Aquarius Full Moon Healing Ritual: Let Go

This Aquarius Full Moon offers a beautiful time to heal and let of what is weighing you down. Be it your stuff or that of someone else that you have taken on as your own.

If there is a lot of stuff that you feel that is weighing you down and don’t where to start then take the lead from the Full Moon.

The Full Moon illuminates what’s been hiding in the shadows or that you have been repressing. She will highlight the themes that are ready to released from your heart and mind. Then start there.

Whatever is coming up now is doing so because it’s ready to be released and healed. It’s up to you to use your awareness and take the steps guided to take in order to heal.

If you are ready to release and heal then try this ritual. It’s beautiful, simple and effective.

Sending you love,

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Why You Should Stop Waiting For Your Ex To Give You Closure

Stop looking for closure from the other person.

Be it a break-up, workplace bullying, friendship betrayal, or a family bust-up.

Closure does not lie in the hands of the other person.

Even if they admit that they were in the wrong.

Even if you get the illusive apology that you’ve been waiting for.

Even if they give you answers that you’ve been looking for.

Even if you are now on speaking terms.

Even if they beg to have you back in their life.

That sense of closure will still evade you.

Because closure doesn’t come from the other person.

It comes from you.

The closure comes from you deciding that you’re no longer going to hold onto the past and all the painful emotions.

Closure comes from choosing to not replays the situation and imaginary stories and ideals in your mind over and over again.

That closure will come when you decide that you are better than that and deserve more.

The closure comes when you see that you are not who they said you were.

Closure comes when you say “Fuck that shit. Enough is enough.

Because that closure you are seeking for, can only come from you.

And when it does that is the moment when you choose to…

  • Forgive
  • Let go
  • Heal
  • Delete
  • Block
  • Move on

This is when you finally take your power back and choose yourself.

Are you ready to give yourself the gift of closure?

Are you ready to use your breakup as a tool to elevate and transform into the woman you were created to be?


Use These 4 Crystals To Banish Bad Breakup Vibes & Get Your Glow Back

I love crystals. I’ve loved them since discovering them as a little girl on a school trip to Chislehurst caves. And what’s not to love? They’re pretty and have amazing energy too. Working with your energy in a way that supports you in healing, amplifying, embodying or releasing energy. So, that you can feel better and, dare I say, more beautiful inside out.

Therefore, it was no surprise that I was drawn to crystals during a soulmate breakup many years ago. Perusing the many crystals in my local metaphysical shop I found myself instantly drawn to 3 crystals in particular. Trusting the pull that was coming from within I purchased them all and never looked back. Using each one with clear intention and in my daily routine. Resulting in heart healing, following through on more self care and finally being able to let go with more ease and grace than ever before.

That’s not to say that it was all plain sailing. I still had my regular Angelic Reiki sessions and my own shit to work through. However, blending crystals into my routine and practices, provided the healing and embodiment that I needed.

So, if you or someone you know is currently feeling the depths of emotions after a breakup, maybe its time to reach for Crystals alongside the red wine and ice cream.

Before working with your crystal you want to cleanse it of energy that doesn’t belong to you and that is not in alignment with you. This helps to reset the crystal’s energy. That way its more ready to attune to your energy.

You then want to sit with your crystal. This is a part that most people miss out because they want to dive straight into setting intentions. That’s all good. However, by holding the crystal in your hand, sitting with its energy and close your eyes. As you sit with your crystal notice how you feel and think about your intention. Allowing thoughts, words and images to come to you. You can do this at anytime. Although it’s good to do so before bed or in the morning as soon you wake up. This is because you can better access the intuitive mind and receive guidance from within.

“All Answers Lie Within”.

Now you have an idea how to get started, here are 4 crystals that have specific properties that help you through each step of a breakup.

Banish bad breakup vibes


We all know Rose Quartz as the stone of love. Mostly used as a talisman to attract new love into your life. Yet, it is a stone of unconditional love which is just about self-love and resonates with the heart chakra. Dissolving those barriers to love that you have put up around your heart. Guiding you back to giving yourself permission to give and receive love.


Do not be fooled by the gentleness of this crystal, which helps you in releasing emotional trauma and toxic emotions from the past. A heart healing crystal it resonates with the heart chakra, dissolving the pain and energetic attachments to the past. In the process facilitating in opening you up to forgiveness, compassion self/unconditional love.


Known as a lucky stone, Green Aventurine is the perfect for those times when you need Lady Luck on your side to attract abundance or positive energy into your life. It also resonates with the heart chakra, bringing healing and balance. Whilst also inspiring confidence, hope and positivity, particularly after challenging times or heartbreak.


Another money manifesting crystal, yet Citrine is also known for clearing your energy field and boosting your positivity set-point. Resonating with the Solar Plexus chakra you can also work with it to support you in strengthening this chakra, as well as your confidence, self-esteem and personal power. All of which may have taken a hit during your break-up.

Hopefully your crystals shopping list will make the process of breaking up and moving on a little easier. Guiding you to awaken to your own power and the beauty that already lies within you.

Sending you lots of love,

Check out issue one of Mystical Beauty journal magazine which is all about heart healing and opening. You’ll find the full list of crystals for breakups, as well as articles on heart healing meditation, journal prompts, affirmations and so much more. Find it here.



People often ask me: “Where do I start on my spiritual journey.”

My response is always the same:


The point of awakening is to awaken to yourself. Your beauty. Your wisdom. Your gifts. Your talents. Your inner guidance. Your power.

Yet, what often see happening is that rather than looking inwards first, people look outwards.

They go to Facebook groups and ask the opinions of others. Only to bombarded with a hundred different opinions. Sometimes walking away feeling none the wiser.

The truth none of these people are you.

Only you can know where to begin on your spiritual awakening and what you need.

So, today I will share tips on how to decide, for yourself, where to start on your spiritual awakening journey.


Where do your interests lie right now?

Is there an aspect of spirituality and wellness that you feel particularly drawn to?

This could be:

  • Crystals
  • Esoteric symbols
  • Candle magic
  • Angelic Reiki
  • Angels
  • Chakras
  • Numerology

And so forth…

Wherever your interest lies could be an indicator of where you are being guided. So, follow your interests. Have fun. See where it takes you.


It’s quite likely that you have been seeing angel numbers, such as 1111, 333 or 1616. This is quite normal to experience this and there are hundreds of websites that give you the meanings. Simply find one that resonates with you or use your own awareness to ascertain what it means for you. I give tips on how to do that here.

However, are you seeing other things? Eg:

  • Sparkles of light surrounding and raining down on you like a shower of light
  • Visions of future events, Angels or loved ones in Heaven
  • Seeing Spirit

This could be an indication that it’s your psychic (clairvoyance) or mediumship abilities that you are opening up to. In which case, you may want to work with a mentor or read books on this area. In the case of the sparkles, it may be a sign of Angelic presence around you and you may want to explore this connection further.


What is it that you need right now?

It could be that there is a scenario playing out in your life that has been going on for ages and you cant move on. Therefore, you might want to work 1:1 with a Spiritual Advisor who can offer guidance, clarity and insight that you can use to help yourself, as well as make your own, informed decisions.

On the other hand, you have been holding onto pain of heartbreak and just want to heal. Which could indicate that you would benefit from working with a mentor or healer.

Maybe you are struggling with anxiety and really want to get a grip on this. Then this where you could start. Whilst it may feel that this isn’t spiritual, anxiety can be linked to chakra imbalances or past wounding that is coming to the surface. As someone who has experienced anxiety I found that there were some spiritual practices, tools and healing modalities that really helped me.

Awakening spirituality isn’t just about crystals, third eye and tarot. Its about YOU! As such, working on anxiety may be what you need. You’ll know, if it is.

By tuning into your own body and life experiences, as they are now, you will get a clear idea of what you need on your spiritual and self awakening journey.

So, start being aware of what is coming up. Allowing yourself to be an observer of your feelings and body. Rather than labelling them as negative or positive because your feelings and body will give you clues that support you in awakening, healing, aligning and thriving.

From there allow yourself to be guided to your teacher, be it a book, mentor, healer, psychic or someone else. Most importantly, use your own discernment when selecting the right teacher for you. Always trust your inner wisdom and guidance.



So, what exactly do your skincare and energy protection routine have in common? More than you probably think.

At beauty school the first skincare routine you are taught is the basic 3-step routine that consists of:


In a nutshell…

  • Cleansing removes the dirt and debris from the skin.
  • Toning restores the skins ph balance and brings in the goodness.
  • Moisturising, essentially seals all of that goodness in.

When it comes to practising energy wellness and protection, at the simplest level you want to do the exact same thing.

  • Cleanse – Remove any negative or stagnant energy.
  • Tone – This is where you restore and refill with the energy that you want to embody and radiate.
  • Moisturise – You then seal in that “feel good” energy with a protection ritual, practice or tool.
Energy protection and skincare


If you are cleansing your skin daily  – AM and PM. Then why not do the same with your energy?

As you go through your day you are interacting with people and life energetically. Exchanging energy. Absorbing energy. This is even happening as you scroll through Facebook and Instagram. Just think how much energy is being exchanged and absorbed there? LOADS! Some of the energy feels good. Some you don’t even notice. And sometimes the energy is just so dense that it literally drains you. Ever felt that way?

Therefore, practising this basic energy routine will be really beneficial in keeping your energy “fresh”. Also at a level where you:

  • Feel good
  • Feel energised
  • Feel aligned

Which also supports you in being able to manifest, look good, feel good and slay your days.

If you are really sensitive to energy, eg: empath, then having an energy routine like this one could be an actual game changer.


It protects your energy.

It also helps you to become more aware of your energy and how the energy of different people, places and experiences effect you. As such, you can choose how you want to interact with them, if at all. Making it a really powerful way to own your energy. Rather than the energy of others and all around you, owning you.

Energy wellness and care


A lot of people tend to jump on the most popular energy protection tools. For example, Sage used to be mega popular for cleansing. So everybody started jumping on that. HOWEVER, not every tool, ritual or practice is effective for every person or situation. Which is why its important to choose what resonates with YOU.

When you’re choosing skincare products you consider your skin type, the ingredients and specific skin conditions. So, that the products you choose and use are right for YOUR skin. It’s a similar principle when selecting tools, rituals and practices for energy protection.

Choose tools, practices and rituals you feel guided too. Your own inner guidance, Angels and
Guides will lead you to what is most applicable to you at the right time. Trust that wisdom that comes from within.

Your environment plays a part too. If you live with others or need protection at work then lighting incense and wafting Sage around isn’t necessarily going to work. Whilst working with Spirit, crystals, intentional jewellery or prayer may be more effective.

Your own tastes, likes, dislikes and sensitivities. Incenses may not be your thing. Amethyst may not vibe with your energy. You may be sensitive to certain smells. Knowing yourself and honouring yourself will support you in making sound decisions about what to work with.

Also, keep in mind that things change. You change. Your energy changes. Therefore, you might need to adapt, tweak, add more or do less at different times. By being aware of your own energy you can begin to make the necessary changes rather than sticking rigidly to what worked in the past or what works for your friend.

Do what works for you and allow yourself to be intuitively guided.

I hope that this guide has given you some food for thought and helps you with taking care of your own energy.

If you want more tips, ideas and words of wisdom then you can connect with me here. I’ve also created a free downloadable ebook with suggestions for each stage in the 3-step routine and a planner that you can use to map out your energy protection routine. Click here to receive.

Sending you lots of love, light and angel blessings.

Chanel xo


I get it, you’re trying everything you can to protect your energy. Yet, you can still feel that drain your energy, the negative vibes and tiredness. Its affecting your mood, energy levels and health. And, quite frankly, you are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

If that’s you then, trust me, I hear you. I’ve been there before and know how frustrating it can be. However, I’ve also come out the other side having learned and applied simple hacks that supported me in protecting, as well as owning my energy. Now you can do the same.

1. You’re the Energy Vampire

Let’s start with the hard pill to swallow first.

We all experience times when our own energy is off-key. Leading us to be defensive and perceive negativity at every turn. Sometimes this is a protection mechanism after having been hurt, let down, used and abused so many times. However, the longer you hold onto the energy of the past the more it will drag you down. Whilst bringing you into energetic resonance with anything and anyone of a low vibration.

Mystical Beauty Energy Hack: Clean up your side of the street. Which means clean up your energy. This could be through visualising, meditation, crystal healing, Angelic Reiki, EFT, or any inner work you need to do to heal from the past. Prioritise working on yourself first.

2. You’re just focusing on the spiritual

You have to blend the spiritual with the practical. So, whilst it’s great to have all of these rituals and crystals that you use to protect your energy, you still have to do the work.

Doing all of the protection work and having energy healing sessions is counter productive you are still going back to the same habits, negative thinking, toxic workplace or narcissistic partner. When you do this you are literally locking yourself back into that energy and getting trapped in a cycle that doesn’t serve you.

Mystical Beauty Energy Hack: Get real and practical about how to change your situation. You know the root or the key trigger in your situation. Brainstorm ideas to move on or ask for the help you need from relevant professionals.  Look at where you can establish new, stronger and healthier boundaries. You deserve to be happy, loved and safe.

Setting healthy boundaries is a form of self-love, as well as energy wellness and protection. Teach others how to treat you by deciding what you will and will not accept.

3. You’re only protecting

A simple mistake that a lot of us make. I did for years and its when you just focus on protection. Anytime you get in a situation where the vibe feels off-key you quickly protect yourself. When you go into an environment where the women are throwing you shade and jealous vibes, you activate your mirror ball of protection. However, as you go from one person to another you are not clearing the energy.

This is where the issues begin because you are basically sealing in the energy with each new layer of protection. That energy will build up and you will feel it.

Mystical Beauty Energy Hack: A simple 3-step energy routine that you can practise daily involves cleansing, grounding and then protecting your energy. This process allows you to release the old, embody the new and protect it. Helping to prevent that build up of energy.

I hope that these energy wellness tips are helpful to you. Be sure to stick around for more tips, practice and products to help you protect your energy. With much love.

Orange Is The New Black

The colour orange is definitely making waves in the world of nails at the moment. With so many embracing the summer vibes and painting their nails with their favourite shade of orange. But, is this just a fashion or summer trend? As a healer and psychic who works with colour in my sessions. I’m suggesting… Continue reading Orange Is The New Black



So, you made through one heck of a year. That in itself deserves a standing ovation.

The Goddesses bring the message of not being like the rest of them and ending another year by the following the crowd. Whilst everyone else is……

  • Posting about how 2021 is going to be their year (Did they not say that in 2019 about 2020?) 
  • Sharing their goals/visions all over social media
  • Complaining

Dare to be different.

Follow in the guidance of Oonagh and take the time to pause. Journal on the learning and blessings that 2020 has brought you. Resist the temptation to jump straight into goal setting and visioning without actually taking stock of where you are or where you have been.

One thing that people often do when it comes to New Years Resolutions and manifesting is that they go all in without really looking accepting where they are at. Bringing into their intentions all of the doubt, worry, fear and uncertainty that has been standing in their way.

“Don’t be like the rest of them darling.” – Coco Chanel

Heed the guidance of Coventina to release what is not in alignment. What feelings, habits, thoughts, identity and behaviours has the Full Moon in Cancer illuminated? Who in your life has it shone a spotlight on to reveal their true colours or just the fact that you are no longer a vibrational match for each other?

Rather than clinging and resisting give yourself permission to let go. Use a ritual like the one that I previously shared in my Full Moon guide or in my energy protection ebook. Giving yourself permission and safe to let go. So that you move forward and create with a clear slate.

If you that energy has already manifested as tension, pain or tightness in your body use the power of your breath to release it. Breathing white light into that area with the intention of transmuting, moving the energy through your body.

I was drawn to add the Mother Mary choker necklace to this image because she brings that nurturing and loving energy. A Divine reminder to honour yourself: Body, mind, spirit, heart and soul. Also reminding you to call in and imbue the space within with the energy that you want to receive. In this case the energies of love and compassion, as represented by the Rose Quartz. Whilst the symbol of the Dove in Oonaghs card brings in the energy of peace.

In being drawn back to Coventina I’m drawn to the waves/the ocean behind and around her. She is a Goddess who resonates with the element of water. With water being symbolic of emotions. Notice how the waves are crashing around her and yet she continues to stay centre stage, beautiful, vulnerable and balanced at the same time.

I am told that this relates to staying calm and honouring yourself, irrespective of what may be going around you. Collectively the energy is intense and temperamental. People are scared, anxious and going through their own stuff. However, you do not need to take on the energy of the collective as your own and, if you resonate with the term empath then know that your sensitivity can be your superpower. You just need to learn how to honour, work with and protect your magic.

The other message from the waves is that it’s ok to feel and experience your emotions. Experiencing and feeling anger, disappointment, sadness, resentment or any of those emotions that are often labelled as being “low vibe”, is not a crime.

All emotions are valid.

Pushing them aside and suppressing them often creates even more problems. Manifesting in anxiety, illness and the like.

These emotions are not bad. They do not necessarily lower your vibration IF you choose to work through and transmute them appropriately.

Essentially, the Goddesses are reminding you to take care of yourself first. Which will no doubt be a theme for 2021. A year that vibrates at the energy of a 5 which is all about CHANGE.

So, how can you show up for yourself on NYE and over the weekend? What have you learned from 2020 that will support you in creating peace and harmony from within? How can you practise self care in a way that allows you to honour all of your feels? Let me know below.

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The first Spirit Animals that I connected with were butterflies and bees. Yet, I’m pretty scared of insects in general. Butterflies make me nervous because they are a bit unpredictable because they fly everywhere and anywhere. They also move too fast for my liking. As for bees. Boy, let’s not even go there. Let’s just say, I’m terrified. I literally will run when I see one. I’ve even had a 4 year old in my class tell me: “Its ok, Miss. Just stay still. You’ll be ok. I’ll look after you.” Protected by a 4 year old. The fear is that real.

All of that being said, the appearance of these spirit animals on my path bring me some kind of comfort. This is because I have a knowing that their appearance at that specific time has a meaning. It’s significant and comes with a message for me, eg:

White Butterfly – My nan is watching over me. I saw them a lot when my nan passed away suddenly. Usually when I was feeling really sad or missing her.

Queen Bee – “Level up, Bitch. Put your crown on.” I see it when I’m levelling up or thinking about ways to do so.

As you can see each one carry a meaning that is specific to me.


There are a number of ways that let you know the animal is likely to be one of your Spirit Animals, including:

  • You see it often
  • Seeing it feels relevant
  • You see it at specific times/phases in your life
  • You get a feeling or thought when you see it
  • You see it in a dream or meditation

Most of all it’s just an inner knowing. You can’t stop thinking about it. It’s one of those situations where “when you know, you know”.


There are universal and cultural meanings behind many different animals. All you need to do is type in your Spirit Animal on Google and you’ll get a plethora of definitions.

However, as with anything online, even this blog post, its subjective. Therefore, my advice is to check in with yourself. Asking yourself if it resonates with you. Once again, “when you know you know“. You’ll feel it. You’ll just know.

I would also say that when you find a source or teacher whose words and energy resonates with you then I, personally, stick to it. Making it my first point of call. Yet, still always honouring my own feeling and wisdom that comes from within.


Look at your own relationship with the animal because this can also give you a clue to your inner feelings, turmoil or obstacles in aligning with what it is that the animal represents.

For example: I will sometimes see a Queen Bee buzzing close by yet I don’t feel scared. Whereas, there are and have been times when I am or have been scared. For me, this suggests that I’m comfortable with levelling up. Whereas when I’m scared, it suggests to me that I’m worried or anxious about levelling up. I found this empowering because I can bring my healing tools to the table and do the inner work. Or celebrate when the anxiety and fear isn’t there.

It’s really helpful to check to bring awareness of your thoughts, feelings and body in the moment. These things all bring you clues and deeper understanding when you listen and notice. You can blend your understanding of yourself with the universal definition, where appropriate. Which is powerful for your own development too as you learn to look within rather than always look outside of yourself for answers.

If in doubt, I also recommend prayer, journaling or speaking to a trusted mentor/friend/family member.

I hope that this guide helps you to make sense of the Spirit Animals you see on your journey and how to interpret what their appearance means for you. Stay connected for more tips and guidance to enlighten your spiritual awakening. Sending you much love and joy. Chanel x