Full Moon In Pisces Energy Reading

Full Moon 101
The Full Moon is a time when what has been hidden in the shadows can rise to the surface to be seen, released, healed or integrated. With the usual themes being:

  • Old resentments
  • Habitual thoughts that don’t serve you
  • Outdated and limiting stories
  • Relationships and situations that no longer fit
  • Shadow archetypes you are attached to
  • Karmic cycles and patterns

It’s a time when tempers can fray or you can feel more emotional than usual.

A time when you will be made acutely aware of what is no longer for you and standing in opposition to the intentions set at the previous New Moon or the New Moon of the current sign, eg: New Moon in Pisces – Full Moon in Pisces.

This can feel uncomfortable, especially if you have been struggling in that area for a long time because the temptation to cling may well be at an all time high.

Full Moon In Pisces
The current Full Moon is in the sign of Pisces. A sign that is dreamy and deeply intuitive. Therefore, it will be inviting you to:

  • Identify what is aligning or misaligning you with your dreams
  • Be honest about whether or not the dream still feels relevant
  • Question whether or not you have been sleeping on your dreams or being too dreamy and whimsical
  • Learn to trust your intuition more
  • Use your intuition to guide you
  • Go within before you go without

A Full Moon in Pisces marks the end of the astrological cycle because Pisces is the last sign in the line-up. Therefore, it brings BIG closure and completion energy. A bit of revamp where you get real about what can no longer be a part of your life. Which also means getting real with yourself about the ways in which you may have held yourself back or are obstructing your forward movement.

This Full Moon is also shining a light on karmic cycles or ancestral patterns that you may have been working on closing out. With the energy both supporting that closure whilst also opening the door on a new beginning. A change in the wind or direction. Which allows you to start setting some new foundations in your life that have to potentional to stand the test of time.

Where you find yourself in this situation it’s likely that you will be guided to the final piece in the puzzle. This is likely to come in the form of:

  • Confirmation from a trusted Source who confirms the signs or downloads that you have been seeing later
  • An intuitive hunch that you simply cannot deny

As with all Full Moons the theme of forgiveness is a biggie. Yet, in this case it can literally be the missing link that emancipates you from the chains that have kept you locked in the past.

Final thoughts
This Full Moon feels to be a big push that is going to get many people moving, especially those that have been stuck in a rut or at the crossroads for a long time.

It’s a time of self trust and connecting with the guidance that lies within you, rather than getting stuck in your mind.

Finally, as much as this is a time of endings it really feels like it’s a time of new beginnings on a personal level too.

Happy Full Moon!

Want more? Full Moon energy is great to work with to release your ex and heal your heart. If this where you’re at then check out the resources here. You can also visit my IG page for a powerful Full Moon Releasing Intention.

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7 Must-Have Crystals Every Teacher Needs

Summer has flown by once again.

Teachers and pupils are back in the classroom. So, tell me, how’s that going?

Hopefully it’s all going well.

However, as a former teacher I can remember this time of the year also being quite overwhelming. Particularly if you are a newly qualified teacher or have moved to a new school. I mean, with getting to know your new class, possibly a new curriculum, new parents, new colleagues and new systems, it’s a lot to take in.

And, I’m not even going to go there, when it comes to the rising Covid cases and all the logistics, precautions and conflicting leadership messages.

It’s a lot, right?

Thankfully, there are things that teachers can do to preserve their mind and wellbeing at this time.

On the practical side this can look like remembering to be as kind and compassionate to yourself as you are with others. Taking time out just for you and knowing who you can turn to for support when you need it.

Yet, what about the spiritual and energy side. How can you take care of yourself in these areas too?

One of the simplest, most effective and prettiest ways to do this is by harnessing the healing benefits of crystals. Working them into your daily routine in a way that supports you in feeling good and staying on your A-game.

This is something that I did as a teacher and today I’m going to share with you the must-have crystal collection for teachers. Also sharing with you simple ideas for blending your crystals into your daily routine. So, let’s jump in.

Crystals for teachers #1: Howlite
A little known crystal that brings the energy of peace and calm the moment you hold it in your hand. Howlite honestly was my saving grace on those days where my mind was spinning with all the things on my never-ending to-do list. This is because one of its properties is calming the mind and slow down. Making it an ideal crystal to place under your pillow if you struggle with insomnia.

Another use for Howlite is to hold it during meditation to support you in feeling more calm and centred. Taking it that step further to place it on the Third Eye during meditation in order to clear that mind fog and pave the way for clarity, wisdom and understanding.

Crystals for teachers #2: Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz is known as an attraction and romance crystal because it vibrates at the frequency of unconditional love. Therefore it can be helpful in guiding you to release any heavy emotions that may contribute to feeling negative, particularly about yourself. As such it can be used to support you in building self-esteem, self-love, compassion, forgiveness and self-worth.

Once again, it’s great to use at the end of the day in meditation, especially of tempers have reached boiling point or someone has hurt your feelings. Placing it on the heart chakra to release those heavy emotions and cry it out too, if you need to. It’s also a great crystal to place on your desk or a shelf in the classroom. Doing so with the intention of creating more harmony and kindness, as well as building self worth, esteem and confidence for all.

Crystals for teachers #3: Black Tourmaline
I’ve got to keep it real with you and say that not all schools are positive, caring communities. In fact, some school environments are the complete opposite. Filled with backstabbing, jealous and negative talk at every turn. Working in an environment like this is draining, especially if you are empathic and sensitive energy. So, its important to protect your energy and Black Tourmaline is perfect for this job. Acting as your crystal bodyguard it creates a shield around you to prevent you from taking on that negative energy. It also has cleansing properties which means that it can be useful in transmuting your own negative thinking too.

The best way that I found to work with Black Tournaline (or any black stone protection crystal) is to wear it as a bracelet. This way it is always on your body protecting you from energy drainers or other forms of unwanted energy. 

REMEMBER: Cleanse your Black Tourmaline regularly. I cleansed mine weekly, sometimes daily when the environment was particularly toxic. Check in with yourself.

Crystals for teachers #4: Red Jasper
Staying grounded, persistent and energised can be really challenging, at the best times. Yet, these are qualities that every teacher will need to draw upon at some point in their career. Thankfully, Red Jasper can help you with all those things. Resonating with the Root Chakra, Red Jasper helps you regain your balance, bring you back down to Earth and keep your feet planted firmly on the ground. Making it an ideal ally when you maybe feel a little anxious, when you need to stay focused, get things done tired or need to stand your ground.

It’s great to wear as a talisman, either in anklet or bracelet form. Giving you protection and reminding you of the strength that lies within. Keeping you strong and centred, even in the most challenging situations. A crystal that says #yougotthis

Crystals for teachers #5: Amethyst
Amethyst is known for its stress relieving properties and ability to really calm the mind. Paving the way for clarity, ideas and inspiration for those who are open, as well as ready to receive it.

Amethyst is best used as a touchstone crystal in meditation or placed on your altar. This is because it helps to relax the nervous system and bring in that wave of calm. Due to its resonance with the Third Eye, you want to bring it into the classroom to encourage creative thinking and imagination.

Crystals for teachers #6: Clear Quartz
Known as the Master Healer this is a powerful crystal to have with you in order to:

  • Clear negative energy within you or your environment
  • Provide energy protection
  • Amplify the energy of your own intentions
  • Bring enhanced clarity of the mind

This was one crystal that I would meditate with on those days when I had become drained or had a headache caused by energy overload. During these times, I would place a Clear Quartz over my Third Eye with the intention of dissipating and clearing the energy.

Crystals for teachers #7: Selenite
The ultimate energy cleansing crystal will clear your energy and transmute any stagnant energy in your environment too. It is also a very high vibrational crystal and can be used as a tool to help you connect to your higher self or the Angels for guidance and support.

Selenite is a crystal that I wore as an amulet in the form of a pendant. It can also be placed on your desk at work or in a safe prominent space to soak up any lower energy. You can also perform self crystal healing by placing over an area of your body that feels tense or blocked during a healing meditation. Doing so with the intention to cleanse that area of your body, imagining light filling the space and dissolving any energy blocks.

There you have it, 7 crystals that you can start working with today and a few suggestions on the most effective ways to work with them.

Finally, one thing I would say about working with crystals is that they genuinely meet you where you are at when you work with them intentionally. Helping you to release energy and protect your energy. Yet, I found that they also can empower you to persevere, believe in yourself and thrive during times when you feel all is lost.

Want more? I have pooled my crystal and energy protection knowledge together to create beautiful ebooks, workbooks and journals. Created for anyone who is ready to use spiritual tools and practices to help themselves in their everyday life. Click here to peruse the collection and purchase.

Back To School Tools For Spiritual Protection & Empowerment

As a teen I always felt anxious at this point in the year. The looming back to school start date being a reminder of the bullying that I would be returning to. Years down the line, when I became a teacher, that familiar feeling of anxiety would return.

However, as a teacher my saving grace was that I knew how to protect myself energetically and spiritually. Which supported me in feeling safer, protected and guided. Whilst being able to complete the work/assignment that God had placed me there to do.

If only I had had this knowledge and feeling of ‘connection’ as a young girl. I wonder how different things would have been.

Alas, whilst I can’t change my past I can share what I’ve learned, in the hope that it may help another young girl (or boy) out there. So, today I share a few spiritual tools that a young person or new teacher can use to empower themselves, feel calmer within and protect their energy as they return back to school.

Disclaimer: These tools and suggestions are not a substitute for reaching out to professionals or people they trust for support.

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Black Tournaline
Black Tourmaline is known as a crystal bodyguard that protects your energy by shielding it from ‘negative’ energy. Supporting you in creating and upholding that energetic boundary between you and unwanted energies. It also can be used as a tool to transmute your own negativity within into positive energy.

Tiger’s Eye
Tiger’s Eye has grounding energy which works to support you in being able to confidently show up as yourself in any given situation. Providing a sense of empowerment and confidence from within.

Historically known as a stone of protection, it was worn as an amulet to ward off negative forces. Today, you can draw from this ancient wisdom by carrying it as your own  amulet for protection and activating your personal power.

Rose Quartz
Known as the stone of love because it vibrates at the frequency of unconditional love. So, you can work with this crystal as a tool to help you in releasing energy that you have absorbed and any negative emotions.

You can also wear it with the intention of increasing self love and blocking daily disorders and disagreements.

Archangel Michael
Archangel Michael is actually one of the first Archangels I ever worked with. Although, at the time, I knew and referred to him as St Michael. Calling on him for a healing miracle and boy did he came through!

As I learned more about the Angels I learned that he is also a an Angel of protection too. One that you can call upon to protect your energy, as well a provide you with strength and courage when yours is waning.

There are many ways that you can call on AA Michael, including prayer, intention or petition. Whichever method you choose always come from your heart.

When calling on him for protection you can do the following:

Visualise and affirm: “Thank you AA Michael for surrounding me with your blue light of protection throughout my day. Keeping me safe and protected from lower vibrational people and energies. Thank you for giving me the strength and courage in this situation (insert what the situation is, eg: being bullied and not believing in yourself). And so it is. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

When you feel ready, open your eyes and get on with your day. You can use this affirmative prayer whenever you like.

Known as the protector angel. Call on him ans visualise him surrounding your children with a blue light of protection. Even better if you can share this with your child or do it together.

Love Thy Self
When people try to bring you down or when the environment that you are in feels draining its important to top up your own reserves. Fill your own cup.

One way to do is to Love Thy Self.

See, honour and celebrate all of things that make you uniquely you. All of things that set you apart from others, even if those are the things that people try to bring you down about. Where possible put a positive spin on the seemingly negatives, eg: acne prone skin can teach you how to care for your skin and improve your diet to help control your skin condition.

Find a way to flip the switch on the negative and empower yourself.

Look beyond your physical beauty to see your inner beauty too, eg: I am kind and caring. I am intuitive and quick thinking. I am a gifted writer.

Find all of those good things. Write them down. Read and remind yourself of them often.

This may seem pointless and frivolous. HOWEVER, by doing this often you are strengthening your energy field (aura) and empowering yourself. Radiating an energy that is empowered, grounded and strong. Making you a force to be reckoned with.

Light Yourself Up
Finally, give your mind a break by focusing it on something that you love doing. It could be a new hobby, running, painting your nails or writing. Whatever feels good and lights you up.

As mentioned this will give your mind a break and it will awaken the creative side of your brain which is also where intuitive insights can be found. Leading to aha moments or ideas that support you in helping yourself at this moment in time.

It will also give your body some much needed relaxation and respite too. Lowering your heart rate, releasing tension and promoting a sense of calm from the inside out.

So, there you have it: Tools and rituals to support you this September.

Remember that these tools and rituals can be used alongside other practices, such as counselling, meditation, talk therapy or whatever is helping you at this time. Use them to remind you of your own power, brilliance and inside out beauty.

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