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There is an increasing number of people wanting to manifest Twin Flame relationships. Amongst those people are the many more who are questioning whether or not they are in one. With some staying in relationships that are causing them immense heartache and suffering. What is often left out of the Twin Flame conversation is that …

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Crystal and Oracle Card Reading – EMAIL: £30 Blending spirit and energy to bring you guidance, insight and support. The focus of your reading is entirely up to you. Simply choose from: Love and relationships Career Spiritual Growth Personal Growth Submit your question and I will connect with Spirit energies of the light (eg Angels, …

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SPIRITUAL AWAKENING: AWAKENING THE QUEEN WITHIN // Lots of people are going through a spiritual awakening at the moment. Some people for the first time and others going through the next phase in their awakening. 👑 One of the key signs are numbers, eg: 1111 (The Awakening Code) and other numbers such as 1313, 222, …