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3 Ways To Clear Your Energy

The energy is heightened right now, infused with a lot of fear and uncertainty. This energy can be a struggle to navigate by many, especially by those who are prone to taking on the energy of others. Soaking it up like a sponge and then feeling drained, as well as totally off balance.

Even I’m finding that I’m having to be more focused on my energy. Checking in and taking steps to clear it.

I recently shared this post:

And today, I want to focus on sharing practices to support you in clearing your energy.

Clearing your energy field is about freeing yourself from heavy, stagnant energy and any lower vibes you’ve picked up from others. Doing this consistently and effectively is a way for you to take your power back. Bringing yourself into balance and harmony from the inside out.

At this time in humanity, where everything is moving so fast, demands are made of us all the time and uncertainty seems to prevail, clearing your energy is more important than ever.

Clearing your personal energy can take you from that place of feeling overwhelmed, stuck, confused and fearful to that place of:

  • Alignment
  • Focus
  • Empowerment
  • Serenity……..

Ultimately, back on your A-game or just feeling that bit calmer.

And for those of you who are awakening and wanting to deepen your connection with Angels/Spirit, you’ll find that cleansing you energy really helps with this.


Because Angels/Spirit operate at a high vibration. Therefore, to really connect you need to raise your vibration and part of that process involves transcending the heavy, stuck and fear based energy.

So, if you are ready and needing to clear your energy, get ready to receive my top 3 suggestions.

Selenite is the Mother of Cleansing Crystals and my favourite for clearing my energy.

I hold the crystal in my hand and set an intention for how I want the crystal to support me, eg:

“Thank you for filling my cells with the cleansing white light and healing energy. May I feel (insert how and what you want to feel/experience).”

Place the crystal on your body or hold it in your hand during meditation. I like to place it on my heart chakra and having it pointing up to my crown and down to my root. Intentionally sending the cleansing and healing energy of the crystal up and down my energy centres, as well as my body. Now, sit back and allow your Selenite crystal to do its work. You’ll feel lighter in no time.

You Sage your house and workspace, yet do you Sage yourself?

Sage has been used for 100s of years by Native Americans and has become increasingly popular over the years.

All you need is a Sage bundle and lighter/matches. You can also use a fireproof dish and feather.

Set a clear intention for your practice. Then bring the Sage around your body. I like to start at my heart chakra and work up. After that I go to my feet and work up my body. The intention behind this is to send the sense energy up to the Heavens for transmutation. When you have finished, safely extinguish your Sage bundle.

The most famous Archangel of them all and the one most commonly known for protection. However, you can also work with him to clear your energy.

The beauty of working with the Angels is that they are not bound by time and space. Therefore, can be anywhere, at anytime.

One way to work with Michael is to ask him to dissolve the energy cords that bind you to people, places and situations that do not serve you.

Ask for this from your heart or by affirmative prayer:

“AA Michael, thank you for dissolving the energy cords that bind me to people, places, thoughts and situations (and any other BS), seen or unseen, that no longer serve me.”

Doing this before bed at the end of the day or before meditation.

When it comes to clearing your energy intention is everything.

The intention brings your mind, heart and energy into alignment. Which of course helps you focus on your body, your healing and what you want to experience.

Also, when your intention is heartfelt then you detach from the ego and all the fears, insecurities and lack belief that it may bring with it. The benefit of this is that you create space for God, the Angels and beings of Light to the highest form of energy clearing. And maybe even more.

You can use these practices on their own, blend them together or tweak them to suit yourself. 

Use them as often as you need. Let me know how you get on.

Much love x

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