Lets begin with: What are chakras?

Essentially they are energy centres inside and outside the body. Energy flows through these centres and around the body. However, energy expands, shrinks and become stagnant depending on what’s going on within and around us. Too little or too much energy can lead to imbalances that manifest physically, mentally or emotionally.

There are 7 main chakras in the body and they are:

Root Chakra – Red
Sacral Chakra – Orange
Solar Plexus Chakra – Yellow
Heart Chakra – Geeen
Throat Chakra – Blue
Third Eye Chakra – Indigo
Crown Chakra – Purple

Each one corresponding to a particular colour, as indicated above. The chakras also correspond to different body parts too. Which is useful to know because some imbalances in the chakras can manifest themselves as ailments or pain the body.

Over the next few weeks I’ll sharing more about each Chakra in turn. Also sharing beauty tips and routines, aligned with each chakra, to support you to also embrace your own natural beauty.

Today, it is all about the Sacral Chakra.

Location: Lower abdomen
Color: Orange and gold
Resonance: Feelings, creativity, sexuality & desires, intuition
Physical symptoms: Menstrual cycle issues, lower back or bladder
Sacral Chakra imbalanced: Overly emotional, addictions, high/low sexual appetite……
Sacral Chakra balance: Emotionally connected, able to enjoy deep pleasure (joy, sexual)…..

The Sacral Chakra governs our emotions and creativity, as well as our emotions. This chakra dealing with a our feelings and our ability to feel. When this chakra is balanced we find it easier to feel, deal and respond to emotions in a healthier way. Finding it easy to give ourselves permission to feel joy and experience pleasure in our daily lives. This also includes giving and receiving pleasure sexually. However, when imbalanced there may be a tendency to be clingy or overly emotional. In addition to this, self-expression may be repressed and being able to listen to your intuition, especially understanding and interpreting your emotions can be a struggle. Repressed sexual trauma may also be housed here too, as well as feelings such as guilt and shame.


Wearing or eating foods in the colour orange can also support with balancing your Sacral Chakra. This is because each colour has its own frequency and healing benefits. Often I find that I am drawn to a specific colour at different points in my life. So, one thing I started to do was blend that colour into my beauty and makeup routine, such as nail art and eyeshadow. Later down the line I discovered that working intuitively with colour is a great way to heal and maintain wellbeing in the chakras. You could also include gold too.

Being intuitively drawn to these colours at key points in my life was something I found happened and still happens for me. I take this as a sign of where I need to focus my healing work.

So, let’s explore some of the mood and healing benefits of Orange:

Energy balance: Resonates with the Sacral Chakra, just below the belly button. Connected to emotional wellbeing, creativity, intuitive feelings, sexuality and sensuality. The ability to express the real you freely.
Mood: Orange is the colour of optimism and imagination. Activate those sparks of creativity and help yourself overcome lack of motivation or the dreaded procrastination.

Make-up by me. Urban Decay Naked Heat. Revolution Foundation Base Stick. Lipstick by Revolon. Blusher by YSL.

Bring crystals into your daily life through meditation, visualization, energy rituals or wearing them as jewellery. Some crystal suggestions include: Orange Carnelian, Orange Calcite and Rose Quartz.

Jewellery created by me and available from Soul Story Ldn on Etsy or contact me personally to order.

Dance, such as belly dancing or anything where you move the hips is a good place to start when it comes to the Sacral Chakra. Particularly if you are some that feels out of sorts with the feminine, your body, self expression or sensuality.

Disclaimer: Please note that the Sacral is also where sexual trauma can also be stored. If emotions or memories come up regarding this, either with you or someone else on your ancestral home please consult relevant professionals in this area.

Want to blend healing, beauty and spiritual guidance? Contact me here to get started on creating your bespoke session.

Chanel Marie is a psychic mentor and guide, Angelic Reiki Master and Crystal Therapist. Also, fully qualified as a level 2 beauty therapist and opi gel colour nail tech.

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