How to recognise signs from your loved ones in Heaven

Halloween is the time of the year when people say that the veil is thin. However, I find that Christmas is a time where the veil is thin and loved ones in Spirit draw closer. No doubt reminding us of the true essence of Christmas.

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As a psychic and healer with mediumship abilities and a loved one in Heaven I have come to learn that our loved ones on the “other side” will leave us signs of their presence. In fact, you’ll probably find that they are already doing this and maybe:

  • You have not noticed
  • Dismissed the signs

If that’s been your experience then this post is going to help you in recognising the messages and signs from your loved one(s) in Heaven.


The most common feeling is a gentle breeze or goosebumps. Sometimes you might feel as if something/someone is touching your head or arm. It might also be that feeling that their energy is around you and it’s just an inner knowing that they are there.

How might you know for sure? Feelings come with this inner knowing. You can’t explain it you just know. It MIGHT be validated by a scent that is distinct to them, such as: cigarettes if they smoked, perfume/aftershave or their favourite tipple. They may also just run across your mind around the same time too.


A song might come on that your loved one absolutely loved or a song that just reminds you of them. You might even read a quote that might be their favourite or reminds you of something that may have said to you.

How might you know for sure? If the song or the words resonate with you or what you are going through right now. Also, if the song reminds you of your loved one(s) in Heaven. It might also be that the song is one that you don’t here often and suddenly you’re hearing it. Ultimately, if it means something to you and your loved one in Heaven then it’s likely to be a sign of their presence around you.


My personal belief is that signs, symbols (and numbers) are the language of Spirit. It is also a way in which your loved ones in Heaven can connect with you. There are common symbols such as feathers and white butterflies. However, sometimes these symbols can be more specific such as: their favourite flower, their name, birth date numbers, or if they had a tattoo like as an anchor and then you see it randomly or regularly.

How might you know for sure? You see the signs or symbols in random places or you see it often. Its specific to you and your loved one in Heaven.


Your loved one in Heaven might pop into your dreams. You might hear their name, feel their presence or see their face. This is quite common because you are more receptive and open and your dream state. Sometimes they have message to share or sometimes they are just showing their face to say “Hi“.

How might you know for sure? You’ll know because you see them. You might feel emotional on awakening and it may have felt real. As if they were really with you.


Other people may bring you messages from them. Through a medium being an obvious example. However, a friend or stranger can do this too by sharing with you a piece of advice or saying something that you’re loved one would have said.

How might you know for sure? The words and message will resonate with you to your core. It will be delivered at what feels to be the perfect time and just when you need it. What’s said is so specific to you and your loved one in Heavens relationship – its something that they couldn’t possibly know.

Hopefully this will help you in recognising signs from your loved one in Heaven. Yet, the ultimate thing to remember is that you just KNOW when a loved one is around you. It’s just a case of trusting that feeling and sense of knowing that comes to you. Particularly, if it feels real, brings comfort and just resonates at your core.
You can also ask for confirmation. No fancy words required. Just ask.

In fact, I did this when my nan first passed over. I asked for the most obscure, yet specific sign I could. So, there would be no confusion. I forgot about and then saw the exact image I’d asked for as a sign, a few hours later.

Try this yourself or write to them, if you would prefer.

Finally, this is a personal one which might resonate with someone: Light a white candle for them and add something they might like nearby the candle, eg: their favourite tipple or their image. (Be safe and sensible when working with candles – just saying.)

With much love 💖

Disclaimer: Grief and bereavement can be really challenging. Reach out to trusted professionals in mental health or medical professions if you need to.

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