WELLNESS WEDNESDAY: Beauty & Healing Power of Colour

I discovered the healing power of colour by “accident”, shortly after becoming an Angelic Reiki Master in 2013.

Working full time in education as a teacher I had to find ingenious and creative ways to facilitate the healing work I was doing behind the scenes. So, adding a healing touch or spiritual edge to my daily routines became my way forward. Being led and inspired by my guides and Angels every step of the way.

One way in which this occurred was through colour, makeup and nails. Finding myself attracted to specific colours at certain times. For a while I’ll be attracted to red, seeing it everywhere I go. Then, at another time, it would be pink, blue or orange. Each colour having their way of weaving their way into my life and grabbing my attention.

By this point in my spiritual and healing journey I knew that there are no coincidences or accidents. Being drawn to the colours in this way was for a reason. Carrying significance, meaning or message.

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I began looking into Aura Soma, something that my Reiki Master had mentioned during our Angelic Reiki trainings. Through my research I gained greater clarity about the colours. Understanding that each colour has it’s own essence and vibration which impacts on your mood, as well as the energy body. Discovering that by working with the colours I felt drawn to, alongside my self healing and self love work, I could bring further healing and balance to my energy body.

It made sense to me. It resonated. So, I was sold.

I started by adding the colours to my daily fashion ensemble, beauty routine or nails. Each time I looked at my nails, caught a glimpse of my eyeshadow in the mirror or received a compliment about my makeup/nails it reminded me of the intention behind wearing that colour. Interrupting the pattern of stressful thoughts going through my mind and helping to redirect my thoughts in that moment. At the same time, my chosen colours were bringing balance to the chakra(s) it resonated with.

Mood lifted. Mindset shifted. Energy body being brought back into balance. #winning

That’s not to say that things were perfect or plain sailing because healing and inner work is not that linear. However, it helped to maintain the balance and bring more awareness to thoughts or patterns that were not serving me. It meant that I could choose to change them and further help myself on a longer term basis. Which is part of the process of healing and transformation.

Over time, I began to see positive shifts and make positive changes. Healing my relationship with myself and strengthen my own sense of self love. Bringing in other tools and working with my Spiritual Team to support my spiritual, healing and self development work.

Now, the beauty of this is that anyone can start working with colour in this way and it’s a simple way to start being more aware of your body, as well as your energy.  Which is key, especially now with all of the uncertainty and chaotic energy flying around. Being more aware of what is your energy and that of the collective is key to staying grounded, as well as being able to simply fully function.

“The body wise and knows how to heal itself.”
– Louise Hay

Silencing the mind and being more aware of the subtle clues that you receive can make a world of difference. It’s time people start helping themselves.

So, to get you started I’ve created a mini series introducing the chakras, colours and suggestions for self-healing. Check in with yourself about what resonates and be sure to seek additional support where necessary. You’re not meant to do all the healing work alone.

The first 4 chakras have been covered. Just click on the links below to get started.  If you wanted to a bespoke support and guidance then you can connect with me here.

Sending you much love x

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