It’s that time again – NEW MOON!

This time the New Moon is in the sign of Capricorn. My feeling is that this is about goal setting and just being really clear about what you want. Eliminating the distractions around you and going in on mastering your craft. Many may find that they want to try their hand at something new and start incorporating new products, services or skills to their business/CV. Capricorn New Moon feels like a good time for this. However, do your research and do not rush in because all that glitters is not gold.

Right now, a lot of people are feeling aggy. Which is to be expected with everything that is going on because it can be causing you to feel totally misaligned with your dreams and goals. Also, if you are sensitive to energy then you may actually be picking up on everyone else’s shit and taking it on as your own. This can be especially the case if you are spending a lot of time online or scrolling social media. Everything is energy and with each scroll you are taking on someone else’s energy. #Justsaying

With all that in mind, Tarot Tuesday is dedicated to the New Moon. This is a general reading. So, take what resonates and reject the rest. If nothing resonates then the message may not be for you. Maybe, I am not for you. Go where you feel guided instead – no bad feelings for that. You can catch the video here on my NEW Instagram page. It’s in the stories, so be quick.

With love.

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We end the year as it began with a Full Moon in Cancer.

Sara Shakeel image.
Full Moon in Cancer is loading.

Full Moon is a time when the moon is illuminated. It shines a light on the unseen and into the darkness, including the darkness within. A time when emotions tend to rise to the surface. A time when your intuition tends to be on point. Therefore, it is known for being a time to acknowledge, feel and release what no longer serves you and your vision. What isn’t in alignment with what you are going in, working on or manifesting. It’s also a time for forgiveness and gratitude, especially if you are noticing that old feelings, wounds and inner child issues rising coming up for you.

“Cancer extends the invitation to come back home to yourself.” – My Higher Self.

Releasing who and what is not in alignment with that.  Cancer is a sign that tends to give people chances (I know because I am a Cancerian). However, when a Cancerian is done they are well and truly DONE. Q: What are you done with? Who or what has been given too many chances? This energy is about CLOSURE. That could even be closure on your own denial, excuses and toxic habits.

Give yourself permission to see the wound that keeps pushing through for air. It could be an issue with someone from the past that has never been resolved, inner child work that you have been ignoring or a loss from 2020 that you aren’t allowing yourself to grieve. NOTE: if its coming up then its doing so for a reason. It’s time to heal it so that you can move forward and receive your hearts desire, or simply feel peace within. Excess baggage does not need to be dragged into 2021. Trust me, we will have enough to deal with.

This full moon is arriving at the perfect time to support us in all in letting go on a mind, body and spirit level. So, that we can start 2021 with fresh perspective and new foundations to build upon. Putting into practice all that we’ve learned in 2020. This isnt a time to be following crowds. It’s time to go within and follow your own inner guidance to heal, awaken and become.

What is tomorrow’s Full Moon revealing to you?

What is it time to release?