What Is The Evil Eye? And Why You Should Be Wearing One

I came across the Evil Eye back in 2009. At the time, I was struggling to protect my energy against the negativity, backstabbing and jealousy. So, I was looking into ways to protect my energy and workspace. As such, I started researching protection tools and practices. My Guides were clearly guiding me as I came across a variety of tools, including meditations, Angels, crystals and the Evil Eye.

Using my intuition to be guided to those that would be best for me, my energy and situation, I created my own protection toolkit. With the Evil Eye talisman being a simple addition I made to my crystal protection bracelets, in the form of a little talisman charm.

I noticed the difference within a week or two and, within a matter of weeks my colleagues started to comment on how much I had changed.You see, whilst the negativity in the environment and from key persons was still apparent, it’s impact that it had on me had dissipated. Instead of being defeated and feeling deflated, I felt:

  • Confident
  • Empowered
  • Focused
  • Grounded and safe in my own energy

I was convinced that this was down to the way in which I had been protecting and shielding my energy. Also, having my Evil Eye with me during the day in a visible way helped to amplify the energy of the intention. This because every time I looked at it I was reminded that I was being protected from negativity.

Pink negative space, evil eye nail art and gold eye rhinestone bracelet

So, what is the Evil Eye?
The Evil Eye dates back as far back as the Ancient Greeks. With the Eye being depicted as a symbol of protection, all seeing and truth revealing by other cultures and civilisations, namely the Ancient Egyptians (Eye of Horus).

It is believed that the Evil Eye is a malevolent glare from someone who wishes you harm or is envious of you for whatever reason. By wearing an Evil Eye talisman you can protect yourself from this negativity.

Today, designers such as Michael Kors who design beautiful Evil Eye jewellery. Whilst celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Rihanna and Meghan Markle have all been spotted wearing the Evil Eye.

Why You Need To Wear An Evil Eye

An Evil Eye talisman is ideal for spiritual women and girls who are working on manifesting, or working on their spiritual/personal development. This is because the Evil Eye protects and shields you from negativity, and jealousy that you may not even be aware.

I mean let’s be fair, a lot of us have found ourselves in situations where we have been betrayed by family or people that we thought were our friends. People who were chatting about us negatively or simply not wishing us well. All of which is an energy that can affect you eg: slowing down your progress, blocking you from moving forward or leaving you feel out of sorts.

Intentionally, working with an Evil Eye talisman brings protection for you and your energy. Helping you to own your energy and keep things moving in a positive direction.

Evil Eye bracelet and Rose Quartz Love Bracelets for women
Pair your Evil Eye with crystals or affirmation bracelets to amplify your intention to the Universe.

How To Wear Your Evil Eye

There are many ways to wear an Evil Eye talisman, including carrying a small Evil Eye stone, jewellery, nail art, key chains and clothing.

Personally, I find it most effective to wear an Evil Eye in the form of a bracelet or nail art. This is because each time I see the Evil Eye I am reminded:

  • That you are protected
  • To say a prayer/positive affirmation for protection
  • To cleanse your energy
  • To refresh your protection

(You’ll know intuitively what you need in the moment. Lean into that inner guidance and wisdom.)

All of which amplifies that intention to be and feel protected, whilst recognising the power that lies within me. Which is why I added the Evil Eye bracelet and nail art to my online boutique to remind women and girls to own their energy. Reminding them that their energy is sacred and to protect it. Inspiring then to awaken and thrive in style.

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