Full Moon In Pisces Energy Reading

Full Moon 101
The Full Moon is a time when what has been hidden in the shadows can rise to the surface to be seen, released, healed or integrated. With the usual themes being:

  • Old resentments
  • Habitual thoughts that don’t serve you
  • Outdated and limiting stories
  • Relationships and situations that no longer fit
  • Shadow archetypes you are attached to
  • Karmic cycles and patterns

It’s a time when tempers can fray or you can feel more emotional than usual.

A time when you will be made acutely aware of what is no longer for you and standing in opposition to the intentions set at the previous New Moon or the New Moon of the current sign, eg: New Moon in Pisces – Full Moon in Pisces.

This can feel uncomfortable, especially if you have been struggling in that area for a long time because the temptation to cling may well be at an all time high.

Full Moon In Pisces
The current Full Moon is in the sign of Pisces. A sign that is dreamy and deeply intuitive. Therefore, it will be inviting you to:

  • Identify what is aligning or misaligning you with your dreams
  • Be honest about whether or not the dream still feels relevant
  • Question whether or not you have been sleeping on your dreams or being too dreamy and whimsical
  • Learn to trust your intuition more
  • Use your intuition to guide you
  • Go within before you go without

A Full Moon in Pisces marks the end of the astrological cycle because Pisces is the last sign in the line-up. Therefore, it brings BIG closure and completion energy. A bit of revamp where you get real about what can no longer be a part of your life. Which also means getting real with yourself about the ways in which you may have held yourself back or are obstructing your forward movement.

This Full Moon is also shining a light on karmic cycles or ancestral patterns that you may have been working on closing out. With the energy both supporting that closure whilst also opening the door on a new beginning. A change in the wind or direction. Which allows you to start setting some new foundations in your life that have to potentional to stand the test of time.

Where you find yourself in this situation it’s likely that you will be guided to the final piece in the puzzle. This is likely to come in the form of:

  • Confirmation from a trusted Source who confirms the signs or downloads that you have been seeing later
  • An intuitive hunch that you simply cannot deny

As with all Full Moons the theme of forgiveness is a biggie. Yet, in this case it can literally be the missing link that emancipates you from the chains that have kept you locked in the past.

Final thoughts
This Full Moon feels to be a big push that is going to get many people moving, especially those that have been stuck in a rut or at the crossroads for a long time.

It’s a time of self trust and connecting with the guidance that lies within you, rather than getting stuck in your mind.

Finally, as much as this is a time of endings it really feels like it’s a time of new beginnings on a personal level too.

Happy Full Moon!

Want more? Full Moon energy is great to work with to release your ex and heal your heart. If this where you’re at then check out the resources here. You can also visit my IG page for a powerful Full Moon Releasing Intention.

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Energy Cords: What They Are, Cord Removal & Breakups

As you interact with people throughout the day you are connecting with them through invisible cords of energy. This is a good thing as it allows us to feel and basically interact with our surroundings.

Most of these connections with people are casual or they feel good. Not triggering. Therefore, making them super easy to move on from or simply not feel drained.


When you’re triggered or fully connected with someone, in conversation, sex or experiences those cords attach. Attaching you and the other person(s) on an energetic basis. This is something that can happen both in-person and online. It can even happen through thoughts and actions. I mean, how many thoughts are you having throughout the day about people that do not serve you in the highest? eg: thoughts about your ex or someone at work you don’t like/doesn’t like you. These thoughts also come with a feeling and energy. A feeling and an energy that simply doesn’t leave you feeling good.

Being able to remove those energy cords helps you to let go, heal, let go and stop you being dependent on someone else’s energy to make you feel good. Even if that energy feels good to begin with, which it can, you never want to be plugged into the energy of another person.

Instead you want to cultivate your own energy. Then set healthy boundaries and take care of it. So, that you feel good, you experience what you need to for your own soul growth and are not at the mercy of other peoples energy, emotions or moods (co-dependence).

Why is cord removal helpful after a breakup?
We have touched on this above but let’s look a little deeper.

Although you may have physically moved on there will be some residual energy between you and you can still be energetically connected to that person.

By working on cord removal you help yourself to:

  • Facilitate the healing & forgiveness
  • Clear space within
  • Learn the lesson
  • Move on (maybe even doing so a little quicker)

That text from the ex when you remove the cords
One thing that I found is that every time I did a cord removal ritual, the soulmate would get in touch.

On a few occasions I took this as a “sign” that we were meant to reconnect. Leading me back down the rabbit hole. More on that later.

What I later learned is that once you do that cord removal work they will “feel” that disconnect in the energy.  Even if they are absolutely clueless about all things energy and mystical they’ll sense that you are moving on in some way.

If you find this happen don’t be the old me and take it as a green light to go back. Bring your awareness into the mix and recognise:

  • You are now in the midst of letting go
  • You have the choice to choose a healthier response and course of action. Ideally, one that aligns you with how you want to feel, who you want to become and what you want to experience

However, for those that are wanting to reconnect with your ex, be mindful that you can use this as an opportunity to do so. This time with more wisdom and better footing.

Learn the lesson
On that note and going back to my experience of going back into the rabbit hole, it’s important to learn the lesson or lessons that this relationship was there to teach you. This is especially true with karmic soulmates where there was likely to have been a wound that was the point of attraction that brought you together. For example, lack of self-worth, codepedency or not embodying your power.

When you see that root issue you can then start working on healing that wound which further facilitates your healing and personal growth. With the added potential of setting you up for healthier relationships in the future.

Are you ready to remove the cords?
If you are serious about removing cords and moving on from your ex on mind, body and energy level then I’m available to support you. You are choose to download the workbooks I’ve created, if you want to do this alone. Alternatively, if you feel you need support then you can get in touch to work with me 1:1. The options are here and here. I look forward to working with you.