Angelic Reiki* is a gentle yet deeply transformative energy healing modality that works with the highest energies of the Angelic Realm to bring balance, relaxation and healing to the recipient.

Working at a mind, body, spirit and soul level, Angelic Reiki can connect to the root of any issue bringing you healing, clarity and understanding. Supporting you in releasing, clearing and rebalancing your energy.


Anybody can benefit from receiving Angelic Reiki and some benefits that you may experience include:

  • A deep feeling of relaxation
  • Stress relief and calming emotions
  • Clearing and balancing your energy
  • A sense of awareness and understanding that supports you in giving yourself permission to let go of who/what no longer serves you
  • Clarity and peace of mind
  • Releasing of blocked/suppressed feelings
  • Releasing the barriers (mental/energetic) that hold you back from being the real you

*Angelic Reiki can be received in-person or remotely (distant). For in-person sessions travel and expenses cost will be added to the quoted price. 

I was nervous at first. I had never had this done before...Chanel was so good and welcoming. It was a beautiful, calm experience and she gave me very powerful guidance that was so true to me. I will definitely book another appointment with Chanel again. She was amazing.