It’s that time again – NEW MOON!

This time the New Moon is in the sign of Capricorn. My feeling is that this is about goal setting and just being really clear about what you want. Eliminating the distractions around you and going in on mastering your craft. Many may find that they want to try their hand at something new and start incorporating new products, services or skills to their business/CV. Capricorn New Moon feels like a good time for this. However, do your research and do not rush in because all that glitters is not gold.

Right now, a lot of people are feeling aggy. Which is to be expected with everything that is going on because it can be causing you to feel totally misaligned with your dreams and goals. Also, if you are sensitive to energy then you may actually be picking up on everyone else’s shit and taking it on as your own. This can be especially the case if you are spending a lot of time online or scrolling social media. Everything is energy and with each scroll you are taking on someone else’s energy. #Justsaying

With all that in mind, Tarot Tuesday is dedicated to the New Moon. This is a general reading. So, take what resonates and reject the rest. If nothing resonates then the message may not be for you. Maybe, I am not for you. Go where you feel guided instead – no bad feelings for that. You can catch the video here on my NEW Instagram page. It’s in the stories, so be quick.

With love.

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Lockdown 3 in the UK. The uncertainty and sudden change. 5 years ago this would have sent my anxiety through the roof.

Change and uncertainty became my trigger points after the sudden passing of my nan and attempted murder of my father 5 years ago. From that point any sudden changes or glimmer of uncertainty sent me into panic. Even being asked to do something out of the blue that I had done many times before would send fear through my body.

And it felt like I couldn’t stop it.

Although, I definitely tried my hardest to hide it. Which simply made me feel even more anxious.

However, when I look back I’m pretty sure that I had been experiencing low level anxiety most of my life. Yet being in this heightened state of alert had become my default setting. With the sudden, sad changes in my life being the catalyst my body needed to finally let me know that it was stressed out.

Having self healed in the past I knew that the only way for me to move through the anxiety was to go to the root of the issue and heal from there. Using the energy healing modalities I knew I started doing the inner work and healing.

However, in the meantime I still needed to be able to manage the symptoms on a daily basis. Those times when in the moment I would shake, feel panicky or breathless. So, I did my research. Finding tools and practices that could be applied in the moment.

I’m not going to lie, it was a case of trial and error. Whereby, I found some things more effective than others or some practices more effective in one scenario than other. A few of which I’ll be sharing here and on my social media pages. So, keep an eye out and check what resonates because I dont believe there is a one size fits all approach.

The first practice is taken from NLP and is called a Pattern Interrupt. Essentially, it’s an interruption that breaks a habit or state (such as a trail of negative thoughts). Repeated over time, it helps to stop you reverting to old patterns of thinking and behaving.

What I found is that using a Pattern Interrupt creates a pause which gives you time to shift state, change behaviour or thinking. Just like catching yourself in the moment and choosing again.

There are lots of types of Pattern Interrupts which can be researched. One such being the snapping of a hair band on a wrist, as introduced to me by a hypnthetapist and one of my Spiritual Mentors.

I’ve created the above 30-sec self love and healing video that you can use to interrupt a pattern of negative thoughts. It can also be used to support you in cleansing and balancing your Root Chakra. Something that no doubt will help many at this time.

Let me know how you get on. If you want to experience a 1:1 distant healing session then you can contact me here.


Lets begin with: What are chakras?

Essentially they are energy centres inside and outside the body. Energy flows through these centres and around the body. However, energy expands, shrinks and become stagnant depending on what’s going on within and around us. Too little or too much energy can lead to imbalances that manifest physically, mentally or emotionally.

There are 7 main chakras in the body and they are:

Root Chakra – Red
Sacral Chakra – Orange
Solar Plexus Chakra – Yellow
Heart Chakra – Geeen
Throat Chakra – Blue
Third Eye Chakra – Indigo
Crown Chakra – Purple

Each one corresponding to a particular colour, as indicated above. The chakras also correspond to different body parts too. Which is useful to know because some imbalances in the chakras can manifest themselves as ailments or pain the body.

Over the next few weeks I’ll sharing more about each Chakra in turn. Also sharing beauty tips and routines, aligned with each chakra, to support you to also embrace your own natural beauty.

So, first up is……..


Location: Base of spine
Color: Red. Also brown.
Resonance: Groundedness, survival, money, safety & stability
Physical symptoms: constipation, weight issues, knee and foot issues, low back and lower body issues
Root Chakra imbalanced: fear, trust issues, money issues, low body image
Root Chakra balance: stillness, abundance, energised, grounded, feel safe

During a time like this (currently Lockdown in the UK), instability in the Root Chakra may be experienced by a lot of people. This is due to the sudden changes, uncertainty, job losses, instability and financial worry. All of which resonate with the Root Chakra and stirs up that feeling of fear.

Knowing this, its beneficial to practice self care practices that focus on the Root Chakra. Blending them into your current daily routine. yourself to feel more balanced, grounded and safe from within. In spite of what may be going on around you or within the collective.

Now those who work with me will know that I’m all about blending spiritual healing practices into my daily routine in a simple yet effective way. Something that I’ve had to do a lot over the years with balancing my career in education with life, a spiritual side hustle and my own healing journey. So, you’ll find that the following suggestions will not be hours long or require random ingredients.

In your meditation practice you can focus on your Root Chakra. Imagine it as a spinning wheel and breath into that space. With each breathe imagine that its cleansing and rebalancing the chakra. Whilst on the out breath drawing out and away any dense energy. You can add an affirmation or mantra and crystals, if that resonates. You will find some affirmation suggestions here.

Adapt for kids: You can adapt this for children by shortening the meditation and getting them to stand up with eye closed imagining they are a tree. With strong roots going down into the earth. Say the affirmation: “I am strong and I am safe.”

Wearing or eating foods in the colour red can also support with balancing your Root Chakra. This is because each colour has its own frequency and healing benefits. Often I find that I am drawn to a specific colour at different points in my life. So, one thing I started to do was blend that colour into my beauty and makeup routine, such as nail art and eyeshadow. Later down the line I discovered that working intuitively with colour is a great way to heal and maintain wellbeing in the chakras.

Adapt for kids: Encourage kids to explore connecting with colours intuitively and noticing how they make them feel.

Bring crystals into your daily life through meditation, visualization, energy rituals or wearing them as jewellery. My favourite grounding crystals are: Hematite, Red Jasper, Smoky Quartz and Black Onyx for strength.

Even with daily rituals, meditation, crystals and colour therapy, there are times when you need a bit more support. Also, keep in mind that alongside the metaphysical there may also be practical, real world action that you also need to do to heal from the core. Therefore having professional advice where necessary, as well as/or energy healing sessions is really beneficial. In fact, long term I think it was a lifesaver.

There are lots of practitioners and modalities out there. So, focus on finding the right practitioner for you. Click here to contact me about booking a healing session.

The Root Chakra helps you to stay ground, present and focused in the physical world. It is also at the base of the chakra system. Meaning it needs to be a strong foundation for the rest of the chakras to build upon and for us to manifest, as well as simply effectively function in the real world.


Let’s talk about Spirit.

I believe that we all have Spirit around us who want to guide and support us, even protect us as we move through life. This might take the form of Angels, Ascended Masters, Ancestors…….

When you connect to your Spirit team you open up the gateway to receive bespoke guidance, messages and support. Yet, the key is to be OPEN to connecting and receiving. And, whilst many people say they want to connect, they dont or they find it a struggle.

Whilst the reasons for this can be varied. The most common reasons tend to be:

  • Thinking they can’t
  • Fear of connecting to lower vibrational entities
  • Childhood experiences of being scared of Spirit
  • Family conditioning – being told off or told that seeing Angels is evil
  • Past life memories/energy tie of being isolated, abused or killed for connecting with Spirit
  • Or maybe something else

Either way, the fear, the memories and belief system can create a block that stops you from receiving.


Because the disbelieving and second guessing will have you questioning that connection. Dismissing the guidance, signs, visions or messages. Basically not trusting that which you receive.

It’s when you are able to move beyond those beliefs or heal the wounding that you can align and become receptive.

Image via Unsplash

I have been able to feel and read energy since I was a little girl. Whilst also seeing Spirit as if it was just a normal person.

Over the years, how Spirit show up for me has changed and I tend to see through images in my minds eye, sparkles/flashes of light or white mist that can form shapes, as well as hearing Spirit (mediumship).

For years, I thought that this was something everyone could do and was doing. So, I didn’t feel the need to talk about. Yet, when I did I noticed that people would laugh or make snide comments. Incidentally, a lot of those people are now talking about always being into spirituality and energy.

Once I realised this wasnt the norm, I went undercover. Kept it to myself and went all in on developing my ability to connect with Spirit. Building my own relationship with the different guides that step forward and learning how to:

  • Listen
  • Trust
  • Take guided action

A journey in itself.

As such, Spirit have guided me in my daily life, protected me and were key to my healing and return to self love journey. Each member of my Spirit team coming into my life at the right time, for a specific purpose and making their presence known in their own unique way. Yet a way that they know that I would recognise and readily receive. With some exciting stage left when our time together is done. Some returning and others, not just yet. A divine reminder that:

“Some Spirit Guides, like some people, come into our lives for a reason, season or lifetime.” – Chanel Marie

The whole experience of building this relationship with Spirit reminding me that I am always supported and don’t have to simply rely on my own strength. With my work as a psychic and healer affirming to me that this connection is available to everyone who is open to receive it.

You will have your own Spirit team too.

They will come to you at different times and for different purposes.

Sometimes doing so in a bold way. At other times more subtle and requiring us to drop more into our body to receive.

Yet, as mentioned above, you have to get out of your own way. Working on your belief system or energy to receive those messages, guidance and support from Spirit.

“It’s not a case of connecting. That connection  is already there. It’s more about moving beyond the fears, doubts and memories that block you from receiving.” – Chanel Marie (Tweet this)

So the following steps are intended to guide you in opening up to receive Spirit and their wisdom for you. Choose the method that appeals to you or try them all. It’s up to you.

One thing to remember is that how Spirit come to you may differ from your friend, loved one or that girl you follow on Instagram. This is your experience and relationship. Not anybody elses. Click here for different ways Spirit connects.


Probably one of the more obvious ways of connecting with your Spirit team. With this method it’s really about getting yourself into the act of listening and aligning your energy. So, that you are able to receive the guidance and messages Spirit bring you, in whatever form that might be.

You do not need a special meditation to do this, unless you want to experience a guided meditation. Connecting to your breath or listening to music/sounds is enough. Before you begin set the intention and create a safe space through prayer, eg:

Thank you Angels, guides, loved ones in Spirit who work in the highest degree of love, light and compassion for stepping forward to connect with and guide me.

As a Channel for Spirit and writer this is my favourite way to connect with Spirit because the guidance literally flows through you. What’s key with this method is to:

Get out of your own way.

Allowing the words to simply spill onto the pages of your journal without you censoring, second guessing or wondering if you are doing it right. That’s not necessary. Just switch off the mind. Ask the ego to step aside and just allow yourself to receive the guidance.

This guidance and the messages may reveal themselves in different ways. Signs, symbols, visions, numbers, songs, feeling or a stream of consciousness. There is no right way or judgement required.

There are times when Spirit will connect with you, rather than you having to go to them. As such they may leave you signs of their presence, such as coins or feathers. You can even ask them to give you a sign of their presence.

Spirit love when we connect with them in this way and they love the more playful, fun vibe of this too. It helps to bring them closer because your vibration raises when you are having fun and being playful. A bit like being in a childlike state. Incidentally, this is often why children find it so much easier to connect with Spirit. They are not judging, worrying about if they are doing it right. They are open and having fun.

Connecting with your Spirit Team is not this one time thing or something you do when you want something.

Treat it like a relationship.

Come from a place of gratitude and really take the time to nurture that relationship.  Because sometimes that connection wont be instant. Sometimes the connection will not feel as strong. So, you have to work on it. In the same way you would work on a relationship in the physical realm.

I use my psychic and healing gifts to guide my clients in self-healing and connecting to their intuition, as well as their Spirit team.

So, in a 1:1 session we can focus primarily on you and what will specifically support you in building your relationship with your Spirit team. Working in conjunction with my Spirit team and yours. Leading you to a place of Spiritual independence where you don’t have to rely on looking outside of yourself for guidance.

You can choose how you want to work with me, be it email or telephone. One mini session to get started or a bespoke package. The choice is yours.

Book your 1:1 session with me here.

Make it a daily practice to connect with your Spirit team. A bit like date night with Spirit and just give yourself permission to welcome them into your life. Because trust me, they are ready for you.



So, you made through one heck of a year. That in itself deserves a standing ovation.

The Goddesses bring the message of not being like the rest of them and ending another year by the following the crowd. Whilst everyone else is……

  • Posting about how 2021 is going to be their year (Did they not say that in 2019 about 2020?) 
  • Sharing their goals/visions all over social media
  • Complaining

Dare to be different.

Follow in the guidance of Oonagh and take the time to pause. Journal on the learning and blessings that 2020 has brought you. Resist the temptation to jump straight into goal setting and visioning without actually taking stock of where you are or where you have been.

One thing that people often do when it comes to New Years Resolutions and manifesting is that they go all in without really looking accepting where they are at. Bringing into their intentions all of the doubt, worry, fear and uncertainty that has been standing in their way.

“Don’t be like the rest of them darling.” – Coco Chanel

Heed the guidance of Coventina to release what is not in alignment. What feelings, habits, thoughts, identity and behaviours has the Full Moon in Cancer illuminated? Who in your life has it shone a spotlight on to reveal their true colours or just the fact that you are no longer a vibrational match for each other?

Rather than clinging and resisting give yourself permission to let go. Use a ritual like the one that I previously shared in my Full Moon guide or in my energy protection ebook. Giving yourself permission and safe to let go. So that you move forward and create with a clear slate.

If you that energy has already manifested as tension, pain or tightness in your body use the power of your breath to release it. Breathing white light into that area with the intention of transmuting, moving the energy through your body.

I was drawn to add the Mother Mary choker necklace to this image because she brings that nurturing and loving energy. A Divine reminder to honour yourself: Body, mind, spirit, heart and soul. Also reminding you to call in and imbue the space within with the energy that you want to receive. In this case the energies of love and compassion, as represented by the Rose Quartz. Whilst the symbol of the Dove in Oonaghs card brings in the energy of peace.

In being drawn back to Coventina I’m drawn to the waves/the ocean behind and around her. She is a Goddess who resonates with the element of water. With water being symbolic of emotions. Notice how the waves are crashing around her and yet she continues to stay centre stage, beautiful, vulnerable and balanced at the same time.

I am told that this relates to staying calm and honouring yourself, irrespective of what may be going around you. Collectively the energy is intense and temperamental. People are scared, anxious and going through their own stuff. However, you do not need to take on the energy of the collective as your own and, if you resonate with the term empath then know that your sensitivity can be your superpower. You just need to learn how to honour, work with and protect your magic.

The other message from the waves is that it’s ok to feel and experience your emotions. Experiencing and feeling anger, disappointment, sadness, resentment or any of those emotions that are often labelled as being “low vibe”, is not a crime.

All emotions are valid.

Pushing them aside and suppressing them often creates even more problems. Manifesting in anxiety, illness and the like.

These emotions are not bad. They do not necessarily lower your vibration IF you choose to work through and transmute them appropriately.

Essentially, the Goddesses are reminding you to take care of yourself first. Which will no doubt be a theme for 2021. A year that vibrates at the energy of a 5 which is all about CHANGE.

So, how can you show up for yourself on NYE and over the weekend? What have you learned from 2020 that will support you in creating peace and harmony from within? How can you practise self care in a way that allows you to honour all of your feels? Let me know below.

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We end the year as it began with a Full Moon in Cancer.

Sara Shakeel image.
Full Moon in Cancer is loading.

Full Moon is a time when the moon is illuminated. It shines a light on the unseen and into the darkness, including the darkness within. A time when emotions tend to rise to the surface. A time when your intuition tends to be on point. Therefore, it is known for being a time to acknowledge, feel and release what no longer serves you and your vision. What isn’t in alignment with what you are going in, working on or manifesting. It’s also a time for forgiveness and gratitude, especially if you are noticing that old feelings, wounds and inner child issues rising coming up for you.

“Cancer extends the invitation to come back home to yourself.” – My Higher Self.

Releasing who and what is not in alignment with that.  Cancer is a sign that tends to give people chances (I know because I am a Cancerian). However, when a Cancerian is done they are well and truly DONE. Q: What are you done with? Who or what has been given too many chances? This energy is about CLOSURE. That could even be closure on your own denial, excuses and toxic habits.

Give yourself permission to see the wound that keeps pushing through for air. It could be an issue with someone from the past that has never been resolved, inner child work that you have been ignoring or a loss from 2020 that you aren’t allowing yourself to grieve. NOTE: if its coming up then its doing so for a reason. It’s time to heal it so that you can move forward and receive your hearts desire, or simply feel peace within. Excess baggage does not need to be dragged into 2021. Trust me, we will have enough to deal with.

This full moon is arriving at the perfect time to support us in all in letting go on a mind, body and spirit level. So, that we can start 2021 with fresh perspective and new foundations to build upon. Putting into practice all that we’ve learned in 2020. This isnt a time to be following crowds. It’s time to go within and follow your own inner guidance to heal, awaken and become.

What is tomorrow’s Full Moon revealing to you?

What is it time to release?

SPIRITUAL TEAM: Why you are not connecting.

We are all surrounded by our own little (or quite big) team in the spirit world. A team that can consist of angels, spirit guides, ancestors, God and the universe. Guiding us through this thing called life.

I know that it my own life my Spiritual Team have been there through the ups, downs, wins, challenges…….

Protecting me when I was being bullied. Guiding me away from a narcissist and toxic situations. Bringing guidance and synchronicity when I needed it the most. Inspiring thoughts and actions that lead to golden opportunities. Strength during times of struggle, anxiety and doubt.

In fact, I remember one day whilst lifting something heavy at work – anyone who knows me that I don’t lift anything “heavy” – I was definitely out of my comfort zone and struggling. One of the kids noticed and said:

“Don’t worry Miss, you can do it. I can see your wings.”

He said what?????????

Turned out he could see Angel wings appear behind me.

And, yes, I lifted the object with ease.

Your Spiritual Team are already around you. They are already guiding and assisting you even if you cannot see them. So, if you need more help all you need to do is ask.

Sure enough with the help from the Angels (and my Angel wings) I lifted the object with ease. An experience that shines a light on the fact that:

With this in mind, what stops you from receiving their help?

  • Beliefs – “I can’t”. “I tried and it didnt work.
  • Impatience – “I tried (a handful of times) Nothing happened.”
  • Expectations – “I didn’t see anything” Maybe you’re meant to feel, instead.
  • Inconsistent – “I did it (method/ritual/practise) for a bit. Then I stopped.
  • Fear – “What if I attract bad Spirits?

Other factors such as stress, tiredness, desperation and sometimes your own sense of entitlement and lack of gratitude (ego) block your connection.

In my opinion, the reason why children, like the 4 year old I mentioned, are able to have these experiences is because they are open.

They don’t have these preconceived ideas, judgements, limiting beliefs and have this light, playful approach.  Which makes it easier for them to see, hear, feel and accept.

So, if you are struggling to connect with your Spiritual Team, take a leaf out of that 4 year old’s book:

Be open. Ditch the expectation and judgement.

Start to work on whatever it is that is stopping you from connecting and open up to receiving the spiritual support around you.

Admittedly, as an adult it can be hard to release the old in order to open up. However, it’s not impossible. You can do it.

With love 💜

Do you want to develop your natural ability to connect with your Spiritual Team? Discovering tools and techniques to do this safely. If the answer is yes and you feel guided to work with me and my Spiritual Team then reach out to me here?

Main image: Meme inspired by Black Unicorn


Making my mystical practices, spiritual principles and tools part of my daily life used to be a struggle.

Being someone who had a tonne of healing and self love work to do. Alongside by demanding career and often toxic work environment, I often felt torn between the mystical and material world.

As a result I found myself riding the roller coaster of life with resistance. Making progress and feeling aligned one minute. Only to feel drained and misaligned the next. For me, this looked like:

  • Meditation and yoga when I needed space, restoration or to de-stress.
  • Energy healing sessions when I felt overwhelmed or blocked on my path.
  • Protection rituals and tools when the Vampires disguised as clients, followers, colleagues or friends had drained and depleted my energy.
  • Mystical practices and rituals when I needed help manifesting, letting go or aligning.

Looking back I could see that I was actually only turning to spirituality when I needed it. And, as a Spiritual healer, advisor and mentor I see the very same thing with clients too.

What I learned, albeit the harder way, is that spirituality, mystical practices and metaphysical tools are not something you do when you are: Depleted, stressed, overwhelmed, stuck, blocked………

It’s an everyday thing.

It’s a lifestyle.

As one of my mentors recently said:

Alignment isnt something that only happens at your altar……

I’d also add, that alignment and spirituality are also not something you only turn to when things are not going your way.

In fact, what I’ve found and what I’ve seen is that when you only turn to spirituality when you need it, you create increased resistance on your path. Speaking for myself, I’m pretty damn sure that strengthening self love and healing from my past wounding would have been more graceful if spirituality was a lifestyle.

Thankfully, my lessons can also be my gift because it’s meant that I’ve learned, as well as acquired knowledge, tools and wisdom that I can share with others. With that in mind I’ve prepared some suggestions for ways to bring your spiritual practices, principles and tools into your daily life.


Sometimes my meditation practice looks like this too. It’s ok. Keep going.

The benefits to meditation are abundant. Something you can read about on Google and in books or experience by making it part of your daily life.

However, the trick was meditation was to make it fit into my schedule. With a demanding career in education alongside the rest of my life, meditating for an hour a day every single day isnt an option. So, I sourced meditations that I could easily slip into my daily life and I get up earlier to ensure I fit in my meditation session.

It is that simple. And yes I have days where I wake up late and I kid you not I’ve been known to meditate on the train, tube, bus or as I’m walking.

Why? Because I know that meditation relaxes me, calms my thoughts, grounds me and quiets my mind. I also feel that little more connected to my spiritual team.

Question: What adjustments can you make to your daily routine to make room for meditation? Tell me here.


Image by Visual Potions via Instagram

A lot of the time we live on autopilot. Wanting things our way and now. Getting stressed when things are not manifesting in the way we want and on our timeline. By default, we then push, hustle, and complain. Creating more resistance and attracting more of the same.

Surrender dissolves resistance. Breaking the pattern of hustle and autopilot.

One of my most memorable examples of surrender is when I was on a supply teaching job, in yet another challenging school. Tired and fed up I just decided to surrender. Whilst out on my lunch break I said a surrender prayer in my mind that I had learned from one of my spiritual mentors. I let go and returned to my booking. Surprisingly the afternoon was plain sailing and, at the end of the day I received a booking to teach at my fave school for the day. That one day booking turned into a permanent job opportunity. 

This wasnt the first time that surrender had positively changed my trajectory. I’m sure it wont be the last time either because surrender allows you to create space for miracles, support, healing and guidance. It allows Spirit to help you.


The number forgiveness tool that every spiritual teacher talks about. With it being healing, empowering and free. Yet, it can be and tends to be the most challenging spiritual principle and practice of them all.

Forgiveness of yourself and others who have hurt you releases you from the past, the pain and situation. Holding onto the pain or lower vibrational emotions can often leave you feeling weighed down, stuck or blocked. 

On an energetic level it keeps the energy of that situation in your energy field. Which often leads to you attracting the same, thinking in the same way in similar situation or repeating the same lessons. I know this because it happened to me.

So, begin that journey towards freedom with giving yourself permission to forgive. Setting the intention to forgive yourself and others. Then let Spirit light your path.


It’s so easy to focus on the negative when challenges or hard times strike. Particularly when you are working or living in an environment where people are just chronic complainers.

However, when you are so hyper focused on the negative it becomes a habit. It brings down your energy and closes your mind off to possible solutions or new ideas.

Whilst you can’t bury your head in the sand or turn into Pollyanna you can shift your thinking by:

  • Reflecting on the positives often
  • Asking better questions when negativity creeps in, eg: What can I learn from this?

These subtle changes help to develop more of a growth mindset. It also gets you into that habit of simply being aware of the good people, positivity that already exists around you. Whilst also helping you to see how amazing you are which will strengthen self love and self esteem.

These subtle changes help to develop more of a growth mindset. It also gets you into that habit of simply being aware of the good people, positivity that already exists around you. Whilst also helping you to see how amazing you are which will strengthen self love and self esteem.

As you can see none of these suggestions require additional tools. That’s because you dont have to use crystals, sage and singing bowls in order to cultivate a spiritual lifestyle.

Don’t get me wrong, the aforementioned tools are powerful and help to amplify the energy. However, I do not believe that you need all of the spiritual glamour to live a spiritual life or have spiritual experiences.

When I started on this journey I couldn’t afford to keep buying these tools. So, I worked with what I had and brought these spiritual principles and practices into my life. Which opened me up to healing, connection, opportunities and support.
And guess what?

When my life got busier and my career was in full swing it was these principles and practices that I returned to first. By then I could afford to add in the frills and everything else. Yet, it was these principles I headed to first.

So, what can you do today to lay or strengthen the foundations of your mystical lifestyle? Comment below.

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How to recognise signs from your loved ones in Heaven

Halloween is the time of the year when people say that the veil is thin. However, I find that Christmas is a time where the veil is thin and loved ones in Spirit draw closer. No doubt reminding us of the true essence of Christmas.

Image via Pinterest

As a psychic and healer with mediumship abilities and a loved one in Heaven I have come to learn that our loved ones on the “other side” will leave us signs of their presence. In fact, you’ll probably find that they are already doing this and maybe:

  • You have not noticed
  • Dismissed the signs

If that’s been your experience then this post is going to help you in recognising the messages and signs from your loved one(s) in Heaven.


The most common feeling is a gentle breeze or goosebumps. Sometimes you might feel as if something/someone is touching your head or arm. It might also be that feeling that their energy is around you and it’s just an inner knowing that they are there.

How might you know for sure? Feelings come with this inner knowing. You can’t explain it you just know. It MIGHT be validated by a scent that is distinct to them, such as: cigarettes if they smoked, perfume/aftershave or their favourite tipple. They may also just run across your mind around the same time too.


A song might come on that your loved one absolutely loved or a song that just reminds you of them. You might even read a quote that might be their favourite or reminds you of something that may have said to you.

How might you know for sure? If the song or the words resonate with you or what you are going through right now. Also, if the song reminds you of your loved one(s) in Heaven. It might also be that the song is one that you don’t here often and suddenly you’re hearing it. Ultimately, if it means something to you and your loved one in Heaven then it’s likely to be a sign of their presence around you.


My personal belief is that signs, symbols (and numbers) are the language of Spirit. It is also a way in which your loved ones in Heaven can connect with you. There are common symbols such as feathers and white butterflies. However, sometimes these symbols can be more specific such as: their favourite flower, their name, birth date numbers, or if they had a tattoo like as an anchor and then you see it randomly or regularly.

How might you know for sure? You see the signs or symbols in random places or you see it often. Its specific to you and your loved one in Heaven.


Your loved one in Heaven might pop into your dreams. You might hear their name, feel their presence or see their face. This is quite common because you are more receptive and open and your dream state. Sometimes they have message to share or sometimes they are just showing their face to say “Hi“.

How might you know for sure? You’ll know because you see them. You might feel emotional on awakening and it may have felt real. As if they were really with you.


Other people may bring you messages from them. Through a medium being an obvious example. However, a friend or stranger can do this too by sharing with you a piece of advice or saying something that you’re loved one would have said.

How might you know for sure? The words and message will resonate with you to your core. It will be delivered at what feels to be the perfect time and just when you need it. What’s said is so specific to you and your loved one in Heavens relationship – its something that they couldn’t possibly know.

Hopefully this will help you in recognising signs from your loved one in Heaven. Yet, the ultimate thing to remember is that you just KNOW when a loved one is around you. It’s just a case of trusting that feeling and sense of knowing that comes to you. Particularly, if it feels real, brings comfort and just resonates at your core.
You can also ask for confirmation. No fancy words required. Just ask.

In fact, I did this when my nan first passed over. I asked for the most obscure, yet specific sign I could. So, there would be no confusion. I forgot about and then saw the exact image I’d asked for as a sign, a few hours later.

Try this yourself or write to them, if you would prefer.

Finally, this is a personal one which might resonate with someone: Light a white candle for them and add something they might like nearby the candle, eg: their favourite tipple or their image. (Be safe and sensible when working with candles – just saying.)

With much love 💖

Disclaimer: Grief and bereavement can be really challenging. Reach out to trusted professionals in mental health or medical professions if you need to.


Bad Vibes Don’t Go With My Outfit” is the theme for the first Soul Story London collection. It’s all about protecting your spirit, your energy and yourself.

Right now, we are living in a time where there is a lot of negative energy flying around. We are seeing it on our TVs, the towns we live and maybe even with the people we are connecting with. In fact, may be you are projecting some negative vibes too. Whilst it is perfectly normal to feel some kinda way about what is happening and encountering negative energy is just part of life. It is important to not indulge in this energy to the point that it:

  • Brings you down
  • Leaves you feeling drained
  • Creates overwhelm and anxiety within
  • Impacts on your well-being

Which is where protecting your energy comes into play

Now, there are many ways to that you can do this, tools that you can use and people you can work with. However, Soul Story London jewellery is the home of crystals, talismans, amulets and beautiful things. So, that’s where the focus for us begins.

Crystals are a great addition to your spiritual (protection) practise. Working with your energy to support you with aligning with the intention you set and anything else that you may need energetically. As such there are specific crystals that you can work with that support you in protecting your energy and are known for the spiritual/energy protection benefits.

In the “Bad Vibes Don’t Go With My Outfit” collection the focus is on Black Onyx and Hematite. Blending this with, one of the most famous spiritual symbols of them all, being the Evil Eye.

Black Onyx is a popular protection crystal that is often set in jewellery for luxe brands such as Bvlgari. It is a beautiful, shiny stone that can be used alongside other crystals to bring protection to the wearer by transmuting negative energy into positive energy.

The kind of things that Black Onyx is most effective at protection from, include:

  • Low vibes that you may not be aware of, eg: jealousy, Negative Nellies and other occurrences that may be draining your energy on the downlow.
  • When going into conversations/meetings that may get a little heated
    Whilst out and about at events or in a big city where there is a lot of energy moving around
  • Assist you in seeing your negativity and self-sabotaging behaviour, which helps you to make changes for the better.

Hematite is the ultimate grounding crystal that will bring your right back down to Earth when you have been working with the Higher (Spiritual) chakras or when life in the real-world just feels off-balance or a little chaotic. It also supports you in harnessing your own power and inner strength.

You can work with Hematite when you want to:

  • Get grounded so that you are not swayed by what is going on around you
  • Be more focused on everyday activities and what is important to you
  • Take a slower and steady pace rather than rushing in

These are really key benefits, especially when things are challenging around. This is because challenging times are the times when you can be prone to rush in, become overly emotional and maybe accept things that you may not ordinarily accept, eg: jobs, opportunities. I know for myself that there have been times when the benefits of Hematite’s energy wouldn’t have gone amiss, especially when making early career decisions, often in the heat of the moment.

This is probably one of the most famous spiritual symbols. Worn in the form of jewellery by celebrities such as Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Anniston and Meghan Markle.

The story of the Evil Eye can be traced back to the Greeks and Romans, as well as world religions such as Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism.

Evil Eye is believed to be a glance/stare/glare that is intended to cause harm. Therefore, by wearing the symbol of the Evil Eye the wearer will be protected and attract more positivity to themselves.

Although, crystals, amulets and talismans have their own spiritual benefits and properties, it is important to remember this: YOU have the real beauty, power and magic already within you. It is through your positive intentions and actions that you are able to reap the benefits that are awaiting your arrival.

So, that’s a little overview of the current collection. I hope that you love wearing your Soul Story London jewellery and remember to: “Keep your intentions pure and in love, and your deeds good.”

With love,
Chanel Marie xo