “Stop over-thinking and come back into the present moment.” Guiding you out of your head and back into your heart.

What I’ve learnt is that receiving signs is awesome but it’s not compulsory and not all signs have this deep, significant meaning. Some signs are just a wink from above and the absence of a sign means nothing at all. Instead what’s most important is that strong relationship that you build with yourself and the energies around you.

Being able to take the time to tune in, converse, listen to and be open to receiving whatever you have to share with each other. Nurture those connections and you’ll never go far wrong, nor will you become reliant on receiving signs. You’ll just know and trust that you are always being guided, loved, supported and protected.