I get it, you’re trying everything you can to protect your energy. Yet, you can still feel that drain your energy, the negative vibes and tiredness. Its affecting your mood, energy levels and health. And, quite frankly, you are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

If that’s you then, trust me, I hear you. I’ve been there before and know how frustrating it can be. However, I’ve also come out the other side having learned and applied simple hacks that supported me in protecting, as well as owning my energy. Now you can do the same.

1. You’re the Energy Vampire

Let’s start with the hard pill to swallow first.

We all experience times when our own energy is off-key. Leading us to be defensive and perceive negativity at every turn. Sometimes this is a protection mechanism after having been hurt, let down, used and abused so many times. However, the longer you hold onto the energy of the past the more it will drag you down. Whilst bringing you into energetic resonance with anything and anyone of a low vibration.

Mystical Beauty Energy Hack: Clean up your side of the street. Which means clean up your energy. This could be through visualising, meditation, crystal healing, Angelic Reiki, EFT, or any inner work you need to do to heal from the past. Prioritise working on yourself first.

2. You’re just focusing on the spiritual

You have to blend the spiritual with the practical. So, whilst it’s great to have all of these rituals and crystals that you use to protect your energy, you still have to do the work.

Doing all of the protection work and having energy healing sessions is counter productive you are still going back to the same habits, negative thinking, toxic workplace or narcissistic partner. When you do this you are literally locking yourself back into that energy and getting trapped in a cycle that doesn’t serve you.

Mystical Beauty Energy Hack: Get real and practical about how to change your situation. You know the root or the key trigger in your situation. Brainstorm ideas to move on or ask for the help you need from relevant professionals.  Look at where you can establish new, stronger and healthier boundaries. You deserve to be happy, loved and safe.

Setting healthy boundaries is a form of self-love, as well as energy wellness and protection. Teach others how to treat you by deciding what you will and will not accept.

3. You’re only protecting

A simple mistake that a lot of us make. I did for years and its when you just focus on protection. Anytime you get in a situation where the vibe feels off-key you quickly protect yourself. When you go into an environment where the women are throwing you shade and jealous vibes, you activate your mirror ball of protection. However, as you go from one person to another you are not clearing the energy.

This is where the issues begin because you are basically sealing in the energy with each new layer of protection. That energy will build up and you will feel it.

Mystical Beauty Energy Hack: A simple 3-step energy routine that you can practise daily involves cleansing, grounding and then protecting your energy. This process allows you to release the old, embody the new and protect it. Helping to prevent that build up of energy.

I hope that these energy wellness tips are helpful to you. Be sure to stick around for more tips, practice and products to help you protect your energy. With much love.

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