Use These 4 Crystals To Banish Bad Breakup Vibes & Get Your Glow Back

I love crystals. I’ve loved them since discovering them as a little girl on a school trip to Chislehurst caves. And what’s not to love? They’re pretty and have amazing energy too. Working with your energy in a way that supports you in healing, amplifying, embodying or releasing energy. So, that you can feel better and, dare I say, more beautiful inside out.

Therefore, it was no surprise that I was drawn to crystals during a soulmate breakup many years ago. Perusing the many crystals in my local metaphysical shop I found myself instantly drawn to 3 crystals in particular. Trusting the pull that was coming from within I purchased them all and never looked back. Using each one with clear intention and in my daily routine. Resulting in heart healing, following through on more self care and finally being able to let go with more ease and grace than ever before.

That’s not to say that it was all plain sailing. I still had my regular Angelic Reiki sessions and my own shit to work through. However, blending crystals into my routine and practices, provided the healing and embodiment that I needed.

So, if you or someone you know is currently feeling the depths of emotions after a breakup, maybe its time to reach for Crystals alongside the red wine and ice cream.

Before working with your crystal you want to cleanse it of energy that doesn’t belong to you and that is not in alignment with you. This helps to reset the crystal’s energy. That way its more ready to attune to your energy.

You then want to sit with your crystal. This is a part that most people miss out because they want to dive straight into setting intentions. That’s all good. However, by holding the crystal in your hand, sitting with its energy and close your eyes. As you sit with your crystal notice how you feel and think about your intention. Allowing thoughts, words and images to come to you. You can do this at anytime. Although it’s good to do so before bed or in the morning as soon you wake up. This is because you can better access the intuitive mind and receive guidance from within.

“All Answers Lie Within”.

Now you have an idea how to get started, here are 4 crystals that have specific properties that help you through each step of a breakup.

Banish bad breakup vibes


We all know Rose Quartz as the stone of love. Mostly used as a talisman to attract new love into your life. Yet, it is a stone of unconditional love which is just about self-love and resonates with the heart chakra. Dissolving those barriers to love that you have put up around your heart. Guiding you back to giving yourself permission to give and receive love.


Do not be fooled by the gentleness of this crystal, which helps you in releasing emotional trauma and toxic emotions from the past. A heart healing crystal it resonates with the heart chakra, dissolving the pain and energetic attachments to the past. In the process facilitating in opening you up to forgiveness, compassion self/unconditional love.


Known as a lucky stone, Green Aventurine is the perfect for those times when you need Lady Luck on your side to attract abundance or positive energy into your life. It also resonates with the heart chakra, bringing healing and balance. Whilst also inspiring confidence, hope and positivity, particularly after challenging times or heartbreak.


Another money manifesting crystal, yet Citrine is also known for clearing your energy field and boosting your positivity set-point. Resonating with the Solar Plexus chakra you can also work with it to support you in strengthening this chakra, as well as your confidence, self-esteem and personal power. All of which may have taken a hit during your break-up.

Hopefully your crystals shopping list will make the process of breaking up and moving on a little easier. Guiding you to awaken to your own power and the beauty that already lies within you.

Sending you lots of love,

Check out issue one of Mystical Beauty journal magazine which is all about heart healing and opening. You’ll find the full list of crystals for breakups, as well as articles on heart healing meditation, journal prompts, affirmations and so much more. Find it here.


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