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In this space I’ll be offering spiritual solutions and perspectives to real-life issues, challenges and dilemmas. Whilst sharing spiritual beauty tools, rituals, inspiration and offers to support you in enriching you and your life.

Everything I share in this space is tried and tested. Successfully tried, tested and used by me, my private clients, teachers and mentors.

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In sharing this content with you, some of which has only been shared with private clients, that you too can begin to shift your energy, restyle your mind, make changes and feel beautiful from the inside out.

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The word ‘forgiven’ in Aramaic/Hebrew means to untie.

When you forgive someone you literally untie/disentangle yourself from the emotions and thoughts that have kept you energetically tied to a person or situation from the past.

Sounds good. Yet so many people are really reluctant to forgive themselves and those who they feel have wronged them in the past.


Whilst there can be many reasons, I tend to find that most people fall into one of two categories or both:

  1. Don’t want to let the other person off the hook for what they’ve done
  2. Don’t even know where to start with forgiveness

If that’s you, then let me help you out.

Holding onto anger, bitterness, resentment and the like distort your perception of the world, as well as yourself.

For example, resentment towards your ex holds you in a vibration of anger. Creating a situation where you hold onto the belief that all men are bastards, you’ll never find a good man, you make bad decisions in love or you’re not worthy of a good relationship.

Or bad situation of jealousy and bullying at work might fuel the vibe of mistrust. Leading you to possibly believe that you always face this at work, you’ll never find a nice place to work or that you will never progress in your career.

And what does all that do?

It keeps you stuck in the story and with the same old beliefs.

Does that align you or misalign you with your dreams and goals? You tell me.


Forgiveness is a process and it’s one that starts with just a willingness to forgive. Even if you feel you are not quite ready. The willingness is enough to let God, the Angels. Universe… know that you are ready to try. Then, more often than not, you’ll be guided to what and who you need to support you in really being able to forgive, let go, align and receive.


When you set the intention to forgive (yourself and others) you effectively press CANCEL, CLEAR + DELETE on your past. The energy that emanated from the anger, resentment, shame, guilt and bitterness can now be transmuted. This, in turn, leads to flow rather than resistance and smashing your head against a brick wall. With the flow comes a natural elevation in your vibration and from here you can continue to build on that momentum. Leading you to a place of alignment and receiving.


By forgiving you elevate yourself into the vibration of love. Increasing your capacity to give and receive love, whilst opening up your heart chakra.

Why is that important, though?

The heart is a bit like a bridge between the physical (lower chakras) and the spiritual (higher chakras). Therefore, energy likes to move freely through the heart so that you can connect both worlds and receive, as well as give freely.

Interesting fact: The heart is the largest electromagnetic organ in your body, you can see that by storing up negative emotions in your heart, you are radiating that energy through your body and out into the Universe. Creating a situation where you end up reliving and recreating your past wherever you go.


Forgiveness starts with the intention of simply being willing to forgive. Yet, it also comes with it an element of acceptance:

  • Acceptance of the past
  • Acceptance of the fact that everyone makes mistakes
  • Acceptance that, believe it or not, you did the best you could at that time

And, if you are truly sick of being stuck and repeating the same cycles over and over again, you know that your soul is ready to lead you towards forgiveness. The question is:

Do you give yourself permission to give?

If so, then click here to get started.


If you would like 1:1 support in the form of spiritual guidance and/or energy healing session then you can book with me directly. You can also find out about the services I offer here.


Heart healing

Manifest the ex


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When we think of self care and self loving acts, the mind may default to manicures, spa days, treating yourself to brunch or a stroll on the beach. Whereas all of these things are lovely acts of self love and care, they do little for your inner beauty and wellbeing.

As I began my self love journey I was guided toward taking care of my energy. Being someone who was sensitive and quick to prioritise the needs of others before my own, I often found myself experiencing:

  • Burn out
  • Feeling drained of energy
  • Fatigue
  • Random fluctuations of energy

All of which had an impact on being able to stay on my A-game, my mood, my self esteem and ability to feel positive whilst enjoying life.

However, what I didnt realise is that feeling this way was down to my inability to set healthy boundaries and take care of my energy. Yet when I started to do these things I noticed a complete upward shift in my energy. In fact, I quickly came to realise that much of the heavy energy I experienced wasn’t even mine.

You may have noticed this in your own life where you are feeling energised, positive and confident then you meet up with a friend, enter the office or interact in a group online and then…..


Your energy levels begin to dip. Then, by the time you leave that person, office or group you feel drained of energy. Yet the other person seems to be strutting off into the sunset with this sudden burst of energy.

Sound familiar?

Yep, this was how it was for me too. Back then I mostly socialised with a group of women who never really felt good about themselves. Lacking confidence and a positive self image, which sometimes led to catty comments behind my back, backhanded compliments, kind words said with the energy of jealousy or just blatant bitching to my face.

Therefore, their vibe within them was low and being sensitive I was picking up on that. Taking it on as my own, whilst adding fuel to the insecurities I may have already been carrying.

It’s a bit like that quote:

“Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure that you are not, in fact, just surrounded by assholes.” ~ William Gibson

The term assholes is a bit strong. Yet, I’m sure you catch my drift…..

…..sometimes the low vibe or low self esteem you carry isn’t about you. It’s more about the people you are associating with.

This is why taking care of your energy and having boundaries is key to self esteem, self care and self love. In my own life I found it to be a game changer and I’m so glad that I was guided to focus on this at the start of my self love journey.

Over the years I’ve found many ways to manage my energy. Using a range of tools, techniques and practices when guided to. Yet, the one I share with you today is one that blends beauty and spirit. Offering benefits for both your spirit and your skin. #winwin

Dead Sea Salt Bath
A Dead Sea Salt bath will cleanse your body of physical and spiritual/energetic dirt, creating that sense of beautifying yourself from the inside out. You can read about the spiritual beauty benefits of salt baths here.

Now, there are other salts you can use, such as Himilayan (pink) Salt. However, I find that Himilayan salt feels almost glass like on my skin and dont like how that feels. Also, I recently read that its mined, in short supply and once it’s gone, it’s gone. Based on all of that, I’m now moving away from it but check what resonates with you.

1.  It’s good to have a salt bath once a month, around the Full Moon is a good choice because this is a time for release and letting go.

2.  Run a bath and add around 2 handfuls of your chosen salt. As an added extra you may want to add a few drops your favourite essential oil, such as Ylang Ylang or Rose oil. Both of these carry very self loving and feminine energies.

3.  Soak in your salt bath for around 20 minutes, setting the intention to release negative/low vibrations that are not used and do not serve your in the Highest. You can say this as a prayer or as a clear intention, aloud or quietly to yourself.

4.  As you let the water out imagine that this is all of the negative energy being drained away.

It’s important to say that no soaps, bubble baths or shower gel should be added to your salt bath.

And that’s all there is to it.

I would love to know how you get on so please comment below. Equally, if you are a lover of salt baths already please share your experiences or ritual suggestions in the comments. Finally, if you need support with managing your energy or advice on purchasing Dead Sea Salt then feel free to get in touch with me directly. 

Please consult your doctor if you are worried about fatigue, energy fluctuations or any other symptoms mentioned in this article. This information is not a substitute for medical advice.



I manifested an ex back many a time.

At least that’s what I thought.

Each time that he came back into my life I thought that things would be different. That this time would be the time when we would have our happily ever after.

Sadly, it was the never the case.

Before long, the same issues, insecurities, patterns and plain old shit would arise. Leading us both down the same road. Arriving at the same outcome.


Eventually our souls, God and the Angels must have had enough because there came a point where there was no going back.

Looking back now, with the gifts of time, distance, wisdom, experience and hindsight, I can see that: I hadn’t been manifesting an ex back. Instead I had been manifesting the lessons I’d missed (and kept missing).

And that’s the thing I learned……

……Our soul has an agenda. We have our ideals. At a deeper level our soul is in agreement. However, the soul knows what needs to revealed, released, healed, loved, learned, overcome……in order for our ideal to be met and received.

Therefore, when calling my ex back into my life, my soul delighted at giving me another chance to finally learn the lesson, to heal a wound and ultimately play the game of love differently this time. Unfortunately, it took me a while to get it because I was so focused on having what I wanted.

You see, I’ve come to understand that God, the Universe….want us to be happy and co-create with them to manifest our dreams into reality. Yet, what tends to happen is that we…..

….get in our own way. Creating blocks and resistance where flow and ease should lead to Divine alignment.

If only we would bring the focus back to ourselves things would be so much easier.

And with a big nudge from the Angels I found myself doing exactly that.

As I started to focus on me: healing my wounds and integrating the lessons I started to see my ex in a whole new light. Instead of falling for him, I started to fall in love with myself.

Over a period of time, I began to regain my self worth. Began to see myself as enough. I learned to fully accept myself, warts and all.

With that my taste in men changed. (I definitely didn’t want my ex back when he came knocking.) My ideals, wants and desires changed. Most of all me and my relationship with myself did a positive 360. I was actually becoming the woman I was created to be. Which is what healing and self love will do for you.

And that’s the thing, for many, the desire to manifest an ex back or simply manifest true love, is really about loving and accepting yourself. Something that each and every one of us are capable of doing.

I’m not saying it’ll be easy or that it’ll all fall into place overnight. I am saying that you are worthy of being loved by yourself and others. And if I can make that shift, you can too.

It just takes an initial first step and consistent action. So, what’s the first step that you can take today to honour yourself and prioritise you?

Right now, with us being in Virgo season and September it’s brought a healing and releasing vibe. Making it a great time to start letting go of the past, healing your heart and fiercely loving YOU!

When it comes to love the one place where we tend to build barriers and create blocks is within the heart chakra.

Now, there are many ways to release any barriers and stagnant energy. One simple yet effective way is meditation and reciting affirmations.

Click here for some sample affirmations and a forgiveness statement. Mix, match and tweak as appropriate. Recite them during your daily meditation session or whilst applying your makeup/getting ready in the morning. Whatever suits your lifestyle most.

Crystals 101: A beginner’s guide

“Crystal healing is the belief that the metaphysical energy of crystals + gemstones can assist in the healing of the emotional, spiritual & physical body.”
– Victoria Forster, Co-founder of Venusrox

I love this excerpt from an interview with Victoria Forster because she sums up crystal healing in such a simplistic way. Which is perfect because working with crystals is simple and, in my own experience, it is the simplest way to raise your vibration, whilst adding a little beauty and sparkle to your everyday life. However, with the multitude of books, courses, websites and products out there you would think that incorporating crystals into your everyday life is rocket science when really it doesn’t have to be.


When I first discovered crystals I was about 7 years old and was on a school trip to Chislehurst Caves. Whilst everybody else was buying novelty pencils and rubbers I was choosing the best Amethyst and Clear Quartz crystals for mum and me. Yet, it wasn’t until I was in university that I started to really get into them.

Beginning with using Rose Quartz to banish crippling period pain, boosting my confidence and attracting attention from male admirers. At the time, it was non-intentional and totally experimental. By that, I mean that I wasn’t setting an intention for how to work with my crystal and had no idea about the properties of Rose Quartz. However, the little Rose Quartz that I had borrowed from my mum, worked for me in the most beautiful, loving, intuitive and miraculous way.

For me, that is the beauty of crystals: They know exactly what you need, even if you don’t and are not even sure what to do in order to connect with them. This is because crystals will respond to your most dominant vibration (your energy). Lifting, balancing and giving you what you need energetically in order to move forward with a little more ease and grace. Therefore, I always feel that the key things you need when working with crystals are an open heart and an open mind, as well as a healthy dose of detachment.


It is important to cleanse your crystals before you use them. Even if they have been tucked away in your crystal box for some time, it is wise to perform a simple cleansing ritual because crystals store energy. Therefore, it is possible that your crystal may have absorbed energy that may not resonate with you.

There are many schools of thoughts, methods and suggestions for cleaning your crystals. Yet the ones that I subscribe to can be performed with ease and do not require lots of preparation or additional effort. Try one or all of the following and see which one floats your boat.

#1: Water

This is where I started, holding my crystals under running water with the intention of clearing the energy, and sometimes I would soak the crystals in water overnight.

#2: Sage

Pass the crystal through the smoke of Sage and saying an affirming prayer to clear the energy of the crystal. Sage has been used since ancient times, believed to remove negative energy and restore energetic balance within a space.

#3: Prayer and intention

Hold the crystal in your hand or by your heart and say a prayer of intention, speaking directly from your heart. One prayer that I have come across recently and absolutely love is this one from Energy Muse:

“I ask that the highest vibration of love+ light connect with my highest self to clear all unwanted energy + previous programming. I command these crystals to _____________. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

People often ask me how often they should be cleansing their crystals. My personal stance is that I clear the energy of the crystals each time I am working with it for something new. This way I clear all previous programming and any unwanted energy. In saying that, I also trust my intuition and the connection that I have with that crystal. Therefore, if I feel that the energy of the crystal is getting a little heavy or that it feel ‘weak’, for want of a better word, I clear the energy using the method that I feel drawn to at that time.

Despite the fact that I have completed crystal healing and reading courses, my interaction with my crystals is still based on my intuition and personal experiences. Sometimes I feel that this is best because the crystal is working with you and your energy, so what works for others may not necessarily work with you.


Copy of Copy of _Lost is not a place. It's a soul in paralysis waiting to move moved._ - Alfa (1)

Choosing the right crystal for you tends to be a very intuitive process whereby the crystal will often choose you, connecting with your vibration. However, I have found over the years that there are crystals that I simply cannot live without and that I return to over again to support me in different areas of my life. These crystals are:

#1: Clear Quartz
Crystal all-rounder and tension reliever. It can also be used to amplify the energy of your intention + other crystals.

#2: Howlite
This crystal will bring a wave of calm when you are feeling a little stress or overwhelmed. It’s a great meditation companion.

#3: Rose Quartz
The infamous stone of love is a healing and soothing stone. Shows you your barriers to love + aids sleep.

#4: Black Tourmaline
A stone of protection that grounds and shields you from energy, especially negative energy, that’s not yours.

#5: Selenite
Your guardian angel in crystal form. This crystal cleanses your energy, unblocking that stuck energy + bringing a sense of calm.

#6: Citrine
More commonly known as the abundance stone as it can be used for manifesting abundance. Promotes confidence and positivity in the wearer.


There are many ways to incorporate crystals into your daily life and it really doesn’t have to be complicated. One of the most effective and easy ways that I find for doing this is wearing them in my bra. Although, you can carry your crystals in your pocket or handbag, as well as keeping them on your desk, altar, under your pillow or in a crystal grid. You may even want to hold a crystal in your hand whilst you are meditation or visualising in order to amplify the energy of your intention. This will be supportive in getting you in energetic alignment.

Copy of Copy of _Lost is not a place. It's a soul in paralysis waiting to move moved._ - Alfa (2)


I’ve been fortunate enough to work in every single career field that I have wanted to, overcoming opposition, challenge and many nay-sayers. In addition to this, I’ve incorporated crystals into my law of attraction rituals and prayers, giving me a little energy boost and alignment.

I have also used crystals when I was having a hard time at work, especially when working in negative environments or people where it was essential that I stay in my own energy. Two crystals that I find really helps with this are Selenite and Black Tourmaline, incorporating them into my energy protection practice and wearing them in my bra whilst at work. You can find out more about each of these crystals by re-reading the crystal must-haves section above.

If you are in need of a little confidence boost and good luck in a work project or job hunt, then Aquamarine is a good crystal helper. Not only does it emit a relaxing and calming vibrational, yet I found that it boosts your confidence and gives you the motivation to simply just go for it.


If so, follow me on Instagram for more crystal shares. Book a crystal healing session with me here or purchase your very own crystal kit via my Etsy shop.


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