How to recognise signs from your loved ones in Heaven

Halloween is the time of the year when people say that the veil is thin. However, I find that Christmas is a time where the veil is thin and loved ones in Spirit draw closer. No doubt reminding us of the true essence of Christmas.

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As a psychic and healer with mediumship abilities and a loved one in Heaven I have come to learn that our loved ones on the “other side” will leave us signs of their presence. In fact, you’ll probably find that they are already doing this and maybe:

  • You have not noticed
  • Dismissed the signs

If that’s been your experience then this post is going to help you in recognising the messages and signs from your loved one(s) in Heaven.


The most common feeling is a gentle breeze or goosebumps. Sometimes you might feel as if something/someone is touching your head or arm. It might also be that feeling that their energy is around you and it’s just an inner knowing that they are there.

How might you know for sure? Feelings come with this inner knowing. You can’t explain it you just know. It MIGHT be validated by a scent that is distinct to them, such as: cigarettes if they smoked, perfume/aftershave or their favourite tipple. They may also just run across your mind around the same time too.


A song might come on that your loved one absolutely loved or a song that just reminds you of them. You might even read a quote that might be their favourite or reminds you of something that may have said to you.

How might you know for sure? If the song or the words resonate with you or what you are going through right now. Also, if the song reminds you of your loved one(s) in Heaven. It might also be that the song is one that you don’t here often and suddenly you’re hearing it. Ultimately, if it means something to you and your loved one in Heaven then it’s likely to be a sign of their presence around you.


My personal belief is that signs, symbols (and numbers) are the language of Spirit. It is also a way in which your loved ones in Heaven can connect with you. There are common symbols such as feathers and white butterflies. However, sometimes these symbols can be more specific such as: their favourite flower, their name, birth date numbers, or if they had a tattoo like as an anchor and then you see it randomly or regularly.

How might you know for sure? You see the signs or symbols in random places or you see it often. Its specific to you and your loved one in Heaven.


Your loved one in Heaven might pop into your dreams. You might hear their name, feel their presence or see their face. This is quite common because you are more receptive and open and your dream state. Sometimes they have message to share or sometimes they are just showing their face to say “Hi“.

How might you know for sure? You’ll know because you see them. You might feel emotional on awakening and it may have felt real. As if they were really with you.


Other people may bring you messages from them. Through a medium being an obvious example. However, a friend or stranger can do this too by sharing with you a piece of advice or saying something that you’re loved one would have said.

How might you know for sure? The words and message will resonate with you to your core. It will be delivered at what feels to be the perfect time and just when you need it. What’s said is so specific to you and your loved one in Heavens relationship – its something that they couldn’t possibly know.

Hopefully this will help you in recognising signs from your loved one in Heaven. Yet, the ultimate thing to remember is that you just KNOW when a loved one is around you. It’s just a case of trusting that feeling and sense of knowing that comes to you. Particularly, if it feels real, brings comfort and just resonates at your core.
You can also ask for confirmation. No fancy words required. Just ask.

In fact, I did this when my nan first passed over. I asked for the most obscure, yet specific sign I could. So, there would be no confusion. I forgot about and then saw the exact image I’d asked for as a sign, a few hours later.

Try this yourself or write to them, if you would prefer.

Finally, this is a personal one which might resonate with someone: Light a white candle for them and add something they might like nearby the candle, eg: their favourite tipple or their image. (Be safe and sensible when working with candles – just saying.)

With much love 💖

Disclaimer: Grief and bereavement can be really challenging. Reach out to trusted professionals in mental health or medical professions if you need to.


Bad Vibes Don’t Go With My Outfit” is the theme for the first Soul Story London collection. It’s all about protecting your spirit, your energy and yourself.

Right now, we are living in a time where there is a lot of negative energy flying around. We are seeing it on our TVs, the towns we live and maybe even with the people we are connecting with. In fact, may be you are projecting some negative vibes too. Whilst it is perfectly normal to feel some kinda way about what is happening and encountering negative energy is just part of life. It is important to not indulge in this energy to the point that it:

  • Brings you down
  • Leaves you feeling drained
  • Creates overwhelm and anxiety within
  • Impacts on your well-being

Which is where protecting your energy comes into play

Now, there are many ways to that you can do this, tools that you can use and people you can work with. However, Soul Story London jewellery is the home of crystals, talismans, amulets and beautiful things. So, that’s where the focus for us begins.

Crystals are a great addition to your spiritual (protection) practise. Working with your energy to support you with aligning with the intention you set and anything else that you may need energetically. As such there are specific crystals that you can work with that support you in protecting your energy and are known for the spiritual/energy protection benefits.

In the “Bad Vibes Don’t Go With My Outfit” collection the focus is on Black Onyx and Hematite. Blending this with, one of the most famous spiritual symbols of them all, being the Evil Eye.

Black Onyx is a popular protection crystal that is often set in jewellery for luxe brands such as Bvlgari. It is a beautiful, shiny stone that can be used alongside other crystals to bring protection to the wearer by transmuting negative energy into positive energy.

The kind of things that Black Onyx is most effective at protection from, include:

  • Low vibes that you may not be aware of, eg: jealousy, Negative Nellies and other occurrences that may be draining your energy on the downlow.
  • When going into conversations/meetings that may get a little heated
    Whilst out and about at events or in a big city where there is a lot of energy moving around
  • Assist you in seeing your negativity and self-sabotaging behaviour, which helps you to make changes for the better.

Hematite is the ultimate grounding crystal that will bring your right back down to Earth when you have been working with the Higher (Spiritual) chakras or when life in the real-world just feels off-balance or a little chaotic. It also supports you in harnessing your own power and inner strength.

You can work with Hematite when you want to:

  • Get grounded so that you are not swayed by what is going on around you
  • Be more focused on everyday activities and what is important to you
  • Take a slower and steady pace rather than rushing in

These are really key benefits, especially when things are challenging around. This is because challenging times are the times when you can be prone to rush in, become overly emotional and maybe accept things that you may not ordinarily accept, eg: jobs, opportunities. I know for myself that there have been times when the benefits of Hematite’s energy wouldn’t have gone amiss, especially when making early career decisions, often in the heat of the moment.

This is probably one of the most famous spiritual symbols. Worn in the form of jewellery by celebrities such as Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Anniston and Meghan Markle.

The story of the Evil Eye can be traced back to the Greeks and Romans, as well as world religions such as Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism.

Evil Eye is believed to be a glance/stare/glare that is intended to cause harm. Therefore, by wearing the symbol of the Evil Eye the wearer will be protected and attract more positivity to themselves.

Although, crystals, amulets and talismans have their own spiritual benefits and properties, it is important to remember this: YOU have the real beauty, power and magic already within you. It is through your positive intentions and actions that you are able to reap the benefits that are awaiting your arrival.

So, that’s a little overview of the current collection. I hope that you love wearing your Soul Story London jewellery and remember to: “Keep your intentions pure and in love, and your deeds good.”

With love,
Chanel Marie xo


AWAKENING: When The Struggle Is Real!

Sometimes the process of Awakening sounds so easy.

You can see and feel it all breaking open around and within you. So, go for it and take the leap “the Universe will catch you”.

But, let’s be real for a minute. The process of Awakening isn’t always easy.

No matter how many times you experience an Awakening it can feel like your world is falling apart. Not to forget that every person’s Awakening trigger is different, be it:

  • Bereavement
  • Bullying
  • Mental health
  • Job loss
  • That niggling feeling
  • Aha moment

Which means taking that leap may not feel that easy to do. So, that desire to cling and hold it all together for dear life is a thing.

The struggle feels real.

It’s realer still, when you consider that you Awakening also involves:

  • Awakening to your shadows
  • Feeling the pain or the stories that you’d buried within you

Often, Awakening to it all without the tools, awareness or knowledge of how to deal with what is coming up for you.

So, don’t beat yourself up if Awakening feels like chaos, pain, turmoil, stress, overwhelm…

Don’t feel pressured into taking the leap because ‘they’ say that “the Universe will catch you”.

Yet, don’t allow yourself to sit in the ship that’s sinking.

So, what the hell can you do?


Catch your breath

In times of Awakening your vibration is rising. The energy can feel unsettled and ungrounded. With the changes sending your mind and body into an almost fight or flight mode. You might feel out of balance and your mind might feel frazzled. Fear may be reigning supreme. Which isn’t the best place for most people to be making decisions from.


What one thing can you do today, right now, to support yourself through this process? Who can you call, connect with or work with? Who gets it and gets you and can guide you through it? Who can hold a safe space for you to reveal, feel and heal? 


Call on your Spirit Bff’s and Angels to give you a sign on the next step to take.
Be patient. Be aware. Receive your sign. Take inspired action.


Most of all be kind to yourself and remember “This too shall pass“.

Because, believe or not: You’ve got this!

With love x



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Angel numbers are not just signs that your manifestation are on the way. There was is more to them that.

As a Psychic Medium, Spirit speak to me in signs and symbols, as well as normal convo style.

Those signs and symbols have generic meanings. They also have specific meaning given to me by the Spirit guide that I may be working with at that that time.

It’s a similar thing with angel numbers.

The numbers can be a sign that:

  • Your guides, Angels, ancestors are close and want you to connect with them more
  • You are aligned or misaligned with your desires or manifestations
  • You need to keep the faith, stay strong, dont give up hope
  • Or, maybe the numbers have a more specific meaning.

So, how do you know what the meaning is? How can you decode the specific message for you?

Most people go to Goggle. Looking up the numbers on their favourite websites. Mine is sacredjoscribes
However, the whole point of the Awakening journey as I know is to:

Awaken to YOURSELF and the Divinity, magic and answers that already lies within.

Therefore, consulting your own inner wisdom is the best way to get the real meaning.

Here are my tips on how to do that.

How did you feel when you saw the numbers or when it was pointed out? The initial feeling will give you a sense of whether this is an angel number showing that you are aligned or misaligned with your dreams/intentions.

What were you doing at the time when the numbers appeared? How did that activity make you feel? Was that activity in alignment with feeling good and raising your vibration?

What were you thinking about at that moment? Were your thoughts of the feel good variety? Or were you thinking negatively? Were you thinking about the bastard ex? If it’s the latter two then maybe consider that seeing the angel number was more of a pattern interrupt. Inviting you to shift your thoughts somewhere else and manifest better for yourself.

Bringing it back to yourself and using your own awareness allows you to connect with the true meaning behind the numbers. At the same time, supporting you in developing your relationship with yourself and spiritual team. Guiding you to look within before you look without.

Unfortunately, the world of Spirituality has made it seem like there is this one size fits all approach and pushing us to look outside of ourselves for the answers. And, dont get me wrong support from trusted channels is great. However, even then, remember that all answers lie within. Take what resonates.

With love x


“Crystal healing is the belief that the metaphysical energy of crystals + gemstones can assist in the healing of the emotional, spiritual & physical body.”
– Victoria Forster, Co-founder of Venusrox

I love this excerpt from an interview with Victoria Forster because she sums up crystal healing in such a simplistic way. Highlighting that crystals are TOOL that can support you in healing on different levels. Yet, the true beauty of working with crystals is that it can be easy or, as easy as you allow it to be. And, believe it or not there is not much you need to do to get started.

In this article, I share with you the Simple Approach to getting started with crystals. You also have the option of following up and digging deeper here and here.


When I first discovered crystals I was about 7 years old and was on a school trip to Chislehurst Caves. Whilst everybody else was buying novelty pencils and rubbers I was choosing the best Amethyst and Clear Quartz crystals for mum and me. Yet, it wasn’t until I was in university that I started to really get into them.

Beginning with using Rose Quartz to banish crippling period pain, boosting my confidence and attracting attention from male admirers. At the time, it was non-intentional and totally experimental. By that, I mean that I wasn’t knowingly setting an intention for how to work with my crystal and had no idea about the properties of Rose Quartz. I simply held it in my hand, wishing the pain to away. When I woke up a few hours the later the pain was gone and I was free to go raving with my friends. Keeping the crystal with me that night (just in case….), I ended up being the ‘Belle of the Rave’ attracting lots of attention from celebrity DJs and the guys. I shrugged it off because what I didn’t know back then was that Rose Quartz is known as the attraction crystal.

What this taught me is that I didn’t NEED to have lots of fancy tools in order to have a little crystal magic in my life. I was enough. The power was already within me and all I needed to do was simply open, allowing myself to simply receive. Also, remembering that crystals already know what to do and will vibe with you in a way that is simply perfect for you, at that time.


If there was ever a rule for working with crystals it is this: The ‘right’ crystal will often choose you. So, trust your own instinct, intuition or vibes you get. Each crystal has it’s own vibe and you will be drawn to the one that is right for you. And, yes this can happen online too because energy is not bound by time, space or reality.

Therefore, there are no real crystal must-haves because the crystals will vibe with us all differently. For example, one person may be attracted to Amethyst and find it works wonder for sleep. Whereas someone else will find that Amethyst is over stimulating, especially around the Third Eye chakra area. Different strokes for different folks.

That being said, there are a few crystals that many like to have in their collection. I have listed some of them and their properties below.

#1: Clear Quartz
Known as the ‘Master Healer’ there is nothing that this crystal cant do for you energetically. It will cleanse, charge, protect and amplify energy too.

#2: Rose Quartz
Known as the love stone, this crystal has been used in rituals and as talismans for attracting love throughout the centuries. Resonating with the heart it will also help you dissolve your own barriers to love.

#3: Black Tourmaline
This is your crystal bodyguard that will protect your energy from any negative vibes that may come your way. Repels that negativity and can help you to ground your energy too.

Nicknamed the ‘Merchant Stone’, Citrine is your money crystal. Used by the girl next door and business owners to attract success, as well as positive energy and money, money, money.


If you are receiving your crystal from a seller or purchasing in a shop, I recommend cleansing it first. This is because it is likely that the crystal will have picked up a lot of different energies which may not be a resonance for you or your intentions.

There are lots of ways to cleanse your crystals. However, if you have worked with me, then you know that I like to keep things nice and simple, yet effective. So, here are my top suggestions:

#1: Water

This is where I started, holding my crystals under running water with the intention of clearing the energy, and sometimes I would soak the crystals in water overnight. BE CAREFUL – Some crystals, like Selenite, do not like water and will dissolve.

#2: Smoke

Pass the crystal through the smoke of an incense that you typically use for cleansing. Set an intention for what you want to do, which is to cleanse the crystal of energy that is not a vibrational match with you.

#3: Prayer and intention

Hold the crystal in your hand or by your heart and say a prayer of intention, speaking directly from your heart. One prayer that I have come across recently and absolutely love is this one from Energy Muse:

“I ask that the highest vibration of love+ light connect with my highest self to clear all unwanted energy + previous programming. I command these crystals to _____________. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

People often ask me how often they should be cleansing their crystals. My personal stance is that I clear the energy of the crystals each time I am working with it for something new. This way I clear all previous programming and any unwanted energy. In saying that, I also trust my intuition and the connection that I have with that crystal. Therefore, if I feel that the energy of the crystal is getting a little heavy or that it feel ‘weak’, for want of a better word, I clear the energy using the method that I feel drawn to at that time.


Get to know your crystal by meditating with it before setting your intention. This just helps you to
connect with its energy and it to fully connect with yours. Bring your awareness to your body and energy. Be aware of the energy shift or guidance that comes from within. Then set your intention for how you want your crystal to help you and work with you.


There are many ways to incorporate crystals into your daily life and it really doesn’t have to be complicated. One of the most effective and easy ways that I find for doing this is wearing them in my bra. Although, you can carry your crystals in your pocket or handbag, as well as keeping them on your desk, altar, under your pillow or in a crystal grid. You may even want to hold a crystal in your hand whilst you are meditation or visualising in order to amplify the energy of your intention. This will be supportive in getting you in energetic alignment.


That literally is a crash course in getting started with bringing crystals into your everyday life. As you can see it really doesn’t have to be complicated and you can keep it easy. Just go with the flow and trust your own inner guidance, including bringing awareness to your energy and body. After all, this is how the crystal is connecting with you too – energetically!!

If you wanted to know more about getting started working with crystals I have a FREE crystal guide for beginners that you can find here. For those who want to up their game I have an ebook filled with simple crystal rituals for everyday life situations, such as heart healing, confidence, energy protection and more. You can find that guide here.

I hope that all of this helps you.

With love.