Becoming Confident has been created to inspire older teens and women to believe in themselves and develop their self-confidence.

Presented in a 10-day challenge format with rituals and practises for each day.

This workbook and guide is a blend of mind, beauty, energy and spirit. Gently guiding you as you:

  • Restyle your mind
  • Reset your vibe
  • Start to feel beautiful inside out

Suitable for older teens and women.

Inside you will find:

  • Intention setting 101
  • Crystals for confidence
  • Crystal ritual for confidence
  • Guide to writing powerful affirmations
  • Inspiration quotes
  • Beauty trick to style your mood
    AND much more.

Beautifully written and stylishly presented this 60+ page workbook, guide and challenge is the perfect companion for spiritually curious teens and women who seek a confidence boost.

Becoming Confident Mystical Beauty
Becoming Confident Mystical Beauty

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