Lets begin with: What are chakras?

Essentially they are energy centres inside and outside the body. Energy flows through these centres and around the body. However, energy expands, shrinks and become stagnant depending on what’s going on within and around us. Too little or too much energy can lead to imbalances that manifest physically, mentally or emotionally.

There are 7 main chakras in the body and they are:

Root Chakra – Red
Sacral Chakra – Orange
Solar Plexus Chakra – Yellow
Heart Chakra – Geeen
Throat Chakra – Blue
Third Eye Chakra – Indigo
Crown Chakra – Purple

Each one corresponding to a particular colour, as indicated above. The chakras also correspond to different body parts too. Which is useful to know because some imbalances in the chakras can manifest themselves as ailments or pain the body.

Over the next few weeks I’ll sharing more about each Chakra in turn. Also sharing beauty tips and routines, aligned with each chakra, to support you to also embrace your own natural beauty.

Today, it is all about the Third Eye Chakra.

Location: Just above and in-between brows
Colour: Indigo
Resonance: Intuition,wisdom, vision/clairvoyance, imagination
Physical symptoms: Head pain, especially in centre of forehead or throbbing.
Third Eye Chakra imbalanced: Ignore intuition, lacking creativity or imagination, dreamy or disorganised
Third Eye Chakra balance: Intuitive, clear vision, objective and good self awareness

The Chakra that everybody who gets into spirituality seems to be want to be able to open. Wanting to be able to see the truth and receive clear visions. However, forcing your Third Eye chakra to open can create a whole load of issues. Just like opening up a Pandora’s Box when you are not ready to see what is hidden inside. Therefore, it is always best to allow it to open naturally and work on this chakra daily in order to cleanse, balance and harmonise it. Allowing yourself the opportunity to receive the guidance and visions that you are ready to receive at the right time.

When balanced you are more able to stay in the present moment, as well as remain focused. As opposed to living in either the past or the present and letting the mind constantly wander from one thing to the next. It’s also associated with hahinv a clear vision for yourself and the direction of your life. Therefore, having somewhere and something to aim for. Maybe even really putting into practice using your imagination to bring into fruition. Being a spiritual chakra, it also relates to having spiritual vision, such as clairvoyanxe and being able to see the truth, as well as the bigger picture.

When out of balance you may find that you find it a change to “trust the vibes and visions that you get”. Therefore, when you receive intuitive hunches you may be more likely to second guess or dismiss them altogether. It is also possible that you find yourself lacking in imagination and creativity. Leaning more on the side of using the faculties of your Conscious Mind, such as over analysing and rational thinking. Frequent headaches and just not living in the world are signs of Third Eye imbalance. Not to mention more serious issues that require medical attention.

Wearing Indigo or utilising the Third Eye symbol are a simple way that you can support, cleanse or balance your Third Eye Chakra on a daily basis. I found that doing this alongside the deeper work of energy or psychic development work to be really beneficial way in self-healing, as well as developing psychic abilities. See the image below for the ways that you can nail it.

Crystals are also linked to the different chakras in your body. You can carry them with you, wear as jewellery, hold them during meditation, place over your Third Eye chakra during meditation. Even simply having a Third Eye chakra crystal around you when doing psychic development or intuitive development work may prove beneficial. Two of my personal favourites linked to the Third Eye are Lapis Lazuli and Amethyst.

Meditation helps to increase your spiritual awareness and calm the mind, so that Divine guidance can be received. You can blend this with visualisation too. Visualising your Third Eye Chakra as a spinning wheel of Indigo light. As it spins visualise the dense energy being dissolved and transmuted into light. If you prefer to do a guided meditation then my recommendation would be The Guided Chakra Cleanse. It works through all of the chakras too. Not just the Third Eye Chakra.

Add a mudra to your meditation, like this one for the Third Eye Chakra. Mudras are believed to increase the flow of life force energy. They’re a good way to amplify and direct the e energy of your intention.

Chanel Marie – Experienced Teacher (QTS), Master Angelic Reiki Healer, Crystal Therapist, VTCT Beauty Therapist, OPI GelColor Nail Tech, Psychic Medium, Spiritual Mentor and Soul Awakening Guide. You can find out more about working with me here.

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