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SPIRITUAL AWAKENING: AWAKENING THE QUEEN WITHIN // Lots of people are going through a spiritual awakening at the moment. Some people for the first time and others going through the next phase in their awakening. 👑 One of the key signs are numbers, eg: 1111 (The Awakening Code) and other numbers such as 1313, 222, …

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Signs: Do You Really Need One?

First published by Chanel Marie on 17.10.17. Edited and updated 2020 For this first post I wanted to talk about signs. At the moment, there seems to be trend where people are desperately seeking signs. Feeling frustrated and fearful when their sign isn’t showing up or anxious because they haven’t yet worked out what their …

Intuition Signs Spiritual Development

What Does Your Sign Mean?

First published 11.08.18 by Chanel Marie. Updated for 2020. More than ever I am seeing lots of people posting about seeing “angel numbers”. These numbers include 1111, 2222, 333… It can also include what are known as butterfly numbers, eg: 1212, 3434… Each number carries its own vibration, based on numerology. Numerology is the language …