People often ask me: “Where do I start on my spiritual journey.”

My response is always the same:


The point of awakening is to awaken to yourself. Your beauty. Your wisdom. Your gifts. Your talents. Your inner guidance. Your power.

Yet, what often see happening is that rather than looking inwards first, people look outwards.

They go to Facebook groups and ask the opinions of others. Only to bombarded with a hundred different opinions. Sometimes walking away feeling none the wiser.

The truth none of these people are you.

Only you can know where to begin on your spiritual awakening and what you need.

So, today I will share tips on how to decide, for yourself, where to start on your spiritual awakening journey.


Where do your interests lie right now?

Is there an aspect of spirituality and wellness that you feel particularly drawn to?

This could be:

  • Crystals
  • Esoteric symbols
  • Candle magic
  • Angelic Reiki
  • Angels
  • Chakras
  • Numerology

And so forth…

Wherever your interest lies could be an indicator of where you are being guided. So, follow your interests. Have fun. See where it takes you.


It’s quite likely that you have been seeing angel numbers, such as 1111, 333 or 1616. This is quite normal to experience this and there are hundreds of websites that give you the meanings. Simply find one that resonates with you or use your own awareness to ascertain what it means for you. I give tips on how to do that here.

However, are you seeing other things? Eg:

  • Sparkles of light surrounding and raining down on you like a shower of light
  • Visions of future events, Angels or loved ones in Heaven
  • Seeing Spirit

This could be an indication that it’s your psychic (clairvoyance) or mediumship abilities that you are opening up to. In which case, you may want to work with a mentor or read books on this area. In the case of the sparkles, it may be a sign of Angelic presence around you and you may want to explore this connection further.


What is it that you need right now?

It could be that there is a scenario playing out in your life that has been going on for ages and you cant move on. Therefore, you might want to work 1:1 with a Spiritual Advisor who can offer guidance, clarity and insight that you can use to help yourself, as well as make your own, informed decisions.

On the other hand, you have been holding onto pain of heartbreak and just want to heal. Which could indicate that you would benefit from working with a mentor or healer.

Maybe you are struggling with anxiety and really want to get a grip on this. Then this where you could start. Whilst it may feel that this isn’t spiritual, anxiety can be linked to chakra imbalances or past wounding that is coming to the surface. As someone who has experienced anxiety I found that there were some spiritual practices, tools and healing modalities that really helped me.

Awakening spirituality isn’t just about crystals, third eye and tarot. Its about YOU! As such, working on anxiety may be what you need. You’ll know, if it is.

By tuning into your own body and life experiences, as they are now, you will get a clear idea of what you need on your spiritual and self awakening journey.

So, start being aware of what is coming up. Allowing yourself to be an observer of your feelings and body. Rather than labelling them as negative or positive because your feelings and body will give you clues that support you in awakening, healing, aligning and thriving.

From there allow yourself to be guided to your teacher, be it a book, mentor, healer, psychic or someone else. Most importantly, use your own discernment when selecting the right teacher for you. Always trust your inner wisdom and guidance.


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