Let’s talk about Spirit.

I believe that we all have Spirit around us who want to guide and support us, even protect us as we move through life. This might take the form of Angels, Ascended Masters, Ancestors…….

When you connect to your Spirit team you open up the gateway to receive bespoke guidance, messages and support. Yet, the key is to be OPEN to connecting and receiving. And, whilst many people say they want to connect, they dont or they find it a struggle.

Whilst the reasons for this can be varied. The most common reasons tend to be:

  • Thinking they can’t
  • Fear of connecting to lower vibrational entities
  • Childhood experiences of being scared of Spirit
  • Family conditioning – being told off or told that seeing Angels is evil
  • Past life memories/energy tie of being isolated, abused or killed for connecting with Spirit
  • Or maybe something else

Either way, the fear, the memories and belief system can create a block that stops you from receiving.


Because the disbelieving and second guessing will have you questioning that connection. Dismissing the guidance, signs, visions or messages. Basically not trusting that which you receive.

It’s when you are able to move beyond those beliefs or heal the wounding that you can align and become receptive.

Image via Unsplash

I have been able to feel and read energy since I was a little girl. Whilst also seeing Spirit as if it was just a normal person.

Over the years, how Spirit show up for me has changed and I tend to see through images in my minds eye, sparkles/flashes of light or white mist that can form shapes, as well as hearing Spirit (mediumship).

For years, I thought that this was something everyone could do and was doing. So, I didn’t feel the need to talk about. Yet, when I did I noticed that people would laugh or make snide comments. Incidentally, a lot of those people are now talking about always being into spirituality and energy.

Once I realised this wasnt the norm, I went undercover. Kept it to myself and went all in on developing my ability to connect with Spirit. Building my own relationship with the different guides that step forward and learning how to:

  • Listen
  • Trust
  • Take guided action

A journey in itself.

As such, Spirit have guided me in my daily life, protected me and were key to my healing and return to self love journey. Each member of my Spirit team coming into my life at the right time, for a specific purpose and making their presence known in their own unique way. Yet a way that they know that I would recognise and readily receive. With some exciting stage left when our time together is done. Some returning and others, not just yet. A divine reminder that:

“Some Spirit Guides, like some people, come into our lives for a reason, season or lifetime.” – Chanel Marie

The whole experience of building this relationship with Spirit reminding me that I am always supported and don’t have to simply rely on my own strength. With my work as a psychic and healer affirming to me that this connection is available to everyone who is open to receive it.

You will have your own Spirit team too.

They will come to you at different times and for different purposes.

Sometimes doing so in a bold way. At other times more subtle and requiring us to drop more into our body to receive.

Yet, as mentioned above, you have to get out of your own way. Working on your belief system or energy to receive those messages, guidance and support from Spirit.

“It’s not a case of connecting. That connection  is already there. It’s more about moving beyond the fears, doubts and memories that block you from receiving.” – Chanel Marie (Tweet this)

So the following steps are intended to guide you in opening up to receive Spirit and their wisdom for you. Choose the method that appeals to you or try them all. It’s up to you.

One thing to remember is that how Spirit come to you may differ from your friend, loved one or that girl you follow on Instagram. This is your experience and relationship. Not anybody elses. Click here for different ways Spirit connects.


Probably one of the more obvious ways of connecting with your Spirit team. With this method it’s really about getting yourself into the act of listening and aligning your energy. So, that you are able to receive the guidance and messages Spirit bring you, in whatever form that might be.

You do not need a special meditation to do this, unless you want to experience a guided meditation. Connecting to your breath or listening to music/sounds is enough. Before you begin set the intention and create a safe space through prayer, eg:

Thank you Angels, guides, loved ones in Spirit who work in the highest degree of love, light and compassion for stepping forward to connect with and guide me.

As a Channel for Spirit and writer this is my favourite way to connect with Spirit because the guidance literally flows through you. What’s key with this method is to:

Get out of your own way.

Allowing the words to simply spill onto the pages of your journal without you censoring, second guessing or wondering if you are doing it right. That’s not necessary. Just switch off the mind. Ask the ego to step aside and just allow yourself to receive the guidance.

This guidance and the messages may reveal themselves in different ways. Signs, symbols, visions, numbers, songs, feeling or a stream of consciousness. There is no right way or judgement required.

There are times when Spirit will connect with you, rather than you having to go to them. As such they may leave you signs of their presence, such as coins or feathers. You can even ask them to give you a sign of their presence.

Spirit love when we connect with them in this way and they love the more playful, fun vibe of this too. It helps to bring them closer because your vibration raises when you are having fun and being playful. A bit like being in a childlike state. Incidentally, this is often why children find it so much easier to connect with Spirit. They are not judging, worrying about if they are doing it right. They are open and having fun.

Connecting with your Spirit Team is not this one time thing or something you do when you want something.

Treat it like a relationship.

Come from a place of gratitude and really take the time to nurture that relationship.  Because sometimes that connection wont be instant. Sometimes the connection will not feel as strong. So, you have to work on it. In the same way you would work on a relationship in the physical realm.

I use my psychic and healing gifts to guide my clients in self-healing and connecting to their intuition, as well as their Spirit team.

So, in a 1:1 session we can focus primarily on you and what will specifically support you in building your relationship with your Spirit team. Working in conjunction with my Spirit team and yours. Leading you to a place of Spiritual independence where you don’t have to rely on looking outside of yourself for guidance.

You can choose how you want to work with me, be it email or telephone. One mini session to get started or a bespoke package. The choice is yours.

Book your 1:1 session with me here.

Make it a daily practice to connect with your Spirit team. A bit like date night with Spirit and just give yourself permission to welcome them into your life. Because trust me, they are ready for you.

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