Lets begin with: What are chakras?

Essentially they are energy centres inside and outside the body. Energy flows through these centres and around the body. However, energy expands, shrinks and become stagnant depending on what’s going on within and around us. Too little or too much energy can lead to imbalances that manifest physically, mentally or emotionally.

There are 7 main chakras in the body and they are:

Root Chakra – Red
Sacral Chakra – Orange
Solar Plexus Chakra – Yellow
Heart Chakra – Geeen
Throat Chakra – Blue
Third Eye Chakra – Indigo
Crown Chakra – Purple

Each one corresponding to a particular colour, as indicated above. The chakras also correspond to different body parts too. Which is useful to know because some imbalances in the chakras can manifest themselves as ailments or pain the body.

So, today is the final blog post in the Chakra Beauty series. Admittedly, it’s a bit late as I’ve been unwell and only just on the mend.

Today, it is all about the Crown Chakra.

Location: At the top of the head
Colour: Purple
Resonance: Spiritual wisdom, connection to Divine and clarity
Physical symptoms: Headaches
Crown Chakra imbalanced: Loneliness, materialistic, spiritual disconnection, confused or lack of direction/joy/purpose
Crown Chakra balance: Spiritual connection, see and appreciate beauty around you or peace within

The Crown Chakra is the 7th chakra and is associated with your connection to the Divine/Universe. When in balance you can expect to have and feel more connected to the Divine, as well as Higher Self. Increasing that sense of feeling more peaceful from within. Clarity of mind and not feeling so disconnected, bored and unfulfilled in life, is also associated with a more balanced chakra. However, when imbalanced that feeling of boredom, confusion of the mind and feeling disconnected is common. There is also that possibility of feeling really lethargic or experiencing trouble sleeping at night. With this usually being associated with those who are working in very toxic, fast-paced environments.

Purple is the colour that resonates with the Crown Chakra. However, the colour white and silver can also resonate with the Crown Chakra too. The colour purple is known as the colour of royalty, spirituality and wealth. Whilst bringing the colour into your life, maybe through makeup, clothing or nails can support you in balancing your Crown Chakra.

Crystals are also linked to the different chakras in your body. You can wear your chose Crown Chakra crystal, hold it during meditation or have it in your space with the intention of healing the Crown Chakra. You can also wear crystals in the form of jewellery too. Crystals that are associated with the Crown Chakra include: Amethyst, Clear Quartz and Selenite.

Boredom and a cluttered mind are linked to an imbalanced Crown Chakra. So, choose to expand your mind and work on your personal/spiritual development by reading, taking courses/workshops or listen to podcast. In doing so, you are challenging beliefs, perceptions and perspectives that you may be holding that are hindering you. The more you learn the more you expand your mind.

Bring clarity and calm to your mind through meditation. Whilst also helping yourself to enhance your connection to the Divine, as well as your Higher Self. Overtime, this might lead to increase inner guidance and just feeling more connected from above. A meditation that I recommend is The Guided Chakra Cleanse. It works through all of the chakras too. Not just the Crown Chakra.

Building a relationship with Spirit is a job that only you can do. It requires dedication and practice too. By developing your own spiritual practice you enhance your connection with Spirit. This practice is personal to you and may include a dedicate space, like an altar. In that space and in your practice include practices and tools that resonate with you, eg: candles, crystals, tarot/Oracle/Angel cards, meditation and/or prayer.

A meditation that I recommend is The Guided Chakra Cleanse. It works through all of the chakras too. Not just the Crown Chakra.

Chanel Marie – Spiritual Teacher (QTS), Psychic Guide & Mentor, Master Healer, & Nail Tech. You can find out more about working with me here.

Please note that this blog post may include affiliate links that I receive commission from when you make a purchase.

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