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Monthly Reading: January 2019

Ohhh, lala 2019 is finally here and for many it couldn’t have come quick enough.

For many, 2018 was a challenging year and being an 11/2 in numerology this was no surprise. In fact, for those of you who downloaded my numerology guidebook at the start of 2018 you would have got the heads up on the duality and karmic lessons that were to come.

However, that door has now closed and hopefully you came out the other end: wiser, stronger and lighter. Ready for all that 2019 is going to bring.

That being said let’s get into this month’s reading. I’ve used The Cosmic Tarot deck for this one.

And, we start with The Devil card 😮 Although the image on the card is pretty sinister the message it brings certainly isn’t.

This card is making you aware of distractions and little devils that might pull you off your path.

This shadow side of the number 3 is seen in The Devil card, which opens up January. So, as you go into this New Year be aware of who and what might be pushing, shoving or nudging you out of alignment with your desires.

Even if you are caught off guard, let’s be real, because it happens to us all, make sure that you use the tools from your spiritual beauty case to bring you back into alignment. If you don’t know how to rise your vibe then watch this space as I’ll be sharing some free gifts that you are going to LOVE!

Your next card is Princess Swords.

I hear “fortune favors the brave” with this young lady. She’s saying that she may not know it all and she may not see the whole picture but she’s forging ahead regardless.

Princess of Swords can be your ally or your muse, reminding you to keep focused and go for it. She is not one to be perturbed by little devils. In fact, the anthem that’s coming through for her is: Rise by Jonas Blue feat Jack & Jack.

Your final card is the Wheel of Fortune. 🤗

An amazing card to see. Although you’ll do well to remember that the wheel can always turn.

This card brings the question: What will you do to keep the wheel turning in your favour?

There’s also that sense of patience because when the wheel of fortune turns you can’t always predict where it will land. You can’t always predict when it stop. Therefore, it’s important for you to go with the flow, whilst remaining aligned and focused.

That’s almost it……

The overall feel for this month is that “you’ve got to be in it to win it”. There is also a real sense that the energetic tone and feel for this year is already being set. Notice how it personally feels for you and use it to prepare yourself for the year ahead.

A Glimpse into the Numerology for 2019: Global year 3

2019 vibrates numerology at the number 3.

3 is a pretty cool and abundant number. It offers good fortune for the brave and the ability to bounce back quickly from setbacks. However, in its shadow it’s prone to gossip, lies, materialism, over-indulgence and procrastination.

Both of these energies have been shown in the cards too. This gives the sense that the energy of number 3 is already being seen and things, including your manifestations, have the potential to gather speed rather quickly. Your alignment – mind, body, energy and heart – will be key and maybe even tested.

Although the vibe of 3 is a lot more forgiving than the 11/2 of 2018, it still packs a punch. You will be tested and if you have a purpose that you’ve not been fulfilling be prepared to be given a kick up the backside. 3 energy likes to have fun yet it’s also no-nonsense. I know this well from having a 3 life path.

If your soul is awakening then the anthem that’s coming through for you is: Crossroads. Which direction will you focus on more? You can’t stand at the crossroads forever you have to make a decision to move.

Wherever you are at, know that a global year 3 will be anything but boring. Expect or work toward more love and fun. Embrace the idea of “Carpe diem”.

It’s a good year for getting social, meeting like minded people and expressing yourself creatively. Embracing the real, authentic you every step of the way. 3 doesn’t do fake.

Are you ready to enjoy 2019?

With love



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Monthly reading: Tarot messages for December

december 2018

The first week of December opens up with a New Moon in Sagittarius on December 7th. The sign of adventure, good times and expanding your horizons, as well as truly getting to know yourself. Whilst on December 22nd there will be a Full Moon in Cancer. Perfect timing for the Christmas season, right? Let’s hope so! Cancer is traditionally the sign of family and the home. However, the Cancer crab also has it’s moody, emotional and grouchy side too. You have been warned!


Deck used: The Fountain Tarot

Cards drawn:

  • 8 cups (reversed) – Jumper card: This means that the card ‘jumped’ out of the pack whilst I was shuffling. Sometimes you would put this card back into the pack. However, if guided, I will include it as part of the reading.
  • The High Priestess
  • Four of Swords
  • Three of Swords
  • Ace of Cups


I connect with my spiritual guidance team to bring through any messages that are wanting to be shared at this time. I use the cards as a tool to offer more insight and guidance that can support you, as well as confirm what I’m feeling, seeing and hearing on a psychic level. Therefore, the interpretations of the cards may differ from what appears in the guidebook.


I don’t always read reversals yet on this occasion I feel drawn to and feel that this card points towards someone who has been feeling stuck in a rut. A whirlwind of emotions and not being able to separate the wood from the trees. In fact, the whole year has been the same, with this feeling being intensified since late June. The time has come to make a decision about what you are going to do next to get yourself out of all of this and the sense is that any step will better than nothing. You’ve got to make that move. Even if it’s just a tiny step in a new direction.

In the past, your decisions have come from a place of ego and fear. There’s a feeling of making decisions in haste that you came to regret. The High Priestess comes to teach you a new way. Using a mix of intellect and higher consciousness in order to navigate your way out of the darkness. This is a time to learn and put into a practice a new way of being and living, especially as the old way no longer seems or feels relevant. Over the December period take time to practice tuning in, blending mind and heart to make your decisions. Really learning to trust and listen to that internal guidance.

The black and white curtains in the image captured my attention, whilst I heard the words “the veil is thin.” This veil is not the one between the spirit world and us. It’s the veil between the woman you are and that which you have been created to become. You’re being helped and guided. Do you give yourself permission to go beyond and be seen as the true you behind the veil?

Don’t become a trapped prisoner of your own mind. This month take inventory of your thoughts and discern what really is real.

There is a sense that the ghost from Christmas past will be leading you to think the worse and conjure up fantastical stories about how things may or may not turn out. I’m told “You’re wiser than that’. Therefore you are to use this wisdom to support you in changing the narrative and aligning fully with what you would like to ideally experience.

Where possible carve out time for stillness, yourself or something you enjoy so that you can distance your Self from the madness. In doing so be prepared for new insights and perspectives.

I feel quarrels are inevitable this month, tinged with blatant disappointment or heartache for some. Yet, I am told that you should have seen this coming. You knew that things may go this way.

Forewarned is forearmed in this scenario. Of course, you don’t want to be thinking the worse. However, I’m told that if you know what someone is like then prepare yourself. You may not be able to change them yet you can change yourself.

The term “Tip of the iceberg” comes to mind here.

A light at the end of the tunnel and a good sign for the closing of the month of December, as well as the year.

However, the feeling is that this card comes as a sign that whatever transpires over the course of this month you have, within you, the power to overcome.

“Mind over matter” is what I hear very clearly.

Know that your mind will come to you so long as you tune in and take guided action. Bring this thinking and energy with you into the year of 2019 and get ready to be unstoppable.

Use the guidance to support you in keeping your vibration high and in alignment with your highest self, as well as the highest good.


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