April: Free Energy Update Reading

Red and warm coloured stone crystals are highly aspected for this Aries/April season. Symbolizing action, passion, confidence and a boost of energy.

The jumper card was The Tower. This gives me the feeling and the words “Do or die”. Sounds rather dramatic yet I feel that this is relating to the concepts of: “It’s now or never” and “If not now. When?”

I get the sense of being pushed up against it for a long time. It’s as if action should have been taken or a decision should have been made long ago. This month I am getting the sense that you’ll be forced to make a decision or will just be like “hell yeah” and you will simply take that leap of faith.

I get the sense that the decision or action you are making or taking is one that has far-reaching, somewhat long term effects.

Beginning of the month: 4 of swords
Your mind has been swirling with ideas and what if scenarios. A decision has to be made and action to be taken. There is a sense of having prayed on this and asked for signs. Those signs have been received. Have you been listening and taking note? If not, why not?

The man in the image is ready to go into action as he has his sword by his bed. However, he’s choosing to keep mulling over and praying for signs. Not accepting that he has what he needs for this next part of the journey.

Yet there is also an alternate message here of being sure to take time out for “contemplation” and to pray for guidance or signs as you take each step. Time out and meditation can be helpful at this time in acquiring distance, clarity and perspective.

Middle of the month: 10 coins
Abundance was word that came through as I shuffled the cards. So there are definitely some positive surprises and opportunities relating to abundance this month.

Looking at the elderly man in the image I feel that this will come with an element of judgement or animosity behind the scenes. This person may not be obvious and it appears that it will occur behind your back as opposed to in your faith. So be mindful of those in your circle and know who is truly for you.

I feel that this success and abundance has been long overdue. Something worked for and prayed for.

This card can also reflect a change of residence or place of work. I’m hearing “house move” where you are not being given long to make that move to the new home. Know that everything is in hand and that you are being guided.

End of month: Page of Wands
This card gives a sense of new beginnings. Having gone through the cycle of the month the Page has emerged stronger and with more passion than before.

I’m told that he has a new lease of life and is ready to keep going. Keep the momentum moving so that he can make the most of opportunities, achievements and what he is working towards.

He has emerged with new found confidence and knowledge. Although at the beginning of this new phase the Page of Wands shows someone who is ready for the challenge and next chapter.

The buds on his stave shows growth. It may be slow yet it’s there and it’s evident for all to see.

This is a Page who is proud of their achievements and are forward moving.

Love Overview

Beginning: 2 of swords
Middle: The Lovers
End: Strength

The sense is needing to get out of your head and out of your own way. The reason why things are not moving in the way you want are because you are not making a decision. Instead this person is thinking and thinking and over-thinking. This intensifies the attachment to the outcome and may well be what is slowing the momentum of your manifestation.

The Lovers indicates that your love prayers and requests have been heard.

I’m told that in an new, yet existing partnership, things will be hotting up. For those who are single then expect to be brought together with someone out of the blue or in a situation that is brand new to you both. There is a sense of vulnerability here.

The Strength card gives the sense of stepping into your own power and for the women, your femininity. This helps to strengthening your resolve and the connection between you and your beloved, even if you have not yet met or are not together.

A message for those who feel broken hearted is that you are stronger than you think you are. Exercise forgiveness and compassion because you can’t force someone to love you or apologise for what you perceive to be wrong.

I hope that you have enjoyed this month’s energy overview.

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