Angelic Reiki* is a beautiful, gentle and relaxing energy healing modality.

Working with the highest, Divine energies of the Angelic Realm for healing at a mind, body, soul level. This means that it can connect to the root of any issue, bringing you healing, clarity and understanding. Supporting you in releasing, clearing and rebalancing your energy.

My role as a practitioner is to hold a safe space for you to experience the healing that you are ready to believe. Acting as a bridge between you, the Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters, including Jesus and Mother Mary.

Angels are not bound by time, space or dimension which means that you can receive healing in-person or remotely. As such there is no difference in the impact received whether you have an in-person or distant session.

Working at a mind, body, spirit and soul level, Angelic Reiki can connect to the root of any issue bringing you healing, clarity and understanding. Supporting you in releasing, clearing and rebalancing your energy.


Some benefits that you may experience include:

  • Heart Healing & Self-love
  • Stress relief and calming emotions
  • Clearing and balancing your energy
  • Clarity and peace of mind
  • Releasing of blocked/suppressed feelings
  • Releasing the barriers (mental/energetic) that hold you back from being the real you
  • Letting go of karmic, ancestral, soulmate and emotional imbalances across all time, including past-lives.

What sessions do you offer?
You can choose from the following options below:

Distant Angelic Reiki


In-person Angelic Reiki*


Spiritual Makeover (Healing & Guidance)*

£111 – Email & Distant Healing

£90 – 30min Telephone & Distant Healing

*In-person sessions will incur additional costs on top of this price, for travel and expenses.

How do I book?
Decide on the session that suits you and fits your requirements. Then contact me here for availability. All payments are via PayPal. You will be sent consultation and consent forms. After all distant healing sessions you will receive feedback in the form of a pdf and the option of 7 days post-healing access to me. The latter doesn’t include additional healing or spiritual guidance.
In-person sessions are offered for corporate and private events, or by invite/personal recommendation. Please contact me directly to discuss.
Having my first angelic reiki session with Chanel Marie has proven to be a beautiful and powerful experience. Chanel has been very supportive throughout the whole process. From booking, during the lead up and even now; days after our session. As a part of the feedback Chanel provided for me, she created a guided meditation, which I’ve been using everyday as a part of my spiritual practice. Ever since our session, my connection with the archangels has developed and I have much more confidence in following my intuition. The guidance that Chanel has given me has also helped me to have a better relationship with myself through self love. I look forward to booking in again very soon! Thank you xx