Chanel Marie is a Soul Awakening Guide, Spiritual Beautician, Divine Channel and Master Energy Healer, with clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient abilities.

She has always been aware of her psychic gift, possessing the ability to see spirit and feel energy acutely at a young age.

Like many psychics, lightworkers and healers she initially felt overwhelmed, drained and awkward about her abilities. Leading her to embark on creating a “normal life” by hiding her gifts and pursuing careers in training and education.

However, her passion, curiosity and interest in the spiritual world always got the best of her. As such she quietly spent time attending workshops/talks, completing courses and reading books about law of attraction, crystals, energy, working with spirit, psychic development, meditation and more.

Yet, it was when she began her new career in teaching that this interest peaked and her soul awakening began.

Feeling stressed in her in personal and professional life she found herself drawn to Reiki. After one session she felt the intense shift in her energy, saying:

“After the session I felt as if I was walking on clouds. It was like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Leaving me feeling lighter. Almost empty. Both a strange and peaceful feeling.”

Like many people she didn’t keep up the sessions, naively believing one session was enough to make her feel better forever. In hindsight, she sees how this was just the beginning of her healing journey. With the first layer had been peeled away revealing the next layer that was ready to be peeled away.

“What’s often forgotten is that healing isn’t linear or a quick fix. YOU have to play your part and do the work.”

After a series of synchronicities Chanel herself completed her certification in Angelic Reiki. Loving it so much that she became a Master Teacher. Beginning her journey as a healer by healing herself, working on transcending issues such as: relationship (past-life, present, soulmate and bogus twinflame), childhood wounding, lack of self-love, ancestral karma, stress and anxiety…..

In between it all she pursued her career in teaching and, indeed her life, whilst moonlighting as a psychic. Appearing in and writing for magazines, as well as becoming a reader on Psychic Today.

Over the years her style of working has changed. Going from being that reader that reels off validations and predictions to now taking a more mentoring approach: Working with spirit to guide clients to the answers that lie within.

“Don’t get me wrong, prediction style readings have their place and can be incredibly helpful. However, my guides led me down the path to awakening my clients to the gifts, divinity, guidance and beauty that lies within. I guess that’s because that’s the journey I had to go on where I awakened, healed and beautified from the inside out. Now, I guide others to do the same.”

With a love for beauty she recently took the plunge to training in beauty therapy, gel nails and nail art. Even manifesting free training with OPI. Offering beauty treatments as an add-on service or as part of a bespoke, curated package to help clients complete that inside out transformation.

Aside from spirituality, mindset work and beauty, Chanel is also passionate about issues such domestic violence and better outcomes for children in education and beyond. She’s also a handbag lover who enjoys zumba, shopping, the odd glass of prosecco on a night out and binge watching reality TV (The Real Housewives of Jersey and RHOC).

Chanel reads and has read for people from all walks of life including, single mums, career girls, business owners, housewives, influencers and students, on a range of life issues. Working with clients 121 and offering mini readings or energy healing sessions for popup events and work wellness days.

If you are someone who prefers a down-to-earth and modern approach to spirituality and healing, whilst being ready to “do the work”, then Chanel is ready to work with you.